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The Shaft against a Rib did glance,

And gall him in the Purtenance.

But Time had fomewhat 'fwag'd his Pain,, 320 After he found his Suit in vain.

For that proud Dame, for whom his Soul.
Was burnt in 's Belly like a Coal,.
(That Belly that fo oft did ake,
And fuffer griping for her Sake,
325 Till purging Comfits and Ants-Eggs
Had almoft brought him off his Legs)
Us'd him fo like a base Rafcallion,

That old Pyg-- (what d' y' call him) malion,
That cut his Miftrefs out of Stone,

330 Had not so hard a-hearted one.

She had a thousand Jadifh Tricks,
Worfe than a Mule that flings and kicks;
'Mong which one cross-grain'd Freak fhe had,
As infolent, as strange and mad;

335 She could love none but only fuch
As fcorn'd and hated her as much.
'Twas a ftrange Riddle of a Lady,
Not love, if any lov'd her: Hey day!!
So Cowards never use their Might,
340 But against fuch as will not fight:
So fome Diseases have been found:
Only to feize upon the Sound.

He, that gets her by Heart, muft fay her hack Way, like a Witch's Prayer. 345 Mean while the Knight had no fmall Task

To what
he durft not afk:

He loves, but dares not make the Motion;,
Her Ignorance is his Devotion:

Like Caitiff vile, that for Mifdeed

350 Rides with his Face to Rump of Steed,


Or rowing Scull, he's fain to love,
Look one Way, and another move;
Or like a Tumbler, that does play
His Game, and look another Way,
355 Until he feize upon the Coney:
Juft fo he does by Matrimony.

But all in vain; her fubtle Snout
Did quickly wind his Meaning out;
Which the return'd with too much Scorn,
360 To be by Man of Honour born:

Yet much he bore, until the Distress
He fuffer'd from his fpightful Miftrefs.
Did ftir his Stomach, and the Pain
He had endur'd from her Difdain,
365 Turn'd to Regret so refolute

That he refolv'd to wave his Suit,
And either to renounce her quite,
Or for a while play leaft in Sight.
This Refolution b'ing put on,

370 He kept fome Months, and more had done:
But being brought so nigh by Fate,
The Victory he atchiev'd fo late
Did fet his Thoughts agog, and ope
A Door to difcontinu'd Hope,

375 That feem'd to promise he might win
His Dame too, now his Hand was in;
And that his Valour, and the Honour
H' had newly gain'd, might work upon her:
Thefe Reafons made his Mouth to water
380 With am'rous Longings to be at her.

Quoth he, unto himself, Who knows
But this brave Conqueft o'er my Foes
May reach her Heart, and make that ftoop,
As I but now have forc'd the Troop P

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385 If nothing can oppugn Love,
And Virtue invious Ways can prove,
What may not he confide to do

That brings both Love and Virtue too?
But thou bring'ft Valour too and Wit,
390 Two Things that feldom fail to hit.
Valour's a Moufe-Trap, Wit a Gin,
Which Women oft are taken in.
Then, HUDIBRAS, why should'st thou fear
To be, that art a Conqueror?
395 Fortune th' Audacious doth juvare,
But lets the Timidous mifcarry.

Then while the Honour thou haft got:
Is fpick and fpan new, piping hot,
Strike her up bravely thou hadft beft,
400 And trust thy Fortune with the reft.

Such Thoughts as these the Knight did keep
More than his Bangs, or Fleas, from Sleep.
And as an Owl, that in a Barn

Sees a Moufe creeping in the Corn,
405 Sits ftill, and fhuts his round blue Eyes,,
As if he flept, until he spies

The little Beaft within his Reach,

Then ftarts, and feizes on the Wretch;
So from his Couch the Knight did start,
410 To feize upon the Widow's Heart,
Crying with hafty Tone, and hoarfe,
RALPHO difpatch, To Horfe, To Horse..
And 'twas but Time; for now the Rout,
We left engag'd to feek him out,

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415 By fpeedy Marches were advanc'd
Up to the Fort, where he efconc'd:
And all th' Avenues, had poffeft: 1
About the Place, from Eaft to Weft,A

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That done, a while they made a Halt,
420 To view the Ground, and where t' affault:
Then call'd a Council, which was beft,
By Siege or Onflaught, to invest

The Enemy; and 'twas agreed,
By Storm and Onslaught to proceed.
425 This b'ing refolv'd, in comely Sort
They now drew up t' attack the Fort;
When HUDIBRAS, about to enter
Upon another-gate's Adventure,
TO RALPHO call'd aloud to arm,
430 Not dreaming of approaching Storm.
Whether Dame Fortune, or the Care
Of Angel bad, or tutelar,

Did arm, or thrust him on a Danger,
To which he was an utter Stranger;
435 That Forefight might, or might not blot
The Glory he had newly got;

Or to his Shame it might be fed,
They took him napping in his Bed:
To them we leave it to expound,
440 That deal in Sciences profound.

His Courfer fcarce he had beftrid,
And RALPHо that on which he rid,
When fetting ope the Postern Gate,
Which they thought beft to fally at,
445 The Foe appear'd, drawn up and drill'd,
Ready to charge them in the Field.

This fomewhat ftartled the bold Knight,
Surpriz'd with th' unexpected Sight.
The Bruifes of his Bones and Flesh
450 He thought began to fmart afresh:
Till recollecting wonted Courage,
His Fear was foon converted to Rage,


And thus he spoke: The Coward Foe,
Whom we but now gave Quarter to,
455 Look, yonder's rally'd, and appears,
As if they had out-run their Fears;
The Glory we did lately get,
The Fates command us to repeat :
And to their Wills we muft fuccumb,
460 Quocunque trahunt, 'tis our Doom.
This is the fame numeric Crew
Which we fo lately did fubdue;
The felf-fame Individuals, that
Did run, as Mice do from a Cat,
465 When we courageoufly did wield
Our martial Weapons in the Field
To tug for Victory: And when
We fhall our fhining Blades agen
Brandifh in Terror o'er our Heads,

470 They'll ftraight refume their wonted Dreads: Fear is an Ague, that forfakes

And haunts by Fits thofe whom it takes:
And they'll opine they feel the Pain
And Blows they felt To-day, again..
475 Then let us boldly charge them home,
And make no Doubt to overcome.
This faid, his Courage to inflame,
He call'd upon his Miftrefs' Name.
His Piftol next he cock'd a-new,
480 And out his nut-brown Whinyard drew:
And, placing RALPHO in the Front,
Referv'd himself to bear the Brunt;
As expert Warriors ufe: Then ply'd
With iron Heel his Courfer's Side,
485 Conveying fympathetick Speed

From Heel of Knight to Heel of Steed.


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