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ceive thee! O how I wish for that happy moment, when I shall behold thee coming to me under the form of bread, to be my. food! 1 detest with. my whole heart all my sins. Blot out my iniquities, O Lord, and if I have been so happy as. to be made clean, wash me, and purify me still more by the precious blood which thou hast shed generally for all sinners, and of which one drop alone can blot out all the sins of the world; and prepare for thyself an abode in me, less unworthy of thee. I believe that thou art really present in this sacred host, but do thou increase my faith. I love thee, O Lord, with all my soul; but do thou render my love still more ardent. I hope thou wilt supply my extreme poverty with thy grace and blessings: O render my confidence still more universal and more constant. Come, my good: Father-come, my charitable Physician, my good Pastor-come, O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world-come, my sweet Jesus, my God, and my all!

I offer thee my heart, as a holocaust, my amiable Jesus! let it be consumed with the fire of thy divine love; extinguish in it even the least spark of the love of the world; to the end, that, for the time to come, nothing may please me but thyself; because I only desire to live and die by the influence of thy love.

Thou my divine Saviour, sayest to us: Come to me all ye that labour and are burthened, and I will ease and refresh you. Here I am, my. sweet Jesus! I come to thee; receive me, I beg of thee, and vouchsafe to admit me to thy holy table; and grant that living no more but for thy, love, I may never any more depart from thee. Thou hast commanded us, O Lord, not to appear before thee with empty, hands-I come to receive. thee, my amiable Jesus! but what can I offer to, thee, except thy own gifts, and what I have re

ceived from thee. Accept, therefore, all my faculties, all the powers of my soul, of which I make a sacrifice to thee for ever. I offer to thee my memory, my understanding, and my will: grant that, for the time to come, I may remember nothing but thee, I may know nothing but thee, I may love nothing but thee. May thy holy will be the rule of mine, and may I never will any thing but what thou willest. Amen.

¶ An Act to solicit the Grace of Communion, at the Hour of Death.

THROUGH my. whole life, O my God, I have stood in need of thy graces, which by thy liberality and mercy have been heaped upon me; and happy should I be if I had never abused thy bounty. But there remains one grace over and above those which I have received, and which I now solicit with all the ardour of my soul; that is the grace of receiving thee in the holy viaticum at the hour of death.

O divine Jesus, living and dying for the love of me, at this very time I am ready to offer to thee the sacrifice of my life whenever it shall please thee to require it; but before I terminate my mortal existence in this world, grant me the happiness of receiving the blessed Eucharist as the holy viaticum, which is to support me in my last passage, and conduct me from the miseries of this life to the joys of eternity. At that time the enemies of my salvation will make their last effort to disturb, agitate, and alarm my soul, on the point of leaving this world. But come to my aid, adorable Saviour, come and strengthen me in this fight against my spiritual foe; come and sanctify my expiring thoughts; come receive and consecrate to thyself, the last throbbings of my heart. Assisted by thy grace, and animated by thy presence, I will then wait with resignation and con

fidence the moment that is to separate my soul from my body, in the hope that I may be for ever united to the Author of my being, and the term of my happiness. Amen.


¶ Aspirations of the Soul.

O GoD of my heart! thou shalt be from henceforth my portion for ever.

What is there for me in heaven, or what do I desire on earth, but thee, O my God?

O my God, O my love! thou art wholly mine, and I am all thine.

I have found him whom my soul loveth, I have received him, I possess him; and will never depart from him, no, never any more.

After this, what shall separate me from the love of Jesus Christ? shall tribulation or prosperity? shall the love of pleasure or human respect? shall passion, temptation, or bad example? No, divine Jesus! nothing shall ever be able to separate me from thee.

But full of confidence in thy infinite goodness, O God of my heart, I presume to say that neither death, I am sure, nor life, nor any accident in life, shall ever separate me from thee, nor ever - weaken the love I have for thee.

An Act of Thanksgiving.

WHAT can I return to my Lord for so many benefits I have received from him? he has loved me, he has died for me, he has given himself to me, in order to heap his favours and graces upon me, and to prepare me for eternal life. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and never forget so great a blessing. O holy Virgin, may thy Son be praised for ever give thanks to him for me. Blessed spirits, all ye saints, who have the happiness to

enjoy him in heaven, give him thanks in my Dame. I bless thee, O my God I give thee thanks with my whole heart-I know the exceeding greatness of the benefit I have received is: beyond my comprehension. I confess that I receive it purely from thy great bounty and mercy: -I desire to be filled with the most lively gratitude and in the height of my desires, I hope that my life may be a continual return of thanks.

Purposes to be made after Communion.

O MY amiable Redeemer, when Zaccheus had the happiness to receive thee into his house, he declared his gratitude by the resolution he made, of giving to the poor half of his goods, and of repairing all the wrongs he had done to others. In the same manner, I resolve to return my thanks to thee in thy presence I make a resolution of repairing my past sins, by the practice of the contrary virtues, and of doing all the good thou requirest of me. For this end, I renew the promises of my baptism, and those which I have made to thee in the sacrament of penance. I will never forget that I have had the happiness to eat of thy holy table, and to be nourished with thy sacred. body; and I will remember this blessing, in order to keep at a distance from me every thing that can render me again unworthy of it. I have experienced in this sacrament how sweet thou art, O Lord; and it shall be to me a great joy to come often to it, in order to experience the same delight. I shall reckon it my chiefest misfortune to be deprived of this comfort, and shall dispose myself by fervent prayer, and a holy life, shortly to approach to thee again. I will live no more as I have lived: my sweet Jesus! thou shalt live in me, and I will live for thee.

Thou hast given thyself to me, O my Godit is most just that I should give myself, and

Thro' the bowels of

consecrate myself to thee. thy infinite mercy, vouchsafe to accept the oblation which I make of myself to thee. I offer thee my heart, and as thou hast pleased to consecrate it to thyself, by thy presence, I presume to call it a pure, holy, and living sacrifice, which I hope will be acceptable to thee. I offer my heart to thee, that it may for ever detest and abbor sin; that it may love thee and fear thee:-my memory, I offer to thee, that it may remember thee and thy infinite mercy my eyes to read thy holy word: my ears to hear it :-my tongue and my mouth to publish thy praise, and to receive thee often:

my hands, to be exercised in pious works :-my feet to walk in the way of thy holy commandments:-my whole self, to be all thine.

¶ General Petition.

WHAT canst thou deny me, O my God, having given thyself to me? O increase in me faith, hope, and charity; grant that I may love thy commandments, and deserve the eternal reward which thou hast promised me. O never depart from me; grant me the grace always to obey thee; do thou preserve and keep me from sin, and grant me all that is necessary for my soul and body, during the whole course of my life, as well as for all eternity. What I beg for myself, I beg also, O my God, for all the faithful, and in particular for my relations, my friends, and my enemies too, if I have any. Give, I pray thee, to every one, the graces that are necessary for them: grant, they may know and perform thy holy will.. I pray to thee for thy holy church, for peace among Christian princes, for the conversion of sinners, and for all the living and the dead. I also pray in particular for(Here mention the particular intention of your communion.)

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