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last induced, at his desire, and by the merit of the Poem, to translate it into French, his version being revised by Du Fresnoy himself: and the latter had begun a commentary upon it, when he was seized with a palsy, and after languishing four or five months under it, died at the house of one of his brothers at Villiers-le-bel, four leagues from Paris, in 1665, at the age of fifty-four, and was interred in the parish-church there. He had quitted his lodgings at Mons. Potel's, upon Mignard's return to Paris in 1658, and the two friends lived together from that time till the death of Du Fresnoy.


poem was not published till three years after his death, when it was printed at Paris in duodecimo, with the French version and remarks of Mons, de Piles, and has been justly admired for its elegance and perspicuity.



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RUE Poetry the Painter's power displays ; True Painting emulates the Poet's lays; The rival sisters, fond of equal fame, Alternate change their office and their name; Bid silent Poetry the canvas warm, The tuneful

page with speaking picture charm. What to the ear sublimer rapture brings, That strain alone the genuine Poet sings ; That form alone where glows peculiar grace, The genuine Painter condescends to trace: No sordid theme will verse or paint admit, Unworthy colours, if unworthy wit,

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UT Pictura Poesis erit; similisque Poesi
Sit Pictura; refert par æmula quæque sororem,
Alternantque vices et nomina; muta Poesis
Dicitur hæc, Pictura loquens solet illa vocari.

Quod fuit auditu gratum cecinere Poetæ ;
Quod pulchrum aspectu Pictores pingere curant:
Quæque Poetarum numeris indigna fuêre,
Non eadem Pictorum operam studiumq; merentur :

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