Divine Songs, Attempted in Easy Language, for the Use of Children

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N. Coverly. (Price 12 cents.) Great allowance made by the grose or dozen., 1800 - 60 pages

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Page 67 - Hush! my dear, lie still and slumber, Holy angels guard thy bed! Heavenly blessings without number Gently falling on thy head. Sleep, my babe; thy food and raiment, House and home, thy friends provide; All without thy care or payment: All thy wants are well supplied.
Page 33 - Let love through all your actions run, And all your words be mild: Live like the blessed Virgin's Son, That sweet and lovely child. His soul was gentle as a lamb; And as his stature grew, He grew in favour both with man, And God his Father, too. Now, Lord of all, he reigns above; And from his heavenly throne He sees what children dwell in love, And marks them for his own.
Page 24 - twill come : A thousand children, young as I, Are call'd by death to hear their doom. Let me improve the hours I have, Before the day of grace is fled: There's no repentance in the grave, No pardon ofFer'd to the dead.
Page 56 - If we had been ducks we might dabble in mud ; Or dogs, we might play till it ended in blood ; So foul and so fierce are their natures : But Thomas and William, and such pretty names, Should be cleanly and harmless as doves or as lambs, Those lovely sweet innocent creatures.
Page 43 - Have you not heard what dreadful plagues Are threaten'd by the Lord, To him that breaks his father's law, Or mocks his mother's word ? What heavy guilt upon him lies ! How cursed is his name ! The ravens shall pick out his eyes, And eagles eat the same.
Page 30 - Jesus, who reigns above the sky And keeps the world in awe, Was once a child as young as I, And kept his Father's law. At twelve years old he talk'd with men, (The Jews all wondering stand) Yet he obey'd his mother then, And came at her command.
Page 29 - Tis dangerous to provoke a God ! His power and vengeance none can tell ; One stroke of his almighty rod Shall send young sinners quick to hell. Then 'twill for ever be in vain To cry for pardon and for grace : To wish I had my time again, Or hope to see my Maker's face.
Page 12 - Blest be the Lord that sent his Son To take our flesh and blood : He for our lives gave up his own To make our peace with God. He honour'd all his Father's laws, Which we have disobey'd : He bore our sins upon the cross, And our full ransom paid.
Page 11 - I turn my eye! If I survey the ground I tread, Or gaze upon the sky! There's not a plant or...
Page 52 - LET God the Father, and the Son, And Spirit, be adored, Where there are works to make him known, Or saints to love the Lord.

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