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9. An Act to amend The Salmon Fishery (Ireland) Act, 1863, and the Acts continuing the temporary provisions of the


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10. An Act for authorizing the removal of Prisoners from one Colony to another for the purposes of Punishment. 11. An Act for amending the Law relating to the Coasting Trade and Merchant Shipping in British Possessions. 12. An Act for Protection of Naval Stores.




13. An Act for amending the Law relating to the Militia. 14. An Act to grant certain Duties of Customs and Inland Revenue, and to repeal and alter other Duties of Customs and Inland Revenue.


15. An Act to remove doubts as to the qualification of persons holding Civil Service Pensions, or receiving Superannuation Allowances, to sit in Parliament.

60 16. An Act to amend so much of the Act of the session of the sixth and seventh years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter thirty-five, as provides that Norfolk Island is to be part of the diocese of Tasmania.

17. An Act for the Preservation of Sea Birds.



18. An Act to amend the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act.


19. An Act for amending the Law relating to Mining Partnerships within the Stannaries of Devon and Cornwall, and to the Court of the Vice-Warden of the Stannaries. 64 20. An Act to remove doubts as to the validity of certain Statutes made by the Convocation of the University of Oxford.

76 21. An Act to amend the law relating to the Payment of the Expenses of Commissioners of Inquiry into Corrupt Practices at Elections of members to serve in Parliament. Ibid. 22. An Act for raising the sum of two million three hundred thousand pounds by Exchequer Bonds for the service of the year ending on the thirty-first day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy.

80 23. An Act to extend the Power of Recorders to appoint Deputies in certain cases. Ibid. 24. An Act to repeal certain enactments relating to Newspapers, Pamphlets, and other Publications, and to Printers, Typefounders, and Reading Rooms.


25. An Act to amend the Act of the twenty-fifth and twentysixth years of Victoria, chapter eighty-three, section nine, by extending the age at which orphan and deserted children may be kept out at nurse.


86 26. An Act to extend to Burial Grounds the Provisions of the Act of the thirteenth and fourteenth years of Her Majesty, chapter twenty-eight, intituled "An Act to render more simple and effectual the Titles by which Congrega"tions and Societies for Purposes of Religious Worship or "Education in England and Ireland hold Property for such "Purposes." Ibid. 27. An Act to amend the law for licensing Beerhouses, and to make certain alterations with respect to the Sale by retail of Beer, Cider, and Wine.


28. An Act to afford facilities for the Establishment and Maintenance of public Parks in Ireland.

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29. An Act to render valid certain Title Deeds for Inam Lands. 98 30. An Act to legalize certain Marriages celebrated at Park Gate Chapel, and to change the name of the District Chapelry annexed to the Chapel of Cowgill.

Ibid. 31. An Act to confirm an Order made by the Board of Trade under The Sea Fisheries Act, 1868, relating to Langston, and to amend the forty-fifth section of The Sea Fisheries Act, 1868.

99 32. An Act to provide for the Commutation of Pensions payable to officers and other persons out of the sums voted by Parliament to defray the charges of the army and navy services.


33. An Act to provide for the Collection of Judicial Statistics in Scotland.


34. An Act to amend the Law concerning the appointment of Deputies by Stipendiary Magistrates. 35. An Act to amend The Prisons (Scotland) Administration Act, 1860.




36. An Act to amend The Court of Session Act, 1868, in so far as the exemption of Lighthouse Keepers and their assistants from serving on Juries is thereby abolished. 37. An Act to authorize the appointment of District Prothonotaries of the Court of Common Pleas of the county palatine of Lancaster, and to provide for the better despatch of business therein. 107 38. An Act to facilitate the taking Special Bails in Civil Proceedings depending in the Superior Courts of Law at Westminster, and in Proceedings in Error and on Appeal. 111 39. An Act to make provision for the better government and administration of Hospitals and other endowed institutions in Scotland.


40. An Act to exempt from rating Sunday and Ragged Schools.


41. An Act for amending the Law with respect to the rating of Occupiers for short terms, and the making and collecting of the Poor's Rate.


42. An Act to put an end to the Establishment of the Church of Ireland, and to make provision in respect of the Temporalities thereof, and in respect of the Royal College of Maynooth.


43. An Act to provide for the payment of Diplomatic Salaries, Allowances, and Pensions. 148 44. An Act to make better provision respecting Greenwich Hospital, and the application of the revenues thereof. 152 45. Au Act to amend the Law relating to the Repayment of Loans to Poor Law Unions. 46. An Act to abolish the distinction as to priority of payment which now exists between the specialty and simple contract debts of deceased persons.



68. An Act for the further Amendment of the Law of Evidence.

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69. An Act to provide for the better Liquidation of certain Loaus raised under the guarantee of Her Majesty for the service of the colony of Jamaica.


70. An Act to consolidate, amend, and make perpetual the Acts for preventing the introduction or spreading of Contagious or Infectious Diseases among Cattle and other Animals in Great Britain.

243 71. An Act to consolidate and amend the Law of Bankruptcy. 277 72. An Act to amend The Drainage and Improvement of Lands (Ireland) Act, 1863, and to afford further facilities for the purposes thereof.


73. An Act to alter and amend The Telegraph Act, 1868.


74. An Act to extend the period for the Repayment of Advances of Public Money for the construction of certain Public Works in Ireland, and also to incorporate the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland for certain purposes, and to vest in the said Commissioners lands and premises held on public trusts. 332 75. An Act to regulate and extend the Jurisdiction of Her Majesty's Consul at Zanzibar in regard to vessels captured on suspicion of being engaged in the Slave Trade, and for other purposes relating thereto.

335 76. An Act for providing the final sum necessary to be raised by loan towards carrying on the works now in course of construction for the protection of the Royal Arsenals and Dockyards and the Harbours of Dover and Portland, and for authorizing the abandonment of that portion of the works already sanctioned by Parliament which has not been yet commenced. 77. An Act for making better provision for the erection of


a Lighthouse on the Great Basses Rock in the Colony of Ceylon, and for other purposes connected therewith. Ibid. 78. An Act to amend the Law relating to Criminal Lunatics. 339 79. An Act to enable Corporate and other Public Bodies in Ireland to grant Superannuation Allowances to Officers in their Service in certain cases.


80. An Act to amend The Militia (Ireland) Act, 1854, as to providing houses or places for the keeping of the arms, accoutrements, clothing, or other stores of the Militia when not embodied.



81. An Act to amend The Volunteer Act, 1863. 82. An Act to amend The Metropolitan Building Act, 1855.


83. An Act to provide for the winding-up of the business of the late Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England, and to repeal Enactments relating to Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Imprisonment for Debt, and matters connected therewith.


84. An Act to abolish the office of Cursitor of the Court of Chancery in the palatine of Durham.

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85. An Act to continue various expiring Laws. 86. An Act to amend the Law relating to the Presentation of Accounts, Statements, Returns, and Documents to Parliament. 358

87. An Act to provide for the prevention of Gaming in public places in Scotland. Ibid. 88. An Act for the separation of the Straits Settlements from the Diocese of Calcutta.

359 89. An Act to amend the Law relating to the office of Clerk of Assize and offices united thereto, and to certain Fees upon Orders for payment of witnesses in criminal proceedings. 360 90. An Act to continue certain Turnpike Acts in Great Britain, to repeal certain other Turnpike Acts, and to make further Provisions concerning Turnpike Roads. 362 91. An Act for amending the Law relating to the Salaries, Expenses, and Funds of Courts of Law in England. 375 92. An Act to amend the Laws relating to the Fisheries of Ireland. 398 93. An Act to apply a sum out of the Consolidated Fund and the Surplus of Ways and Means to the service of the year ending the thirty-first day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy, and to appropriate the Supplies granted in this Session of Parliament.

402 94. An Act to amend the New Parishes Acts and Church Building Acts. 416 95. An Act to enable Military Offenders to be confined in Millbank Prison. 420

96. An Act to amend The Contagious Diseases Act,


421 97. An Act to amend in certain respects the Act for the better Government of India. 433 98. An Act to define the powers of the Governor General of India in Council at meetings for making laws and regulations for certain purposes.



99. An Act for the more effectual Prevention of Crime. 100. An Act to facilitate the borrowing money in certain cases for the purpose of The Sanitary Act, 1866, and the Acts amending the same; and for other purposes. 444 101. An Act for authorizing a guarantee of a loan to be raised by Canada for a payment in respect of the transfer of Rupert's Land. 446 102. An Act for making further provision respecting the borrowing of Money by the Metropolitan Board of Works, and for other purposes connected therewith.


103. An Act to amend the Law relating to the Warehousing of Wines and Spirits in Customs and Excise Warehouses, and for other purposes relating to Customs and Inland Revenue.

466 104. An Act for facilitating the Payment of Dividends on the Public Stocks, and for making regulations with respect



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