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them, or by the Ship's Husband or Manager. The Steamer has liberty to call at any port or ports on the way for Coal,
to sail without Pilots, to tow and be towed and assist Vessels in all situations.

The Eastern Trade form of Bill of Lading to be used and the conditions to form part of this Charter-Party.
The Captain to sign clean Bills of Lading at any rate of Freight required by the Charterers, without prejudice
to this Charter-Party, but at not less than the average chartered rate, unless the difference is paid in Cash at the
exchange for Bank sight bills on London.

The Freight to be paid on the unloading and right delivery of the Cargo in Cash without discount at Port of
discharge, if in UNITED KINGDOM, but if on the CONTINENT at Charterers' option by Cash or Bills at the
current rate of exchange for Short Bills on London.

The Steamer to discharge always afloat in any safe Dock, Wharf, Quay or Basin the Charterers or their
Agents may appoint.

Working days according to the custom of the Port of loading are to be allowed the said Merchants
(if the ship is not sooner despatched) for loading the said Steamer, said days to be computed from 24 hours after the
receipt by the Charterers or their Agent of a written notice from the Master or agent that the vessel is clear of her
inward Cargo and ready to load in a seaworthy condition and days on demurrage over and above the said

lay-days, at

per day.

If required by Charterers Agents, the vessel to load at the Wharves at

available on arrival.

provided a berth is immediately

The Cargo to be brought to and taken from alongside the Steamer at the risk and expense of the Freighter.
Charterers Agents have the option of naming the Stevedores for the loading of the vessel at the usual charges
and subject to the Captain's approval and direction.

No hooks to be used in receiving, stowing or delivering the Cargo, and no bags to be cut.

All requisite Mats and Dunnage to be found by the Steamer, as also a sufficient quantity of Coals for Fuel and
Ship's use independent of the Cargo.

The vessel's hold to be sufficiently ventilated as customary.

Should the Steamer load any Wheat, and be ordered to London on such Wheat, if landed in the Dock where the vessel discharges, the customary one shilling per ton for despatch in discharging shall be paid by the Steamer to the Dock Company.

35 On arrival at Port of Destination the cargo to be discharged without delay, and according to the custom of the Port for Steamers, but not less than 24 hours to be allowed from time of reporting at the Custom House before unloading shall commence, and the delivery to be made on lodgment of the Bills of Lading in accordance with the endorsements thereon, or against the Consignees' sub-orders for any portion of such Bills of Lading duly lodged. claim against the Freighter. The Captain to have a lien on the Cargo for all Freight, dead Freight and Demurrage, and for any other lawful

average adjusters to be mutually agreed by Owners and Charterers. All questions of average to be settled according to the custom of Lloyds or York-Antwerp Rules 1890, by

to be advanced

Cash for the Steamer's ordinary disbursements at Port of loading not exceeding
the Master, if required, at the current rate of Exchange for three months documentary Bills, subject to Interest,
discharging Port.
Insurance, and 21% Commission, said advance to be a first charge against the total Freight earned and to be so
endorsed by the Master on the Bills of Lading, and to be deducted from Freight due on the Steamer's arrival at

Lay-Days, at Charterers or their Agents option, not to commence before the

day of
and Charterers or their Agents to have the option of cancelling this Agreement should the Vessel not arrive at
, and be free of inward cargo and ready to load, in a seaworthy condition, on or before the
day of
condition at the time such notice is tendered.
Charterers have the option of declining to accept notice of readiness for cargo if the vessel is not in seaworthy

The Steamer to be consigned at

, to charterers Agents free of all Commission.

of Charterers Agents.
Should Steamer carry any Creosoted Sleepers or Petroleum outwards, she is to be fumigated to the satisfaction

Agents before the Steamer commences to load.
If required, a satisfactory Survey Report from Lloyd's Surveyor to be furnished by the Captain to Charterers

Commission as arranged is due by the Owners to

, on the signing of

this Charter-Party, Steamer lost or not lost, Charter cancelled or not, (also Native Brokerage to their Agents at

Charterers to have the option of underletting the Vessel in whole or in part.
Charterers' liability to cease on completion of shipment.

Should Steamer be ordered to discharge at a Port on the Continent as above where there is not sufficient water for the Steamer to enter the first tide after arrival and to lie always afloat, lay-days are to count from 24

prejudice to the same.
The Agents and Charterers to be at liberty to add any clauses to this Charter-Party by mutual consent, without

and risk of the receiver of the cargo, any Custom of the port to the contrary notwithstanding. hours after arrival off the Port, and any lighterage incurred to reach the port of discharge is to be at the expense

In the event of disaster occurring at
they affect the Cargo.
or the vessel being compelled to put back, and expenses be thereby
incurred either as special charges or general average, Charterers Agents to have control of such charges so far as

Any dispute that may arise under this Charter to be settled by arbitration in London each party appointing an
Arbitrator, and should they be unable to agree, the decision of an Umpire, selected by them to be final. The
Arbitrators and Umpire all to be commercial men and resident in London and the arbitration to take place there.
This submission may be made a rule of the High Court of Justice in England by either Party.

Witness to the Signature of

Witness to the Signature of






Owner of the good Steamship called the Tons, or thereabouts, now in the Port of



classed It is this day mutually agreed between of the measurement of Freighters may name Merchants; that the said Steamship being warranted tight, staunch, and strong, and classed as above during the Voyage, and now every way fitted and ready, shall with all possible despatch, proceed to such Dock as and after being in a loading berth as ordered, wholly unballasted and ready to load (subject to such warranty,) shall there load in the usual and customary manner, a full and complete Cargo of Steam Coals as ordered by Charterers, which they bind themselves to ship (except in the event of riot, commotion by Keelmen, strike or lockout of Shipper's Pitmen, or any hands striking work, frosts or floods, or any other accidents or causes beyond the control of the Charterers, which may delay her loading), not exceeding what she can reasonably stow and carry, over and above her Tackle, Apparel, Provisions, and Furniture (Bunker Coals for Steamer's use are to be put on board and to be kept separate from Cargo, a Certificate as to the quantity so taken to be endorsed on the Bills of Lading, no part of the Cargo to be used for Steamer's use); and being so loaded shall

therewith proceed to

or so near thereunto as she may safely get, and deliver the same
alongside any Craft, Steamer, Floating Depot, Wharf or Pier, where she can lie afloat, as may be directed by the
Consignees, to whom written notice is to be given of the Vessel being ready to discharge. (The Act of God, the
Queen's Enemies, Fire, and all and every other the Dangers and Accidents of the Seas, Rivers, and Navigation
during the said Voyage, always mutually excepted.) The Freight to be paid on the quantity delivered, at and
after the rate of
or at the option of the Consignees, on the quantity shipped, as per
Bills of Lading, without weighing, in full of all Port Charges, Pilotage, Wharfage, Dock and Harbour Tolls or
Dues on Cargo. Such Freight to be paid as follows:-An advance of Eight Days from final sailing from
the last Port in the United Kingdom, and from the date of Master signing clean Bills of Lading without
alteration as presented by Charterers or their Agents in cash less
per cent. to cover interest and cost of
Insurance to be effected by Charterers, who are to hold the Policy for their security; and the remainder on the
right and true delivery of the Cargo, less cost of coals delivered short of the quantity stated in the Bills of Lading,
Average claims (if any) to be settled in London according
to the usage of Lloyd's. The Vessel to be loaded as customary, but subject in all respects to the Colliery
guarantee in
Colliery working hours. Charterers having the option of naming the Lumper or Stevedore,
who is to take in and stow the Cargo, and proper ventilators are to be fitted at ship's expense, under the direction
of the Master, the Owner being responsible for improper stowage. The Cargo to be unloaded at the average
rate of not less than
tons per working day, weather permitting, but when required by the Consignees such
extra quantity is to be unloaded as may be practicable, the Master lending all possible assistance with the Ship's
boats and Crew, or Charterers to pay Demurrage, at the rate of
per ton register per diem, except in
case of unavoidable accident, or other hindrance beyond Charterer's control. The Vessel to be addressed for
inward business only to the care of the Charterers' Agent at the Port of Discharge, free of Commission,
except on Disbursements, but paying 2 per cent. Commission to Charterers in London, the same to be deducted
from the First payment of the Freight.

in cash at the

The Charterer's liability under this Charter-party to cease on the Cargo being loaded and the advance Freight
paid, the Owners having a lien on the Cargo for the balance of the Freight and Demurrage.

The Captain to apply to Charterers' Agents at the Port of Loading for Custom-House business, &c.
All Coals required for Bunkers at Port of Loading to be supplied by Charterers at the price of
Penalty for non-performance of this Agreement, the estimated amount of Freight.

per ton.

[blocks in formation]

Owner of the good steamer called the

of the measurement of


is Master now




net Register Tons, or thereabouts,

1. That the said steamer, being tight, staunch and strong, and every way fitted for the voyage, having leave
to take a cargo for owner's benefit, from any ports in the United Kingdom, or Continent, or Mediterranean, direct,
convenient speed, sail and proceed to Sulina, and as there ordered by
and/or to any ports in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black or Azoff Seas, and/or any ports on the way, shall with all

within six running hours of arrival or lay-days-Sundays only excepted-to count, unless steamer discharges in the
or to Sulina (inside the Bar) or to Kustendje,
Danube or at Sulina, in which case orders are to be given at port of delivery whilst discharging, or lay-days-Sundays
only excepted-to count, to Galatz and/or Ibrail or any other safe place in the Danube, not higher than Ibrail,
or so near thereunto, as she may safely get, and there load,
always afloat, from the factors of the said freighters, a full and complete cargo (but not exceeding
English weight) of wheat and/or seed, and/or grain, at the option of the freighters, (if a mixed cargo, notice of the
descriptions and quantities to be given before loading commences, and the heaviest goods to be supplied first) which
said freighters bind themselves to ship, not exceeding what she can reasonably stow and carry over and above her
in the Adriatic or Mediterranean Seas (Spain excluded).
tackle, apparel, provisions, and furniture, and being so loaded, shall therewith proceed to a safe port in the
United Kingdom or a safe port on the Continent, between Havre and Hamburg (both inclusive) or to a safe port

2. Orders for the United Kingdom, Continent, or other stipulated port, unless given on signing Bills of Lading,
are to be given at Gibraltar within 12 running hours of arrival or lay-days-Sundays only excepted-to count.

3. The Charterer has the right to order the steamer from Gibraltar to Queenstown, Falmouth or Plymouth (at
master's option) for final orders, to be given within 12 running hours (24 hours at Queenstown) of arrival, or lay-
days-Sundays only excepted-to count, for the United Kingdom, Continent or for other stipulated Continental
port not West of Havre, paying 1/- per unit extra freight over and above the rates hereinafter stated.

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