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No hurry, no indolence, no weariness of heart is known in that abode.

No sadness, no boisterous mirth, which there would sound out of harmony.

Few words are spoken; each knows the othe heart too well need


words. From the fresh dawn until the rei sun sinks beyond the green western hills there is a peaceful round of labour and of loving offices to God and man.

Labour lightened by calm peace and love.

And so on through the days and years Joseph and Mary have heaven on earth.

For He who is the Light and Joy of their hearth is the Brightness of eternity, the Light of the new Jerusalem.

In the future, growing nearer every day, and ever present in that Child's HEART, there is that dark Cross on Calvary -the wood of the awful Sacrifice and the cruel nails by which the VICTIM will be bound obedient to the FATHER'S will, bonds

all powerless but for the stronger cords of love.

JESUS, most obedient, I too will obey.

The path of obedience is the path of safety, the path which was trodden by Thee and which leads to Thee.

In obeying Thy Church, and those whom Thou hast set over me, I am obeying Thee.

Dear JESUS, by Thy wonderful obedience to Joseph and to Mary make me obedient.

By Thy obedience to Thy FATHER, even unto death, make me obedient to the end.

Mary, dear Mother, pray for me.

Joseph, Foster-father of the Holy CHILD JESUS and Patron of the whole Church, pray for me.

Most Holy CHILD JESUS, save Thy children.



Of all offerings to our FATHER in heaven Holy Mass is infinitely the best. It is His only-begotten Son who offers Himself as a Victim. It is one with the Offering on Calvary. His priest at the Altar partakes of His Priesthood; and when you hear Holy Mass you are called by God to join with the priest in this holiest of all offerings.

The Church commands you to hear Mass on Sundays and certain holidays. Do not be content with this; but spend devoutly a half-hour whenever you can in the morning in this holy work. It will draw your heart to God more than any other occupation, and will become a delight to you.



As you take Holy Water upon going into Church,

say: Sprinkle me, O Lord, with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed; wash me, and I shall be made whiter than snow. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.


On taking your place. O God the Holy Ghost, fill my cold heart with love, that I may hear this Mass with much reverence and devotion.

Mary, my Mother, pray for me. My Guardian-angel, shield me from all vain and wandering thoughts.


As the Priest comes into Church.

ETERNAL FATHER, I believe that in Holy Mass there is offered to Thee the one only pure and perfect offering : JESUS, Thy eternal Son, God and Man, the Holy Child of Bethlehem and Nazareth ; JESUS, the one great High-Priest for ever, who offered Himself to Thee for me and for all mankind upon the Cross.


When the Priest is at the foot of the Altar, I desire to join with Thy priest at the Altar in offering up this Holy Sacrifice : (1) In worship of Thee, the great and

all-holy God; (2) To thank Thee for all the good

things Thou hast done for me and

all Thy people; (3) To beg Thee to turn away Thy anger

from my sins and the sins of all

men; and (4) To ask Thee to continue Thy good

ness to me, to bless my father and mother, and [Here mention those for whom you ought or wish to pray, and do not forget to pray for

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