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Come thou, my Friend ! my Genius! come along;
Oh, master of the poet, and the song;
And while the Muse now stoops, or now ascends
To man's low passions or their glorious ends,
Teach me, like thee, in various Nature wise,
To fall with digoity, with temper rise....
Oh! while along the stream of time thy name
Expanded flies, and gathers all its fame,
Say, shall my little bark attendant sail,
Pursue the triumph, and partake the gale?
Shall then this Verse to future age pretend
Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend
That, ured by thee, I turn'd the tuneful art
From sounds to things, from fancy to the heart;
For Wit's false mirror held up Nature's light,
Shew'd erring Pride, whatever is is right...
That virtue only makes our bliss below,
And all our knowledge is ourselves to know. ESS. ON MAN.

LONDON: Printed for, and under the Direction of, G. CAWTHORN, British Library, STRAND.


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She said; and for her lost Galanthis sighs,
When the fair consort of her son replies ;
" Since you a servant's ravish'd form bemoan,
And kindly sigh for sorrows not your own,
Let me (if tears and grief permit) relate
A nearer woe, a sister's stranger fate.
No nymph of all Oechalia could compare
For beauteous form with Dryope the fair,
Her tender mother's only hope and pride,
(Myself the offspring of a second bride.)
This nymph compress'd by him who rules the day,
Whom Delphi and the Delian isle obey,


Dixit: et, admonitu veteris commota ministræ,
Ingemuito; quam sic nurus est adfata dolentem.
“Te tamen, o genitrix, alienæ sanguine vestro
Rapta movet facies. quid si tibi mira sororis 5
Fata meæ referam ? quanquam lacrymæque dolorque
Impediunt, prohibentque loqui. Fuit unica matri
(Me pater ex alia genuit) notissima forma
Oechalidum Dryope: quam virginitate carentem,
Vimque Dei passam, Delphos Delonque tenentis,


Andræmon lov'd; and bless'd in all those charms
That pleas'd a god, succeeded to her arms.

A lake there was with shelving banks around, 15
Whose verdant summit fragrant myrtles crown'd;
These shades, unknowing of the Fates, she sought,
And to the Naiads flowʻry garlands brought;
Her smiling babe (a pleasing charge) she prest
Within her arms, and nourish'd at her breast.
Not distant far a wat'ry lotos grows;
The spring was new, and all the verdant boughs,
Adorn’d with blossoms, promised fruits that vie
In glowing colours with the Tyrian dye:
Of these she cropp'd to please her infant son,

25 And I myself the same rash act had done; But, lo! I saw (as near her side I stood) The violated blossoms drop with blood;

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Excipit Andræmon; et habetur conjuge felix.
Est lacus acclivi devexo margine formam

15 Litoris efficiens: summum myrteta coronant. Venerat huc Dryope, fatorum nescia; quoque Indignere magis, nymphis latura coronas. Inque sinu puerum, qui nondum impleverat annum, Dulce ferebat onus; tepidique ope lactis alebat. Haud procul a stagno, Tyrios imitata colores, in spem baccharum florebat aquatica lotos. Carpserat hinc Dryope, quos oblectamina nato 25 Porrigeret flores: et idem factura videbar (Namque aderam.) Vidi guttas e flore cruentas


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