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LONDON: D. Cahn, Printer, 7, Great Queen Street.


The close of our first year leads us to say to our readers somewhat of the past. We hope that the Articles and Formularies of our National Church have been the basis upon which we have founded our opinions, and that the papers in our Numbers have been in accordance with her spirit and character. It is not reasonable that some new system should be demanded of us; as we have nothing new to upbuild; but, rather, have an ancient system to defend, and new or revived errors to assail. To the renewed tenets which the Tractarian writers maintain, under various guises, we have shown ourselves decidedly and uncompromisingly opposed. We believe our Church to be the Church of the Scriptures; and it would be no charity in us to be silent, while it is assailed by men who sneer at the thought of Scripture being the sole rule of Faith, and exalt the Church of Tradition above the Church of the Bible; while they apply to the Visible Church those marks and signs which can belong only to the Church Triumphant.

We hope in future to enlarge the space which has been allotted to critical subjects, as well as to introduce articles on more generally interesting topics.

To the contributors our thanks are warmly given for the past; and not only are they due from us, but from all who advocate the same principles, and desire to stand by the truth of the Scriptures, as the only source from which we learn revealed truth.

In strength not our own has this labour been undertaken ; and we believe that it will continue to prosper.

In confidence for the future, we close a year full of fear and trembling — but which has, nevertheless, produced abundant signs of reaction against the leading errors of our days.

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