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Less Sins. Have you caused needless anxiety to those who have the care of you; given way to impatience; failed in kindness to others; spoken needlessly of their faults ; said what was not true, to avoid scolding, &c.; given way to vain thoughts ; been impatient under good advice or due correction ; indulged yourself in eating and drinking ; wasted your time?

ACT OF CONTRITION. My God, because Thou art so very good, I am truly sorry from my heart that I have sinned against Thee. I have also deserved Thy anger and Thy dreadful punishment. I beg pardon for having sinned against Thy great goodness, and I firmly resolve, by the help of Thy holy grace, not to offend Thee any more, but to avoid all occasions of sin for the love of Thee. Strengthen this sorrow and this resolution in my heart every day until I die.

Here you can make Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity,

and use any other prayers you like. Mary, my dear Mother, and Mother of JESUS, my God and Saviour, take care of me, thy child, through the night, and show thyself a mother to me.

Holy Angels of God, and especially you my dear Angel-guardian, preserve me from harm of soul or body this night.

All ye Angels and Saints of God (Here name your Patron Saint, and any other Saint you please], pray for me.

May our LORD bless and keep us, and preserve us from all evil, and bring us to everlasting life; and may the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Most Holy CHILD JESUS, save Thy children.


Which may be used with Morning and Night Prayers,

01 at any other time.

Immaculate VIRGIN Mary, my Queen and my Mother, I wish to belong always wholly to JESUS and to thee.

For this reason I give thee my eyes, my ears, my tongue, my heart, my whole self. Take care of me, and above all things guard me from sin, especially from sin against purity, which is so dear to thee.

Bless me, Daughter of the Eternal FATHER, and do not suffer me to offend my good God by thought.

Bless me, Mother of the Eternal Son, and do not suffer me to offend my good God by word.

Bless me, Spouse of the Holy Ghost, and do not suffer me to offend my good God by deed or omission ; but pray for me, that I may always love Him with all my heart, and may make Him to be loved by others.

So be it, О sweet, O faithful, O loving Virgin Mary.

TO SAINT JOSEPH. Holy JOSEPH, Foster-father of the most Holy CHILD JESUS, by the love with which thou didst love Him whilst a Babe on earth, by the care thou didst take of Him, and by the great love thou hast to Him now in heaven, be my father and friend, pray for me now and when I die.

ANGEL-GUARDIAN. Bless the LORD, all ye His Angels, you who are great in power, who do His word and obey the words of His mouth; especially you, my dear Guardian-angel, whom our good God has given to me.

Thou, O God, hast given Thy angel to have charge of me, to keep me in all my ways. I thank Thee for this gift. Teach me ever to love this bright angel so dear to Thee, who, whilst he is minding me on earth, still beholds Thy. face in heaven. Grant to me that I may enjoy his powerful protection all my life long, and then rejoice in his society together with all Thy holy angels for ever and ever, through JESUS CHRIST, &c.

Dear ANGEL, whom God has given me, hless Him, and teach me to love and bless Him too. I love thee, and I desire to love thee much more, because thou art so dear to God, and He has made me so dear to thee.

Guard and keep me from sin and danger, for Jesus' sake. When I think not of thee, forget not me.

Dear ANGEL, with what deep love thou didst adore the holy CHILD JESUS when He came into this world for me! Keep me back from doing anything which could

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