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577 An old dull Sot, who told the Clock, &c.] Prideaux, a Juftice of Peace, a very pragmatical bufy Perfon, in thofe Times, and a mercenary and cruel Magiftrate, infamous for the following Methods of getting of Money, among many others.

589 And many a trufty Pimp, and Croney, &c.] There was a Goal for puny Offenders.

599 Made Monsters fine, and Puppet-plays, &c.] He extorted Money from those that kept Shows.

715 From Stiles's Pocket into Nokes's, &c.] John a Nokes, and John a Stiles, are two fictitious Names made ufe of in ftating Cafes of Law only.

742 On BONGEY, for a Water-Witch.] Bongey was a Francifcan, and lived towards the End of the thirteenth Century, a Doctor of Divinity in Oxford, and a particular Acquaintance of Friar Bacon's. In that ignorant Age, every Thing that feemed extraordinary was reputed Magick, and fo both Bacon and Bongey went under the Imputation of ftudying the Black-Art. Bongey alfo, publishing a Treatife of Natural Magick, confirmed fome well-meaning credulous People in this Opinion; but it was altogether groundless, for Bongey was chofen Provincial of his Order, being a Perfon of moft excellent Parts and Piety.

NOTES on HUDIBRAS's Epifle to his LADY.

113 • Or who but Lovers can converse, &c.] Metaphyficians are of Opinion, that Angels and Souls departed, being divefted of all grofs Matter, understand each other's Sentiments by Intuition, and confequently maintain a Sort of Converfation without the Organs of Speech.

121 Or Heav'n itself a Sin refent, &c.] In regard Children are capable of being Inhabitants of Heaven, therefore it fhould not refent it as a Crime, to fupply Store of Inhabitants for it.

173 You wound like Parthians while you fly, &c.] Parthians are the Inhabitants of a Province in Perfia: They were excellent Horsemen, and very exquisite at their Bors; and it is reported of them, that they generally flew more upon their Retreat than they did in the Engagement.

188 Than Philip Nye's Thanksgiving Beard.] One of the Affembly of Divines, very remarkable for the Singularity of his Beard.

237 To what a Height didi Infant Rome, &c] When Romulus had built Rome, he made it an Afylum, or Place of Refuge for all Malefactors and others obnoxious to the Laws, to retire to; by which Means it soon came to be very populous; but when he began to confider, that without Propagation it would foen be deftitute of Inhabitants, he invented feveral fine Shows, and invited the young Sabine Women, then Neighbours to them; and when they had them fecure, they ravished them; from whence proceeded fo numerous an Offspring.


252 Till Alimony, or Death departs.] Alimony is an Allowance that the Law gives the Woman for her feparate Maintenance upon living from her Hufband. That and Death are reckoned the only Separations in a married State.


133 1 Whofe Arrows learned Poets hold, &c.] The Poets feign Cupid to have two forts of Arrows, the one tipped with Gold, and the other with Lead; the Golden always infpire and inflame Love in the Perfons he wounds with

them ;

them; but on the contrary, the Leaden create the utmost Averfion and Hatred; with the first of thefe he thot Apollo, and with the other Daphne, according to Ovid.


277. While, like the mighty Prefter John, &c.] Preftor John, an abfolute Prince, Emperor of Abyffinia or Ethiopia; one of them is reported to have had seventy Kings for his Vaffals, and fo fuperb and arrogant, that none durft look upon him without his Permiffion.

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285 Or Joan de Pucel's braver Name.] Joan of Arc, called alfo the Pucelle, or Maid of Orleans: She was born at the Town of Damremi on the Meufe, Daughter of James de Arc, and Habella Romee, was bred up a Shepherdefs in the Country. At the Age of Eighteen or Twenty the pretended to an exprefs Commiffion from God to go to the Relief of Orleans, then befieged by the English, and defended by John Comte de Dennis, and almoft reduced to the laft Extremity. She went to the Coronation of Charles the Seventh, when he was almoft ruined. She knew that Prince in the Midft of his Nobles, though meanly habited. The Doctors of Divinity and Members of Parliament openly declared that there was fomething fupernatural in her Conduct. She fent for a Sword which lay in the Tomb of a Knight, which was behind the great Altar of the Church of St. Katharine de Forbois, upon the Blade of which the Cross and Flower-de luces were engraven, which put the King in a very great Surprize, in regard none befides himself knew of it; upon this he fent her with the Command of fome Troops, with which the relieved Orleans, and drove the English from it, defeated Talbot at the Battle of Pattai, and recovered Champagne. At laft fhe was unfortunately taken Prifoner in a Sally at Champagne in 1439, and tried for a Witch or Sorcerefs, condemned, and burnt in Rouen Market-Place in May 1430.

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378 Pafs on ourselves a Salique Law:] The Salique Law is a Law in France, whereby it is enacted, that no Female fhall inherit that Crown.



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RA of the Poem

Affidavit-Men, their Practice

Their Plying-places

Anaxagoras, aftronomical Tenets of his
Aftronomical Tenets of others, as folid

Art, its Advantages over Nature
Author, his Invocation


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Authors of Rhyme, their Reason for Couplets 138.

Authors of Romances cenfured


166 41


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BAGPIPES compared

184 624

Bear-bating, the Adventure of it

32 677

Its Antiquity and Derivation

32 683

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Proclamation on the Solemnity

Blows, the Method of making free by the

Of restoring to Grace, &c. by Preftor John
Belt Trial of Valour in Soldiers

Bruin (the Bear)

His Genealogy



Refentment on receiving Hudibras's Fall

Conduct in Distress

Relieved by Trulla and Cerdon

146 249
48 249
ib. 265

ib. 271

49 281
66 887
77 37

79 97

80 139

Compared to Achilles

CERDON (the Cobler)

His paring Knife

52 409
53 418


ib. 422

Polemic Qualities, &c.



Affifts in the Bear's Relief



Reply to Trulla's Speech on that Occafion




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105 967

Inftances of the latter

Chymistry, a certain Experiment of it

Colon (the Hoftler)

Cheating and being cheated, the Pleasure of it 192

Compared to Hercules

Engages Ralphe

Attacks Hudibras

Affifts in Trulla's Triumph

193 7 to 37

150 425
53 442
54 458
65 826
91 519
105 968

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Commanders, a Peculiar of theirs
Commonwealth refty to the Rider

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Conjurers, their various Ways of Practice

Mythologically compared to a Rump

Court of Confcience ought to affift itself
Cowards, none that venture a fecond Beating
Only intitled to Horns and Petticoats

Crowdero (the Fidler)

His Misfortune in a Prize of his Profeffion
Refolution and Fate in the first Action

Led in Triumph by Hudibras

338 1598

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Put in the Stocks

Released by Magnano

Crows, Birds of evil Omen

to an Ovation

Difputes, how resolved at last

Diurnals (News-Papers) an Expedient to lef-

213 707

Cucking-stool, the Cavalcade of it compared } 187 731

DISPUTANTS compared and expofed

Divinty, Niceties therein expofed

fen the Price of Wetitones

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