Report of the Annual Meeting

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Seismological Investigations Eighth Report of the Committee consisting
Isomorphous Sulphonic Derivatives of Benzene Fourth Report of the Com
Address by the President Sir NORMAN LOCKYER K C B LL D F R
Absorption Spectra and Chemical Constitution of Organic Substances
On the Possibility of Making Special Reports more available than at present
Lifezones in the British Carboniferous Rocks Report of the Committee
The Movements of Underground Waters of Northwest Yorkshire Fourth
Photographs of Geological Interest in the United Kingdom Fourteenth
Estuarine Deposits at Kirmington Lincolnshire Preliminary Report of
Erratic Blocks of the British Isles Eighth Report of the Committee consisting
Observations on Changes in the Sea Coast of the United Kingdom Report
Occupation of a Table at the Zoological Station at Naples Report
Bird Migration in Great Britain and Ireland Sixth and Final Report
The State of Solution of Proteids Report of the Committee consisting
The Microchemistry of Cells Report of the Committee consisting
The Resistance of Road Vehicles to Traction Report of the Committee con
Small Screw Gauge Report of the Committee consisting of Sir W
Anthropometric Investigation in Great Britain and Ireland Report of
Archæological and Ethnological Researches in Crete Report of the Com
Silchester Excavations Report of the Committee consisting of Mr ARTHUR
Botanical Photographs Report of the Committee consisting of Professor
The Teaching of Science in Elementary Schools Report of the Committee
The Conditions of Health essential to the Carryingon of the Work
Corresponding Societies Committee Report of the Committee consisting
Address by CHARLES VERNON Boys F R S President of the Section
On the Differential Invariants of Surfaces and of Space By Professor
Report on the Investigation of the Upper Atmosphere by means of Kites

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Page 544 - Your comrades chase e'en now the fliers, And, but for you, possess the field. For while the tired waves, vainly breaking, Seem here no painful inch to gain, Far back, through creeks and inlets making, Comes silent, flooding in, the main. And not by eastern windows only, When daylight comes, comes in the light; In front, the sun climbs slow, how slowly, But westward, look, the land is bright.
Page 6 - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry, — to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another, and with foreign philosophers, — to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
Page xxvii - Its objects are— to give a stronger impulse, and a more systematic direction to scientific enquiry— to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the...
Page 744 - Congress of representatives from such of the above-named organizations as may be willing to take part to devise ways and means for securing the return of an increased number of Labour members to the next Parliament.
Page lxxxviii - It is composed of representatives of management and labour both in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America. In the United Kingdom section the constituent bodies are the Federation of British Industries, the British Employers' Confederation and the Trades Union Congress.
Page 544 - Say not the struggle naught availeth, The labour and the wounds are vain, The enemy faints not, nor faileth, And as things have been they remain. If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars; It may be, in yon smoke concealed, Your comrades chase e'en now the fliers, And, but for you, possess the field.
Page 731 - ... two persons at least, known to be professional actuaries or persons skilled in calculation, as fit and proper according to the most correct calculation of which the nature of the case will admit.
Page 701 - Mill when defining geography, in my support : ' Geography is the science which deals •with the forms of the Earth's crust, and -with the influence which these forms exercise on the distribution of other phenomena.
Page 10 - ... this year a committee was appointed to deal with the question; and later still, after this committee had reported, a conference was held between this committee and the corresponding societies committee to consider the suggestions made, some of which will be gathered from the following extract:— "In view of the increasing importance of science to the nation at large, your committee desire to call the attention of the Council to the fact that in the corresponding societies the British Association...
Page 6 - It is a struggle between organized species — nations— not between individuals or any class of individuals. It is, moreover, a struggle in which science and brains take the place of swords and sinews, on which depended the result of those conflicts which, up to the present, have determined the history and fate of nations. The school, the university, the laboratory and the workshop are the battlefields of this new warfare.

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