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Receiv'd a Town Mouse at his Board,
Just as a Farmer might a Lord.
A frugal Mouse upon the whole,
Yet lov'd his Friend, and had a Soul,
Knew what was handsome, and would do't,
On juft occafion, coute qui coute.
He brought him Bacon (nothing lean)
Pudding, that might have pleas'd a Dean;
Cheefe, fuch as men in Suffolk make,
But with'd it Stilton for his fake;
Yet, to his Gueft tho' no way fparing,
He eat himfelf the rind and paring.
Our Courtier fcarce could touch a bit,
But fhow'd his Breeding and his Wit;
He did his best to seem to eat,

And cry'd, "I vow you're mighty neat.
"But Lord, my Friend, this favage Scene! 175
"For God's fake, come, and live with Men:
"Confider, Mice, like Men, muft die,
"Both fmall and great, both you and I:
"Then spend your life in Joy and Sport,

(This doctrine, Friend, I learnt at Court.)" 180 The veriest Hermit in the Nation

May yield, God knows, to strong temptation.

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Dum licet, in rebus jucundis vive beatus:
Vive memor quam fis aevi brevis. Haec ubi dita
Agreftem pepulere, domo levis exfilit : inde
Ambo propofitum peragunt iter, urbis aventes
Moenia nocturni fubrepere. jamque tenebat
Nox medium coeli fpatium, cum ponit uterque
In locuplete domo vestigia: rubro ubi cocco
Tincta fuper lectos canderet vestis eburnos ;
Multaque de magna fupereffent fercula coena,
Quae procul exftructis inerant hefterna caniftris.
Ergo ubi purpurea porrectum in veste locavit
Agrestem; veluti fuccinctus cursitat hofpes,
Continuatque dapes: nec non verniliter ipfis
Fungitur officiis, praelibans omne quod affert.

Away they come, thro' thick and thin,
To a tall house near Lincoln's-Inn;
('Twas on the night of a Debate,
When all their Lordships had fate late.)
Behold the place, where if a Poet
Shin'd in Description, he might show it;
Tell how the Moon-beam trembling falls,
And tips with Silver all the walls;
Palladian walls, Venetian doors,
Grotefco roofs, and Stucco floors:
But let it (in a word) be faid,
The Moon was up, and Men a-bed,
The Napkins white, the Carpet red:
The Guests withdrawn had left the Treat,
And down the Mice fate, tête à tête.


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Our Courtier walks from dish to dish, Taftes for his Friend of Fowl and Fish;

Tells all their names, lays down the law, 200 Que ça eft bon! Ab gouter ça!

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"That Jelly's rich, this Malmsey healing,


Tail in."

Pray, dip your Whiskers and Was ever such a happy Swain? He stuffs and swills, and ftuffs again. "I'm quite asham'd-'tis mighty rude "To eat fo much-but all's fo good.


Ille cubans gaudet mutata forte, bonifque
Rebus agit laetum convivam: cum subito ingens
Valvarum ftrepitus lectis excuffit utrumque.
Currere per totum pavidi conclave; magifque
Exanimes trepidare, fimul domus alta Moloffis
Perfonuit canibus. tum rufticus, Haud mihi vita
Eft opus hac, ait, et valeas: me fylva, cavusque
Tutus ab infidiis tenui folabitur ervo.

"I have a thousand thanks to give-
My Lord alone knows how to live.”
No fooner faid, but from the Hall
Rush Chaplain, Butler, Dogs and all :
"A Rat! a Rat! clap to the door”—
The Cat comes bouncing on the floor.
O for the heart of Homer's Mice,
Or Gods to fave them in a trice!

(It was by Providence they think,
your damn'd Stucco has no chink.)
"An't please your Honour," quoth the Peafant,
"This fame Deffert is not so pleasant:

"Give me again my hollow Tree, "A Cruft of Bread, and Liberty!"

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