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Annual return



of powers by Minister

25. Nothing in this Act contained shall be held to prohibit any person whatever from undertaking the castration, spaying or dehorning of any animal or from recovering fees therefor. [1906, c. 57, s. 27.]

26. (1) Every veterinary surgeon shall make a return to the Department of Agriculture during the month of December in each year of all contagious diseases of animals treated by him during the year and when any epidemic breaks out to the knowledge of any veterinary surgeon he shall report the same at once to the Department of Agriculture.

(2) Any person failing to comply with the provisions of this section shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty of twenty dollars. [1906, c. 57, s. 28.]

27. Where in this Act anything is permitted or directed to be done by the Minister of Agriculture he may direct that the same may be done by some other person on his behalf. [1906, c. 57, s. 29.]


An Act for the Licensing and Regulation of
Produce Merchants.

HIS MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Alberta, enacts as follows:

Short Title.

1. This Act may be cited as "The Produce Merchants Short title Act, 1922."


[1922, c. 58, s. 1.]

2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, Interpretation

(a) "Minister" shall mean the Minister of Agri- Minister culture;

(b) "Produce" shall mean any agricultural product Produce or farm produce;


(c) "Produce merchant" shall mean a person who, as Produce
his principal business, or as a substantial portion
of his business, habitually buys or sells produce
or receives produce for sale either on commission
or for account of the consignor. [1922, c. 58, s. 2.]



3. No person who is not a holder of a valid and sub- Necessity of sisting licence under the provisions of this Act shall act or engage in business within Alberta as a produce merchant.

[1922, c. 58, s. 3.]

for licence

4. Applications for a licence shall be made to the Minister Application in a form to be prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. [1922, c. 58, s. 4.]

of giving

5.-(1) The Minister shall issue a licence to the appli- Condition cant empowering him to carry on the business of a produce licence merchant until the first day of May following, if

(a) he approves of the application;

(b) the applicant gives a bond for a sum of not less
than one thousand dollars, in such form and with
such conditions and sureties as may be approved
by the Minister; and

(c) the applicant pays a licence fee of ten dollars.

(2) Such licence shall at all times be displayed in a Display of conspicuous place upon the premises of the licencee.

[1922, c. 58, s. 5.]



and revocation of licence



6. (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, upon the recommendation of the Minister at any time suspend or revoke any licence issued under this Act.

(2) The Minister may at any time demand from the licenced produce commission merchant such additional bond as he may think fit. [1922, c. 58, s. 6.]

Duties of Licensee.

7. (1) Every person, shall, when he receives produce for sale either on commission or for account of the consignor or sells or otherwise disposes of any such produce, immediately enter the transaction in a book to be kept for that purpose.

(2) Such record shall specify the name and address of the consignor, the date of receipt of the consignment, the kind and quantity of produce received, the date or dates of sale, the quantity sold, the selling price thereof and the expenses connected therewith.

(3) A report of the same in form A of the schedule hereto, containing the particulars mentioned in subsection (2) of this section shall, together with the balance due to the consignor, be mailed to him within five days after the sale of any consignment or any part thereof has been completed.

(4) The names and addresses of purchasers shall be furnished by the produce merchant when demanded by the consignor. [1922, c. 58, s. 7.]


Complaints 8. (1) Any person who has consigned produce to a produce merchant as such may, if he is dissatisfied by reason of non-compliance with the provisions of this Act on the part of the said merchant make a complaint in writing to the Minister, verified by affidavit or statutory declaration.


Report of result of investigation

(2) Upon receipt of such complaint the Minister shall cause an investigation to be made, and may for the purpose of the investigation compel the produce merchant to produce his books, records or other documents and to give all information in his possession regarding the matter of the complaint.

(3) Upon completion of the investigation the Minister shall render to the complainant a written report of the results thereof, which report shall be prima facie evidence of the facts found as stated therein. [1922, c. 58, s. 8.]



9. The Minister may make regulations calculated to effect the purposes of this Act, which, upon being approved

of by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and published in The Alberta Gazette, shall have effect as if herein contained. [1922, c. 58, s. 9.]

Offences and Penalties.

10. Every person who violates any of the provisions Penalties of this Act or of any rule or regulation made hereunder shall be guilty of an offence and shall, in addition to any other punishment prescribed by law, be liable upon summary conviction to a penalty of not more than one thousand dollars, or to imprisonment for not more than one year. [1922, c. 58, s. 10.]

11. Everyone is guilty of an offence under this Act Accessories who

(a) does or omits any act for the purpose of aiding
any person to commit the offence; or

(b) abets any person in commission of the offence;


(c) counsels or procures any person to commit the
[1922, c. 58, s. 11.]


Scope of Act.

bonded under

12. Nothing in this Act shall apply to any person bonded Persons under the provisions of The Canada Grain Act or of The other Acts Live Stock and Live Stock Products Act, 1917, in respect of the transaction of any business covered by a bond given under the provisions of either of such Acts, nor to any Retail retail merchant in respect of the transaction of his ordinary business as such. [1922, c. 58, s. 12.]




(Section 7.)

Report of sale of produce merchant under The Produce

Merchants Act, 1922.


Licence year 19. ... to 19. . . .
Licence No.

(Space here for name of licenced produce merchant.)



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We advise that the following sales have been made for

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