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His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster has been pleased to grant one hundred days' Indulgence for the recital of the prayer ‘Most Holy Child Jesus, save Thy Children,' followed by one Hail Mary.

The High Altar of the Holy Child at Bedford has been crected solely by children, all of whose names are entered in a book which lies beneath the Taber. nacle. This beautiful Altar is privileged by the Holy Father, who sent his special blessing to all youthful contributors. These have also a perpetual daily me. mento in Holy Mass.

All future contributors to the furnishing and decora. tion of the Altar and Sanctuary who send their names, or names and intentions, will have them entered in the same manner and become partakers of the same privileges.


This little book is not, what at first sight it may appear to be, a hasty composition, but the result of a constant intercourse with the hearts of little ones for more than a quarter of a century. It is an attempt to bring within the capacity and feeling of very youthful minds the spirit and practice of Catholic devotion.

The prayers, and especially the meditations, are intended to fall in with that rhythmical and, so to speak, tautological instinct which is observable in the expression of the young mind as it dwells upon and endeavours to grasp ideas which strike and please it.

If the attempt should prove a success,

future editions may be improved; and the Author has other things in store for young children.

J. P. W. Bedford, Christmas, 1875.


Away with all vain and worldly thoughts. You are

in the Presence of the great Gov),

In the Name of the FATHER, and of the Son, and of the HOLY GHOST. Amen.

My God, I offer my heart and soul to Thee.

Eternal FATHER, I offer my heart and soul to Thee.

JESUS, eternal Son, for love of me once a CHILD, I offer my heart and soul to Thee.

HOLY SPIRIT, eternal love of the FATHER and the Son, I offer my heart and soul to Thee.

O Blessed TRINITY, FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost, one eternal God, I offer my heart and soul to Thee.

My God, I believe that Thou art here present, and that Thou seest all my heart; with my whole heart I adore and I love Thee.

I thank Thee, because Thou hast created me to know, love, and serve Thee.

I thank Thee, because Thou hast redeemed me by the precious Blood, and made me Thy own.

I thank Thee, because Thou hast kept me safely through the night past, and hast given me another day in which to serve Thee.

I thank Thee humbly for all the good things Thou hast done for me and given


I offer Thee, poor child as I am, what Thou hast given me—my heart and my soul.

I offer Thee all my thoughts, my words and actions, all that I may have to suffer this day. Give me Thy holy grace, that I may not offend Thee now or in the time to come.

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