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Country, Place, and >
Year of their Death.

Principal Works are at

History Florence, Flor. 1300 60 almost all perished.
History Florence

1294 81 unknown. History Florence 1336 60 Rome, St. Peter's, Arezzo



History Florence 134078 Pisa, Campo-Santo. s History Sienna History Rome 136485 Rome, St. Paolo fuor della

Portraits Sienna, Florences 345 60
History Florence 1389 60 Florence, the Dome.
History Florence

1356 32 10 Birds, Florence

some His.
History Florence

1418 37

1432 83

History Florence

1443 24 Hist. Mi- Florence, Rome 1455 68 Florence, the Palace, in the niatures

Apartments of the old

Pictures. History Messina


15 History Florence, Rome 1488 69 Florence, the Palace.

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History Verona 1412 80 Rome, S. Giov. Laterano,

S. Mar. Maggiore. History Venice

1470 History Venice


in some Cabinets. 20 History Venice

151290 History Florence, Rome 148468 Rome, Capella Sistina. History Florence

1493 44 Florence, Palace, Closet of

Madama. History Florence


History Padua, Mantua 1517166 Florence, Rome, Apart


Studied under

Excelled in

Filippo Lippi Fra. Philippo his fa

ther, and Sandro

Boticelli Pietro Perugino

Andrea Verocchio Bernardino Pinturic- Pietro Perugino


Francesco Francia - Marco Zoppo

first considerable

Master of the Bo.

lognese School 5 Bartolomeo Ramenghi, Francesco Francia soft and fleshy co detto Il Bagnacavallo

louring Innocenzo Francuzzi, Francesco Francia correct drawing


detto da Imola Francesco Turbido, * Giorgione

detto Il Mauro Luca Signorelli

Pietro della Francesca * Lionardo da Vinci

exquis. designing


10 * Giorgio Giorgione imitated Lionardo's management of the

clair-obscure, &

colouring * Antonio daCorreggio

divine colouring

and morbidezza of his flesh; an. gelical grace his figures and clair-obscure

joyous airs of

Mariotto Albertinelli Cosmo Roselli
Baccio, detto Fra. Bar- Cosmo Roselli

tolomeo di S. Marco
Pietro di Cosimo Cosmo Roselli

15 Raphaelino del Garbo Filippo Lippi

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History Rnesia, Rome 1524178 Rome, Pal. Borghese, &c.
History Florence, Sienna1513 59 Sienna, Library of the Dome,

Rome, Santa Croce in
Gierusalemme; Madonna

dell Popolo, &c. History Bologna 151868 Bologna, in severalChurches.

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- 152182

History Cortona
Hist. and Milan, Paris - 1517175 Milan, the Dominicans, the

Academy; Florence, Pal.
Pitti; Rome, Pal. Bor.

ghese, Barberini. 10 Hist, and Castle Franco nel 33 Venice; Florence, Pal.Pitti; Portraits Trevigiano, Venice, Rome, Pal, Pamphili.

1511 Hist.and Correggio nel Reg- 40 Modena, the Duke's Cola Portraits giano 1534



Parma, the Dome, Saint Antonio Abbate, S. Giovanni del monte, Sepulcro; Florence, the Palace; Paris, the Palais Royal, &c. Naples, the King's


Collections. History Florence

1520 45 History. Florence


Grotesq. Florence


& monst.

15 History Florence



Studied under

Excelled in


* Michael Angelo Buo- Dominico Ghirlan- great correctness


of design,grand & terrible subjects, profound knowledge of the anatomical

part * Raffaelle Sanzio di Pietro Perugino; cor- in Urbino

rected his manner

painting, but upon seeing the

chiefly in the works of Lionardo thought, com da Vinci and Mi. position, expreschael Angelo

sion,and draw ing

every part of

* Titiano Vecelli Giovanni Bellini the clair-obscure

& all the beau. ties of colour.

ing Domenico Poligo

Domenico Ghirlan

daio Š Timoteo Urbino Rafaëlle

the same as his

Master Vicenzo da San Gemi- Rafaëlle

niano Lorenzo di Credi Andrea Verocchio!

imitated Lionardo

da Vinci Balthazar Peruzzi

Giovanni Francesco Rafaëlle
Penni, detto il Fattore

good imitation of

his Master, and great dispatch his Master's ex


10 * Giulio Romano


Peligrino di Modena

Pierino Buonacorvi,det- Rafaëlle

to Perin del Vago
Giovanni da Udina Rafaëlle


animals, flowers, Painted

and fruits natural and grace.

ful airs and cor

* Andrea del Sarto

Pietro di Cosimo

Country, Place, and

Year of their Death

Principal Works are at

History Chiusi, presso d'Arez-90 Rome, Capella Sestina, Cazo; Rome 1564 pella Paulina, S. Giovanni

Latuano ; Florence, the

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Hist. and Urbino, Rome 152037 Rome, the Vatican, S.Pietro, Portraits

in Montorio ; S. Agus. tino, the Lungara, &c. Florence, the Palace ; France, Versailles, the Palais Royal ; England, Hampton-Court; Naples,

the King's Collection, Hist.and Cadore nel Friulese ; 99 Venice; Rome ; in many Portraits Venice

Collections, &c.


History Florence

- 1525 52

5 History Urbino

1524 54 Rome, Madonna della Pace.

History S. Geminiano 1527 52 Rome, the Vatican.

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History, Sienna, Rome 1536 55 Rome, Madonna della Pace. buildings History Rome, Naples 1528 40 Rome, the Vatican; Lun

gara. 10 History Rome, Mantua 1546 54 Rome, Vatican, &c. Man

tua, the Palace Té. History Modena

1538 History Florence, Rome 1547 47 Rome, Vatican; Genoa,

Pal. Doria. Grotes- Udina, Rome 1564.70 Rome, Vatican, &c.

ques History Florence 1530 42 Florence, the Palace, Mo. Port,

nasterio de Scalzi, &c.

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