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With grifly Type did reprefent 250 Declining Age of Government; And tell with hieroglyphick Spade, Its own Grave and the State's were made. Like SAMPSON's Heart-Breakers, it grew In Time to make a Nation rue;' 255 Tho' it contributed its own Fall, To wait upon the publick Downfal. It was monaftick, and did grow In holy Orders by ftrict Vow; Of Rule as fullen and fevere, 260 As that of rigid Cordeliere:

'Twas bound to fuffer Perfecution, And Martyrdom with Refolution; T' oppose itself against the Hate And Vengeance of th' incenfed State: 265 In whose Defiance it was worn, Still ready to be pull'd and torn, With red-hot Irons to be tortur'd, - Revil'd, and fpit upon, and martyr'd.. Maugre all which, 'twas to ftand fast, 270 As long as Monarchy fhou'd laft; But when the State fhould hap to reel, 'Twas to fubmit to fatal Steel, And fall, as it was confecrate, A Sacrifice to Fall of State;


Whofe Thread of Life the Fatal Sifters
Did twift together with its Whiskers,

And twine fo clofe, that Time fhould never,
In Life or Death, their Fortunes fever;
But with his rufty Sickle mow

280 Both down together at a Blow.
So learned TALIACOTIUS y, from
The brawny Part of Porter's Bum,


Cut fupplemental Nofes, which

Wou'd laft as long as Parent Breech;
285 But when the Date of Nock was out,
Off dropp'd the sympathetick Snout. >
His Back, or rather Burthen, fhow'd,
As if it ftoop'd with its own Load.
For as ENEAS Z bore his Sire
290 Upon his Shoulders thro' the Fire,
Our Knight did bear no lefs a Pack
Of his own Buttocks on his Back:
Which now had almoft got the Upper-
Hand of his Head, for want of Crupper.
295 To poife this equally he bore

A Paunch of the fame Bulk before:
Which still he had a fpecial Care

To keep well cramm'd with thrifty Fare;
As White-Pot, Butter-Milk, and Curds,
300 Such as a Country House affords;
With other Victual, which anon
We farther fhall dilate upon,


When of his Hofe we come to treat,
The Cup-board, where he kept his Meat.
His Doublet was of sturdy Buff,

And tho' not Sword, yet Cudgel-proof;
Whereby 'twas fitter for his Ufe,

Who fear'd no Blows, but fuch as bruife.
His Breeches were of rugged Woollen,
310 And had been at the Siege of Bullen;
To old King HARRY fo well known,
Some Writers held they were his own.
Thro' they were lin'd with many a Piece
Of Ammunition Bread and Cheese,
315 And fat Black-Puddings, proper Food
For Warriors that delight in Blood.

Nee Addison's taken
Ferrin & Ale


For, as we faid, he always chofe
To carry Vittle in his Hofe,
That often tempted Rats and Mice
320 The Ammunition to surprise :

And when he put a Hand but in
The one or t' other Magazine,

They ftoutly in Defence on't ftood,

And from the wounded Foe drew Blood; 325 And 'till th' were ftorm'd and beaten out, Ne'er left the fortify'd Redoubt.

And tho' Knights Errant, as fome think,
Of old did neither eat nor drink,
Because when thorough Defarts vaft
330 And Regions defolate they paft,

Where Belly-Timber above Ground,
Or under, was not to be found,
Unless they graz'd, there's not one Word
Of their Provifion on Record;

335 Which made fome confidently write,
They had no Stomachs, but to fight:
'Tis falfe; for a ARTHUR wore in Hall
Round Table like a Farthingal,

On which with Shirt pull'd out behind,
340 And eke before, his good Knights din'd.
Though 'twas no Table fome fuppofe,
But a huge Pair of round Trunk-Hofe:
In which he carry'd as much Meat
As he and all the Knights cou'd eat,
345 When laying by their Swords and Truncheons,
They took their Breakfafts, or their Nuncheons.
But let that pafs at present, left

We fhou'd forget where we digreft,
As learned Authors ufe, to whom

350 We leave it, and to th' Purpose come.

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His puiffant Sword unto his Side, Near his undaunted Heart, was ty'd; With Basket-Hilt, that would hold Broth, And ferve for Fight and Dinner both: 355 In it he melted Lead for Bullets,

To fhoot at Foes, and fometimes Pullets,
To whom he bore fo fell a Grutch,
He ne'er gave Quarter t' any fuch.
The trenchant Blade, Toledo trufty,
360 For want of fighting was grown rusty,
And ate into itself, for lack

Of fome body to hew and hack.
The peaceful Scabbard where it dwelt,
The Rancour of its Edge had felt:
365 For of the lower End two Handful
It had devoured, 'twas fo manful,
And fo much fcorn'd to lurk in Eafe,
As if it durft not fhew its Face.
In many defperate Attempts,
370 Of Warrants, Exigents, Contempts,
It had appear'd with Courage bolder
Than Serjeant BUм invading Shoulder.
Oft had it ta'en Poffeffion,


And Pris'ners too, or made them run.
This Sword a Dagger had his Page,
That was but little for his Age:
And therefore waited on him so,
As Dwarfs upon Knights Errant do.
It was a ferviceable Dudgeon,

380 Either for fighting or for drudging.
When it had ftabb'd, or broke a Head,
It would fcrape Trenchers, or chip Bread;
Toaft Cheese or Bacon, tho' it were
To bait a Moufe-Trap, 'twould not care.

385 'Twould make clean Shoes, and in the Earth
Set Leeks and Onions, and fo forth.
It had been 'Prentice to a Brewer,
Where this and more it did endure;
But left the Trade, as many more
390 Have lately done on the fame Score;
In th' Holfters at his Saddle-Bow
Two aged Pistols he did ftow,
Among the Surplus of fuch Meat
As in his Hofe he cou'd not get.
395 These would inveigle Rats with th' Scent,
To forage when the Cocks were bent;
And fometimes catch 'em with a Snap,
As cleverly as th' ableft Trap.

They were upon hard Duty ftill,
400 And ev'ry Night flood Centinel,
To guard the Magazine i' th' Hofe
From two-legg'd and from four-legg'd Foes.
Thus clad and fortify'd, Sir Knight
From peaceful Home fet forth to fight.
405 But firft with nimble active Force
He got on th' Outfide of his Horse:
For having but one Stirrup ty'd
This Saddle, on the further Side,
It was fo fhort, h' had much ado
410. To reach it with his defp'rate Toe.
But, after many Strains and Heaves,
He got up to the Saddle-Eaves,

From whence he vaulted into th' Seat,
With fo much Vigour, Strength and Heat,
415 That he had almoft tumbled over
With his own Weight, but did recover,
By laying hold on Tail and Main,
Which oft he us'd instead of Rein.


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