Friendly Societies and Fraternal Orders: A History of the Legislation, Supervision, Mortality Experience, Management, Reforms, Rates of Assessment and Present and Past Financial Condition of the English Friendly Societies

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The author, 1900 - 135 pages
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Page 77 - Any person, officer, member or examining physician who shall knowingly or wilfully make any false or fraudulent statement or representation in or with reference to any application for membership, or for the purpose of obtaining any money or benefit in any association transacting business under this Act, shall be guilty of a
Page 68 - return) of the receipts and expenditure, funds, and effects of the society or branch as audited. (2.) The annual return must— (a) show separately the expenditure in respect of the several objects of the society or branch; and (3.) The society or branch shall, together with the annual return, send a copy
Page 74 - a registered society or branch or an officer or member thereof •wilfully neglects or refuses to do any act or to furnish any information required for the purposes of this Act by the chief or other registrar or by any other person authorised under this Act, or does anything forbidden by this Act : or
Page 77 - such holder, and any person who shall wilfully make any false statement in any verified report or declaration under oath required or authorized by this Act, shall be guilty of perjury, and shall be proceeded against and punished as provided by the statutes of this State in relation to the crime of perjury. Sec.
Page 70 - age as a member. (2.) Any such member may, if he is over sixteen years of age by himself, and if he is under that age by his parent or guardian, execute all instruments and give all acquittances necessary to be executed or given under the rules, but shall not be
Page 7 - of the several members of every such Society, or by voluntary Contributions, a Stock or Fund for the mutual Relief and Maintenance of all and every the Members thereof, in Old Age. Sickness, and Infirmity, or for the Relief of the Widows and Children of deceased Members.
Page 68 - accounts and vouchers relating thereto, and shall either sign the annual return as found by them to be correct, duly vouched, and in accordance with law, or specially report to the society or branch in what respects they find it incorrect, unvouched, or not in accordance with law.
Page 76 - Sec. 4. Every such Association doing business in this State shall, on or before the first day of March of each year, make and file with the Commissioner of Insurance of this State a report of its affairs and operations during the year ending on the
Page 77 - of the court ; and any person who shall wilfully make a false statement of any material fact or thing in a sworn statement as to the death or disability of a certificate holder in any such association for the purpose of procuring payment of a benefit named in the certificate of such holder, and any person who shall
Page 73 - (2.) The application under this section shall be supported by such evidence, for the purpose of showing that the applicants have good reason for requiring an inspection to be made or meeting to be called, and that they are not actuated by malicious motives in their application, and such notice thereof shall be given to the society, as the chief registrar directs.

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