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Page 88 - Port. 2. A concession under the exclusive jurisdiction of Japan to be established at a place designated by the Japanese Government. 3. If the foreign Powers desire it, an international concession may be established. 4. As regards the disposal to be made of the buildings and properties of Germany and the conditions and procedure relating thereto, the Japanese Government and the Chinese Government shall arrange the matter by mutual agreement before the restoration.
Page 96 - Danzig belonging to the German Empire or to any German State shall pass to the Principal Allied and Associated Powers for transfer to the Free City of Danzig or to the Polish State as they may consider equitable.
Page 101 - ... will establish and maintain the necessary international organizations . (b) undertake to secure just treatment of the native inhabitants of territories under their control; (c) will entrust the League with the general supervision over the execution of agreements with regard to the traffic in women and children, and the traffic in opium and other dangerous drugs...
Page 97 - She further declares that the abrogation of the leases under which these concessions are now held shall not affect the property rights of nationals of Allied and Associated Powers who are holders of lots in these concessions.
Page 104 - The present Treaty, of which the French and English texts are both authentic, shall remain deposited in the archives of the Government of the United States, and duly certified copies thereof shall be transmitted by that Government to the other Contracting Powers.
Page 105 - From the date of this first proces-verbal the Treaty will come into force between the High Contracting Parties who have ratified it. For the determination of all periods of time provided for in the present Treaty this date will be the date of the coming into force of the Treaty.
Page 86 - Peking, the 25th day of the 5th month of the 4th year of Taisho. Excellency, I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency's note of this day's date in which you...
Page 101 - In case of any difference of opinion, the League of Nations will be called on to decide. A period of six months from the coming into force of the present Treaty is allowed to the Allied and Associated Powers within which to make the notification.
Page 95 - States of America, the British Empire, France, Italy and Japan, These Powers being desc-ribed in the present Treaty as the Principal Allied and Associated Powers; Belgium...
Page 65 - WE, by the Grace of Heaven, Emperor of Japan, seated on the Throne occupied by the same Dynasty from time immemorial, do hereby make proclamation to all Our loyal and brave subjects...