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Instead of the short account of the lives of the Painters by Mr. GRAHAM, which has been annexed to the later Editions of Mr. DRYDEN's translation, I have thought proper to insert, at the conclusion of this work, the following Chronological List drawn up by the late Mr. Gray, when in Italy, for his own use, and which I found fairly transcribed amongst those papers which his friendship bequeathed to me. Mr. GRAY was as diligent in his researches as correct in his judgment; and has here employed both these talents to point out in one column the places where the principal works of each master are to be found, and in another the different parts of the art in which his own taste led him to think that they severally excelled *. It is presumed, therefore, that these two additions to the names and dates will render this little work more useful than any thing of the catalogue kind hitherto printed on the subject. For more copious Biographical information, the reader is referred to Mr. PILKINGTON'S Dictionary.


* See Memoirs of Mr. Gray, Note on Letter XIV. Sect. II.

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lovanni Cimabue certain Greeks . first revived Paint.

ing Andrea Taffi

Apollonius, a Greek revived Mosaic Giotto Cimabue

quitted the stiff manner of the

Greeks Buonamico Buffalmacco Andrea Taffi 5 Ambrogio Lorenzetti Giotto

Pietro Cavallini Giotto

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Simon Memmi

Andrea Orgagna imitated Giotto

Tomaso Giottino imitated Giotto 10 Paolo Uccello

Antonio Venetiano first who studied

perspective Massolino

LorenzoGhiberti and gave more grace
Gher. Starnina

his figures

and drapery Masaccio

Fra. Giov. Angelico da Giottino



Antonella da Messina John Van Eyek introduced oil Pa.

inting into Italy 15 Fra. Filippo Lippi Masaccio

began to Paint

figures larger

than life Andrea del Castagno, Domenico Venetiano painted in oil first detto Degl'Impiccati

at Florence Gentile del Fabriano Giovanni da Fiesole

Giacomo Bellini

Gentile Bellini 20 Giovanni Bellini


Gentile del Fabriano
s Giacomo their fa-


Cosmo Rosselli
Domenico Ghillandaio Alessand. Baldovi. lively colooring


genteel designing Andrea Verocchio

Giacomo Squarcione and good airs

observation of perAndrea Mantegna


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