Reports of Cases Decided by the English Courts: With Notes and References to Kindred Cases and Authorities, 29. köide

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William Gould, 1882
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Page 533 - The court said there must be reasonable evidence of negligence; but where the thing is .shown to be under the management of the defendant or his servants, and the accident is such as, in the ordinary course of things, does not happen if those who have the management use proper care, it affords reasonable evidence, in the absence of explanation by the defendant, that the accident arose from want of care.
Page 644 - And be it further enacted, that every will shall be construed, with reference to the real estate and personal estate comprised in it, to speak and take effect as if it had been executed immediately before the death of the testator, unless a contrary intention shall appear by the will.
Page 144 - ... exposed for sale, or deposited in any place for the purpose of sale, or of preparation for sale, and intended for the food of man...
Page 598 - Also sufficient posts, rails, hedges, ditches, mounds, or other fences for separating the land taken for the use of the railway from the adjoining lands not taken, and protecting such lands from trespass, or the cattle of the owners or occupiers thereof from straying thereout, by reason of the railway...
Page 638 - ... the judgment of a Court of exclusive jurisdiction directly upon the point, is in like manner conclusive upon the same matter, between the same parties, coming incidentally in question in another Court, for a different purpose. But neither the judgment of a concurrent or exclusive jurisdiction is evidence of any matter which came collaterally in question, though within their jurisdiction, nor of any matter incidentally cognizable, nor of any matter to be inferred by argument from the judgment.
Page 360 - If a tradesman has had dealings with the wife upon the credit of the husband, and the husband has paid him without demur in respect of such dealings, the tradesman has a right to assume, in the absence of notice to the contrary, that the authority of the wife which the husband has recognized continues.
Page 389 - ... if the infraction or non-observance of any such byelaw or other such regulation as aforesaid be attended with danger or annoyance to the public, or hindrance to the company in the lawful use of the railway, it shall be lawful for the company summarily to interfere to obviate or remove such danger, annoyance, or hindrance, and that without prejudice to any penalty incurred by the infraction of any such bye-law.
Page 654 - But if the persuasion be used for the indirect purpose of injuring the plaintiff, or of benefiting the defendant at the expense of the plaintiff, it is a malicious act which is in law and in fact a wrong act, and therefore a wrongful act, and therefore an actionable act if injury ensues from it.
Page 380 - For the purpose of voting, a secured creditor shall, unless he surrenders his security, state in his proof the particulars of his security, the date when it was given, and the value at which he assesses it, and shall be entitled to vote only in respect of the balance (if any) due to him, after deducting the value of his security.
Page 138 - ... shall, in the presence of such accused person, who shall be at liberty to put questions to any witness produced against him, take the statement on oath or affirmation of those who shall know the facts and circumstances of the case, and shall put the same into writing...

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