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nine years old, or sooner, and went on reasoning without them; others went through their claßics at seven ;-wrote tragedies at eight ;-Ferdinand de Cordouè was so wise, at nine,-'cwas thought the Devil was in him; and at Venice gave such proofs of his knowlege and goodness, that the monks imagined he was Antichrift, or nothing.Ochers were masters of fourteen languages at ten,-finished the course of their rhetoric, poetry, logic, and ethics at eleven, -put forth their commentaries upon Servius and Martianus Capella at twelve,

and at thirteen received their degrees in philosophy, laws, and divinity: But you forget the great Lipfius, quoth Yorick, who composed a work * the day


* Nous aurions quelque interêt, says Baillet, de montrer qu'il n'a rien de ridicule l'il étoit vérita. B 4


he was born ;- - They Mhould have wiped it up, faid my uncle Toby, and said no more about it.



HEN the cataplasm was ready, a

scruple of decorum had unseasonably rose up in Susannah's conscience, about holding the candle, whilst Slop tied it on; Slop had not treated Susannab's distemper with anodines,--and so a quarrel had ensued betwixt them.

ble, au moins dans le sens énigmatique que Nicius Erythræus a tâché de lui donner. Cet auteur die que pour comprendre comme Lipse, a pû composer un ouvrage le premier jour de sa vie, il faut l'imaginer, que ce premier jour n'est pas celui de sa naissance charnelle, mais celui au quel il a com-, mencé d'user de la raison ; il veut que ç’ait été a l'age de neuf ans ; et il nous veut persuader que ce fut en cet âge, que Lipse fit un poem.est ingenieux, &c. &c.


-Le tour woman ;

you know

Oh! oh! said Slop, casting a glance of undue freedom in Sufannab's face, as she declined the office; -then, I think I know you, madam You know me, Sir! cried Susannah fastidiously, and with a toss of her head, levelled evidently, not at his profession, but at the doctor himself, me! cried Susannah again.

-Doctor Slop clapped his finger and his chumb instantly upon his nostrils ;- -Susannab's spleen was ready to burst at it; 'Tis false, said Susanna). -Come, come, Mrs. Modesty, said Slop, not a little elated with the success of his last thrust,


won't hold the candle, and look--you may hold it and shut your eyes:-That's one of your popish shifrs, cried Susannah:-'Tis better, said Slop, with a nod, than no shift at all, young

woman; defy you, Şir, cried Sufannah, pulling her shift Neeve below her elbow.

It was almost impossible for two perfons to assist each other in a surgical case with a more fplenetic cordiality.

Slop snatched up the cataplafm,Susannab snatched up the candle ; A little this way, said Slop; Susannab looking one way, and rowing anather, instantly set. fire to Slop's wig, which being somewhat bushy and unctuous withal, was burnt out before it was well kindled. You impudent whore ! cried Slop,—-{for what is passion, but a wild beaft)---you impudent whore, cried Slop, getting upright, with the cataplafm in his hand I never was the deAtruction of any body's nose, said Susannch,---which is more than you can say :


Is it ? cried Slop, throwing the cataplasm in her face ;Yes, it is, cried Susannah, returning the compliment with what was left in the pan.


DOCTOR Slop and Sufannab filed


Susanneh cross-bills against each other in the parlour ; which done, as the cataplasm had failed, they retired into the kitchen to prepare a fomentation for me ;-and whilst that was doing, my father determined the point as you will read.

CH A P. V.

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DU see'cis high time, said my father,

addressing himself.equally to myuncle Toby and Yorick, to take this young creature out of these women's hands, and put him into those of a private governor. Marcus Antoninus provided four


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