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In which to do the Injur'd Right,

10 We mean, in what concerns just Fight.
Certes our Authors are to blame,.
For to make fome well-founding Name
A Pattern, fit for modern Knights
To copy out in Frays and Fights,
15 (Like those that a whole Street do raze,
To build a Palace in the Place,)
They never care how many others
They kill, without Regard of Mothers,
Or Wives, or Children, fo they can
20 Make up fome fierce, dead-doing Man,
Compos'd of many ingredient Valours,
Just like the Manhood of nine Taylors:
So a wild Tartar, when he spies

A Man that's handsome, valiant, wife,
25 If he can kill him, thinks t' inherit
His Wit, his Beauty, and his Spirit:
As if juft fo much he enjoy'd,
As in another is destroy'd.

For when a Giant's flain in Fight,

30 And mow'd o'erthwart, or cleft downright, It is a heavy Case, no doubt,

A Man fhould have his Brains beat out,
Because he's tall, and has large Bones:
As Men kill Beavers for their Stones.
35 But as for our Part, we shall tell
The naked Truth of what befel;
And as an equal Friend to both

The Knight and Bear, but more to Troth,
With neither Faction fhall take Part,

40 But give to each his due Desert :

And never coin a formal Lye on't,

To make the Knight o'ercome the Giant.


This b'ing profeft, we've Hopes enough,
And now go on where we left off.


They rode, but Authors having not
Determin'd whether Pace or Trot,
(That is to fay, whether Tollutation,
As they do term't, or Succuffation)
We leave it, and go on, as now
50 Suppofe they did, no Matter how:
Yet fome from fubtle Hints have got
Myfterious Light, it was a Trot.
But let that país: They now begun
To fpur their living Engines on.
55 For as whipp'd Tops, and bandy'd Balls,
The Learned hold, are Animals:
So Horfes they affirm to be

Mere Engines made by Geometry;
And were invented firft from Engines,
60 As y Indian Britons were from Penguins.
So let them be: And, as I was faying,
They their live Engines ply'd, not staying
Until they reach'd the fatal Champain,
Which th' Enemy did then incamp on:
65 The dire Pharfalian Plain, where Battle
Was to be wag'd 'twixt puiffant Cattle,
And fierce auxiliary Men,

That came to aid their Brethren,
Who now began to take the Field;
70 As Knight from Ridge of Steed beheld.
For as our modern Wits behold,
Mounted a pick-back on the old,

Much further off; much further he,
Rais'd on his aged Beaft, cou'd see :
75 Yet not fufficient to defcry
All Poftures of the Enemy;


Wherefore he bids the Squire ride further,
T' obferve their Numbers, and their Order:
That, when their Motions he had known,
80 He might know how to fit his own.
Mean while he ftopp'd his willing Steed,
To fit himself for martial Deed:
Both kinds of Metal he prepar'd,
Either to give Blows, or to ward;
85 Courage and Steel, both of great Force,
Prepar'd for better, or for worse.
His Death-charg'd Piftols he did fit well,
Drawn out from Life-preferving Vittle.
Thefe being prim'd, with Force he labour'd
90 To free 's Sword from retentive Scabbard :
And after many a painful Pluck,

From rufty Durance he bail'd Tuck.
Then fhook himself, to fee that Prowess
In Scabbard of his Arms fat loofe;
95 And rais'd upon his defp'rate Foot,
On Stirrup-Side he gaz'd about,
Portending Blood, like blazing Star,
The Beacon of approaching War.
RALPHO rode on with no lefs Speed
100 Than Hugo in the Foreft did:
But far more in returning made,
For now the Foe he had furvey'd,
Rang'd as to him they did appear,
With Van, Main Battle, Wings, and Rear.
105 I' the Head of all this warlike Rabble,
CROWDERO march'd, expert and able.
Inftead of Trumpet and of Drum,

That makes the Warrior's Stomach come,
Whofe Noife whets Valour fharp, like Beer

110 By Thunder turn'd to Vinegar;


(For if a Trumpet found, or Drum beat, Who has not a Month's Mind to combat ?) A fqueaking Engine he apply'd

Unto his Neck, on North-East Side,
115 Juft where the Hangman does difpofe,
To fpecial Friends, the Knot of Noose :
For 'tis great Grace, when Statesmen straight
Difpatch a Friend, let others wait.

His warped Ear hung o'er the Strings,
120 Which was but Soufe to Chitterlings:
For Guts, fome write, e're they are fodden,
Are fit for Mufick, or for Pudden :
From whence Men borrow ev'ry Kind
Of Minstrelfy, by String or Wind.
125 His grifly Beard was long and thick,
With which he ftrung his Fiddle-stick:
For he to Horfe-Tail fcorn'd to owe,
For what on his own Chin did grow.
Chiron, the four-legg'd Bard, had both
130 A Beard and Tail of his own Growth;
And yet by Authors 'tis averr'd,


He made ufe only of his Beard.
In Staffordshire, where virtuous Worth
Does raise the Minstrelfy, not Birth;
135 Where Bulls do chufe the boldest King,
And Ruler, o'er the Men of String;
(As once in Perfia, 'tis faid,

Kings were proclaim'd by a Horfe that neigh'd)
He bravely vent'ring at a Crown,

140 By Chance of War, was beaten down,
And wounded fore: His Leg then broke,
Had got a Deputy of Oak:

For when a Shin in Fight is cropp'd,
The Knee with one of Timber's propp'd,

145 Efteem'd more honourable than the other,
And takes Place though the younger Brother.
Next march'd brave ORSIN, famous for
Wife Conduct, and Succefs in War:
A fkilful Leader, ftout, fevere,

150 Now Marshal to the Champion Bear.
With Truncheon tipp'd with Iron Head,
The Warrior to the Lifts he led;
With folemn March, and ftately Pace,
But far more grave and folemn Face.
155 Grave as Emperor of Pegu,

Or Spanish Potentate Don Diego.
This Leader was of Knowledge great,
Either for Charge, or for Retreat.
He knew when to fall on Pell-mell,
160 To fall back and retreat as well.
So Lawyers, left the Bear Defendant,
And Plaintiff Dog, fhou'd make an End on't,
Do ftave and tail with Writs of Error,
Reverfe of Judgment, and Demurrer,
165 To let them breathe a while, and then
Cry whoop, and fet them on agen.
As ROMULUS a Wolf did rear,
So he was dry-nurs'd by a Bear,

That fed him with the purchas'd Prey
170 Of many a fierce and bloody Fray;
Bred up, where Difcipline moft rare is,
In military Garden Paris.

For Soldiers heretofore did grow
In Gardens, juft as Weeds do now;
175 Until fome fplay-foot Politicians
T' APOLLO offer'd up Petitions,
For licenfing a new Invention

Th' 'ad found out of an antique Engine,


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