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one another. Written by the Hand of the Secretary, who in Heart, Body and Will, is,

Your Loyal and moft

Affured Servant,

H. no other Heart, A. B. Seeks Rex.

LETTER VI. Original

THE Reasonable Requests of your laft Letter,

with the Pleasure I alfo take to know them, causes me to send you now this Newes. The Legat, which we most defire, arrived at Paris on Sunday or Monday laft paft; so that I truft, by the next Monday, to hear of his Arrival at Calais: And then I truft, within a While after, to enjoy that which I have fo long longed for, to God's Pleasure, and both our Comforts. No more to you at this present, mine awne Darling, for lake of Time; but that I would you were in myne Arms, or I in yours: for I think it long fince I kyft you. Writen after the killing of an Hart, at xi of the Clock: Minding with God's Grace tomorrow, mightily tymely to kill another, by the Hand of him, which I trust shortly shall be yours.

• Campegio.

Henry Rex.


LETTER VII. Original.

Darling, tho' I have skant Leafure, yet remembring my Promife, I thought it convenient to certifie you breevly, in what Case our Affaires ftand. As touching a Lodging for you, we have gotten wone by my Lord Cardinal's Means, the like whereof could not have been fond hereabouts for all Caufes, as this Bearer fhall more fhew yow. As touching our other Affairs, I enfure you there can be no more done, nor more Diligence used, nor all manner of Dangers better both foreseen and provided for, fo that I truft it fhall be hereafter to both our Comforts, the Speciallities whereof were both too long to be writen, and hardly by Meffenger to be declared. Wherefor till you repaire hydder, I keep fomething in Store, trusting it fhall not be long too. For I have caused my Lord your Father, to make his Provifions with Speed. And thus for lake of Tyme, Darling, I make an end of my Letter, writen with the Hand of him which I would were yours.

H. Rex.

LETTER VIII. Out of French.

ALTHO' it doth not belong to a Gentleman

to take his Lady in the Place of a Servant, however in following your Defires I willingly grant it, that fo you may be more agreeably in the Place that you yourself have chofen, than you

have been in that which I gave you. I fhall be heartily obliged to you, if you please to have some Remembrance of me. 6N. R. 1. de R. O. M. V. E.Z.

Henry Rex.

LETTER IX. Original.

THE Caufe of my Writeing at this Time (good Sweatheart) is wonly to understand off your good Health and Profperity, whereof to know, I would be as glad as in manner myne awne, praying God (that and it be his Pleafure) to fend us fhortly togyder, for I promise you I long for it, howbeit, truft it fhall not be long too, and feeing my Darling is abfent, I can no lefs do, than to fend her fome Fleshe reprefenting my Name, which is Hart's-Fleshe, for Henry, prognofticating, that hereafter God willing you muft enjoy fome of mine, which if he pleafed I wolde were now. As touching your Sister's Matter, I have caused Walter Welche to write to my Lord mine Minde therein, whereby I truft that Eve fhall not have Power to deceive Adam. For furely whatsoever is faid, it cannot fo ftand with his Honour, but that he muft needs take her his natural Daughter now in her extreame Neceffity. No more to you at this tyme mine awne Darling, but that with a Wifhe I wolde we were togyder one Evening with the Hand of your

H. Rex.


LETTER X. Out of French.

Lthough, my Miftrefs, you have not been pleased to remember the Promise which you made me when I was laft with you, which was, That I fhould hear News of you, and have an Answer to my laft Letter; yet I think it belongs to a true Servant (fince otherwife he can know nothing) to fend to enquire of his Mistress's Health; and to acquit myself of the Office of a True Servant, I fend you this Letter, begging you to give me an Account of the State you are in, which I pray God may continue as long in Prosperity, as I wish my own; and that you may the oftner remember me, I fend you, by this Bearer, a Buck killed late laft Night by my Hand, hoping when you eat of it, you will think on the Hunter; and thus for want of more Room, I will make an End of my Letter. Written by the Hand of your Servant, who often wishes you in your Brother's Room.

H. Rex.

LETTER XI. Out of French.

THE Approach of the Time which I have fo

long expected, rejoices me fo much, that it seems almost already come. However, the intire Accomplishment cannot be till the two Perfons meet, which Meeting is more defired by me than any

Thing in this World; for what Joy can be greater upon Earth, than to have the Company of her who is my deareft Friend? Knowing likewise that she does the fame on her Part, the Thinking of which gives great Pleasure. You may judge what an Effect the Prefence of that Perfon muft have on me, whofe Abfence has made a greater Wound in my Heart, than either Words or Writing can exprefs, and which nothing can cure but her Return: I beg you, dear Mistress, to tell your Father from me, That I defire him to haften the Appointment by two Days, that he may be in Court before the Old Term, or at fartheft on the Day prefixed; for otherwise I fhall think, he will not do the Lover's Turn, as he faid he would, not answer my Expectation. No more at prefent for want of Time; hoping fhortly that by Word of Mouth I fhall tell you the reft of my Sufferings from your Absence. Written by the Hand of the Secretary, who wishes himself at prefent privately with you, and who is, and always will be,

Your Loyal, and most

Affured Servant,

H. no other Heart, A. B. seeks Rex.

LETTER XII. Out of French.

THERE came to me in the Night the most afflicting News poffible. For I have Reason to grieve upon three Accounts. First, Because I heard of the Sickness of my Mistress, whom I


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