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SERM. God (i)----is ftiled Lord God (R)----the true I. God (1) -...-- and over all, God blessed for

ever (m)---] am the first and the last, says he, (n)--Where two or three are gathered, ibere am I in the midt of them (o). and lo! I am with you always, even unto the End of the World (P)----Te believe in God, believe also in me (q)----The Father judget h no Man, but batb committed all Judgement to the Son : that all Men Mould honour the Son, even as they bonour the Father (r)---- All things whatsoever the Father doth, those also doth the Son (s)---- All things were created by him and for him, and be is before all things, and by bim all things confit (t) ----Upholding all things by the Word of bis Power (u).

Well therefore might our Blessed Lord think it no Robbery to be equal with God (x). and assert, that all things that the Father bath. are mine (y). and I and my Father are one (z). and if God justified him in these Claims, and declared him to be

bis (i) St. John i. 1. (A) St. Luke i. 16. (1) 1 Ep. St. John v. 20. (m) Rom. ix. s. (n) Rev. i. 17.. (0) St. Matth. xviii. 20. (D) St. Matth. xxviii. 20. (9) St. John xiv. 1. (r) St. John v. 22, 23. (s) St. John v. 19. (t) Col. i. 16, 17. (u) Heb. i. 3. (x) Phil, ü. 6. (y) St. John xvi. 15. B) x. 30.

) St. mm) Rom. i

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bis Son with Pawer, according to the Spirit Serm. of Holinessy by tbe Refurrection from the lo Dead (a), fhalf any of his Creatures dare to question them Pre-For us to fall fhort of this Scripture-account in our Professions or our Sentiments of Christ our Saviour, is not to own but to deny him ;----it is to degrade his perfonal. Dignity----to villify his facred Character, and----to blaspheme bis Divinity.

Next to acknowledging Christ Jesus in his Godhead, we must endeavour to know him rightly in his Manhood; that, as he was in the Beginning and existed from all Eternity with the Father, so he was also in the fullness of Time generated and born into the World.

: Various of old were the idle Conceits concerning the Humanity of Chrift; but now it seems universally allowed, that he had a Production agreeable to our Nature and Species, becoming thereby truly and properly a Man,----nay, so far is this mentioned by some, that through the Vanity of their Minds they will admit him to be nothing more, nor grant, that he was begotten after any other than the common Manner. ;

though (a) Rom. i. 4.

SER M. though the History of his Birth very posi1. tively asserts, that he was conceived and

made Man by the Holy Ghost coming upon and the Power of the Highest overshadowing the Virgin Mary his Mother (b). To whom the Words of the Prophet may be most properly addressed : Thy Maker is thy Husband, the Lord of Host is bis Name (c).

This wonderful Mystery of the Union of the Manhood with the Godhead in Jesus Christ is signified, and though the Manner of it be inexplicable, yet the Fact itself is manifestly declared to us by various Passages of Holy Scripture ; as, more obscurely, The Day Spring from an High, bath vihted us (d). and We bear Witness and new unto you, that eternal Life which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us (e)----and more expressly, God was manifested in the Flesh (f)--and the Word was made Flesh (8) ---and He took not on. bim the Nature of Angels, but he took on him the Seed of Abraham (b)----and was made of the Seed of David (i)---Of whom, as concerning the Flesh Christ came (k). For

. . . FROM :(b) St. Luke i. 35. i (c) Ifai. liv. s.

(d) St. Luke i. 78. (e) 1 St. John i. 2. . . (f) i Tim. iii. 16. (g) St. John i. 14.

(b) Heb. . 16. (i) Rom. i. 3. (k) ix. 5:

. . .

:: SERM. From all which Testimonies of sacred I. Writ the Conclusion evidently is, That the same Divine Person, who before - from ali Eternity had subsisted in the Nature of God, did by a temporal Generation truly become Man, the Divine and Human Natures being united in him without any Confusion or Conversion, and thus vesting himself with full Powers for his Mediatorial Office.

Now this Immanuel, or God with us, as both the Prophet and the Apostle 'stile him, (1)----after his Incarnation and Birth grew in Wisdom and Stature, as is usual for Men to do, and led a private and retir'd Life, until the Time came for his shewing himself openly unto Ifrael, when he manifested forth his Glory by working such Miracles and doing so much Good, as required far more than a human Power and a bounded Generosity to perform.

· To gain a right Conception of these Things is a necessary Part of every Christian's Duty, nor is it less our Interest to make ourselves sensible of, as well what our Lord has done for us, as what he is

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SERM. in himself. But a full View of so engaging I. a Prospect can be had only from the Scrip

t ures, and no more must be in this Place looked for, than fome general imperfect Hints, leading to a more extensive Enquiry, how stupendously great and good he shone in all the publick Actions of his Life.

The Account we find of this extraordinary Person, recorded by the four Evangelists, gives us to understand, that he made at Pleasure all Creatures, beside their Natures and against their Wills, to obey his Commands, and submit to the Voice of his Word. In a most furious Tempest, he mildly awaking out of Sleep, arose and rebuked the Wind and the Sea, and there was a great Calm, which induced his Disciples very juftly to marvel, saying, what manner of Man is this ? For even the Winds and the Sea obey bim (m).----He cured Diseases, to human Skill incurable: He healed inveterate Palsies, Fluxes, and Leprosies : He gave at once the perfect Use of Senses wanting from the Birth, and to innumerable Persons blind, deaf, dumb, lame, the Exercise of their Faculties and Members respectively, without the Application of Medicines, or any natural


(m) St. Matth. vüi, 26, 27 :

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