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into the Sodality, to read the form of admission, and to lead them to the Director and Prefect.



The Treasurer shall make no expenditure whatever without the order of the Director. Let him keep a chest, in which the money of the Sodality shall be deposited. The chest must be locked with two different keys, one of which the Director shall keep, the other to be in the hands of the Treasurer, unless it shall be otherwise decided; for it does not seem that it should be allowed in those Sodalities that consist of young people. Let him also keep a book in which the account of receipts and expenditure shall be carefully entered, which he shall produce and show to the Father Director as often as he may desire. Let him take care not to ask in the name of the Sodality anything from anyone, either for the ordinary or extraordinary expenses of the Sodality; but he must be satisfied with the money given by all the members, according to the custom, and the money that each, of his own liberality, gives when there is a meeting of the Sodality.




The Library of Mary and all the books in it are confided to his care. Let him understand how important this charge is, and how much in the fulfilment of its duties he may serve the other members by his diligence, or injure them by his neglect. After the meeting he shall give out the books to the members.

Let him keep a carefully-written catalogue of all the books, and let him place it where it may be seen by all, or show it to those who may ask to see it, so that each one having read it may get from the Library any book he may select. But he shall give no book to any one without first seeing that he who gets the book shall write on a sheet of paper his own name and surname, the title of the book, and the day, month, and year the book was taken. The Librarian shall keep this paper till such time as the other shall return the book, and then the paper shall be given to him to


He shall not allow anyone to take home two books at the same time, nor shall he allow anyone to keep any book during the autumn holidays, but when they have been announced, all must bring back to the Library any books they have taken out.



As it would often be impossible for the Prefect to visit in person all the members that might be sick, especially if it should happen that many fall sick at the same time, it is necessary that he should have some of the members to aid and assist him in so pious and holy a work. Their number shall be fixed by the Director, who will select those whom he knows to be, on account of their age and piety, better suited for this charge. Their business it shall be to visit frequently the sick members of the Sodality; to make themselves accurately acquainted with their state, and to give the Director and Prefect information of what they have learned; also to pray earnestly to God for the sick, and to see that they are assisted by the common prayers of the whole Sodality. If the sickness

becomes dangerous, let them give notice as soon as possible to the Director and Prefect, that they, as their office requires of them, may assist the sick person, and by all means in their power take care that a member of the Sodality dangerously sick do not die without being strengthened by the sacraments of the Church. It will be useful not only frequently to visit the sick when they are confined to bed, but also to bear them company when they begin to recover, and this they should do in such a manner as to console in the Lord the sick persons by their spiritual conversation, and at the same time to cheer them.



There shall be two, three, or four Sacristans, according to the number of the members. They should be convinced that in this charge and office they serve God, and after him His Virgin Mother; wherefore, let them not think it beneath them to sweep out the place of meeting of the Sodality, or to undertake the like humble office at the meeting itself.

Let them be particulaly careful that the vestments and everything that is used at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass be properly prepared, and as neat as possible. Let a list of all the furniture of the Sodality be written in a little book, which those going out of office shall hand over to their successors, showing them at the same time where each article is to be kept. All things belonging to their charge should be becoming and properly arranged, and they should have them locked up, and the keys should be kept by the Director.

They should not go out from the meeting without cause and express leave of the Director, but should, with the others, be present at all the spiritual exer

cises of the Sodality. They should incur no expense whatever without the knowledge and advice of the Director. Let them not delight in rare and costly decorations, which the Director, in his prudence, shall either altogether forbid, or at least so moderate that they may be procured with the least possible expense.



Let him come to the meeting as early as he can, for the meetings must be opened with the reading of some pious book. He shall read no book but that appointed by the Director. After the announcement of the names of the new officers, he shall read those rules that are common to all the members. Let him not read too fast, but in a loud, distinct and clear voice, pausing occasionally, so that what he reads may be more easily understood, and sink more deeply into the minds of those that hear. Wherefore it is necessary that he should know well, and have clearly before his mind, the great importance of spiritual reading, and its great power of producing either amendment of life, or in leading those that hear it to the practice of devotion. Beside the readers, let chanters be appointed to lead the choir when the members sing the Matins of the Blessed Virgin.



He too should come to the meeting as early as possible. Let him have either on a tablet or in a book the names and surnames of all the members, arranged in alphabetical order, so that the name of any member

may the more easily be found when necessary. But let these names be so arranged that, by the addition of some mark, to be selected by the Director, it may be indicated who were present, who absent from the meeting; also who approached the Holy Communion, and who did not. Let this book be kept with the utmost care, wherefore it is not too easily to be given ir charge to any member, but to one whose trustworthiness and virtue are well known to the Director. When this book shall be filled, let it be put by and preserved in the archives of the Sodality.



If Sodalities shall require other such officers, more or less numerous, it shall be lawful, according to the various duties they have to undertake, to prescribe to them rules that they shall have to observe. But let nothing be decided unless with the advice and according to the judgment of the Director. Care must also

be taken that no regulation be made opposed to these rules; but above all that nothing be done but what would tend to promote the piety of the members of the Sodality, and would be useful to them; and all regulations of an opposite tendency should be entirely done away with, and considered void and of no effect.


By this we certify that our beloved brother in Christ [N.N.], was this- -day of, in the year, received as a member of the Congregation of [N.N.], in [N.]; so that he may obtain all the indulgences, favours, graces, and privileges enjoyed by the members already confirmed, and when he shall have departed

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