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For drawing or settling Conveyances.

1st,-See that the deed or instrument itself is of the proper species for conveying or passing such kind of property as it is intended to convey or pass.

2nd, That the conveying party is, upon the face of the deed, intitled to convey the property thereby intended to be passed.

3rd, That every person who has an interest in, or lien on the premises, do join, unless conveyed subject thereto.

4th, That the interest of each party be distinctly stated in the recitals, and the object of the conveyance explicitly avowed.

5th,―That all the parties who have either a legal or equitable right to the premises, convey, or concur in conveying, the same, in the granting part of the deed, in such manner as to pass their respective rights.

6th, That the parcels be correctly and fully set forth, and also in the lease for a year, where there is one, as no more will pass to the releasee than is contained in the latter instrument,-see subsequent, p. 178, note..

7th, That proper covenants are introduced to bind the several parties and to strengthen the conveyance, as well as to afford the easiest remedy to the grantee his heirs and assigns, in case of a breach of contract.






AGREEMENT between a member and the stewards of a benefit society; whereby the former engages, in consideration of a gross sum, to relinquish all fu ture claims on the society.

day of

ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT made and entered into in the year of our Lord BETWEEN A. B. of, &c. Weaver of the one part, and C. D. of, &c. Carpenter. E. F. of, &c. Paper hanger, and G. H. of, &c. Fellowship Porter, stewards of a Benefit Society, held at

said A. B. was admitted a member of the
on or about the

Society) of the other part.

day of

(The present



said Society, in the year

and hath continued a member thereof from that time to the present. AND WHEREAS the said A. B. having at various times declared on the box, he has received all the full pay allowed by the rules of the said Society; being weeks in the whole. And the said A. B. afterwards being intitled only to half pay, he, on or about the applied to the then stewards

day of

of the said Society, and proposed to accept of

shillings a week, instead of

on condition that the

Society would allow him to do as much work as he was able at his business; and to allow him B


per week again when he should become so ill as to be in capable of any work. With which request the said Society unanimously agreed, at a Meeting thereof, held on the evening of the said -day of 18-. And the said A. B. afterwards received the said reduced pay accordingly. AND WHEREAS the said A. B. at the last quarterly meeting of the said Society, which was held at aforesaid, on the evening of the


day of

last proposed; that if the said Society would agree to his being paid the sum of £- he would relinquish all such future claims on the said Society as either he or his representatives would otherwise have. AND WHEREAS the members of the said Society then present, taking into consideration that the said A. B. had at different times received from the box of the said Society, the sum of or thereabouts; and that he was likely to remain burthensome. And that in case of his decease, whilst he continued a member, the said Society would have to pay the sum of pounds for his funeral; and that he had contributed nothing to the funds of the said Society since the day of in the year 18-. Unanimously agreed to pay the said A. B. the sum of £. on his executing an agreement to renounce all future claims on the said Society; and on his paying the expence of such instrument, as might be necessary for that purpose; which sum the said A. B. then agreed to accept on the terms aforesaid. NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESS that in consideration of the sum of pounds, of lawful money, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Ireland, current in Great Britain, by the said C. D. E. F. and G. H. as such stewards as aforesaid, and by and with the proper monies of the said Society, paid to the said A. B. at or before the execution hereof, the reseipt whereof he the said A. B. doth hereby acknowledge,


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