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one Spirit (2), they have the Promise of the Serm. Father (a), the Presence of the Holy Ghost V. always willing to help them in their Conversion : Who, though he suspends his Influence, where he perceives them basely perfisting in their Pollutions, yet he moves their relenting Hearts to Reformation;---infuses penitent Thoughts ----excites them to Humilitaion,---gives Strength to their Contrition,---revives their Faith, and fixes their Purpose of stricter Obedience,---nor does he give them over 'to a reprobate Mind, ever after repeated Relapses; as long as there is any Prospect of their Recovery: But he pities them, when he cannot delight in them. And if being escaped out of the Snare of the Devil, they do not fall back again, and grieve him anew, he vouchsafes to take up his settled Residence within them, makes them his Temple, and conducts them safe through a World of Temptations.

· These are the most valuable Privileges of the Sons of God in this Life: Towards the Attainment whereof they have their Saviour to plead on their Behalf, as a most prevailing Advocate in Heaven, and the Blessed Spirit to enable them, as a most powerful


(2) , Çor, xii, 13.

(a) St. Luke xxiv. 49

SERM. Asistant, to petition for themselves on Earth. V. That Divine Perfon intercedes for them, and

this teaches them what to ask, and how to pray, and qualifies them to offer up in an acceptable manner that spiritual Sacrifice of Devotion, which is no less their Privilege than their Duty.

· AND an high Honour muft it be, for finful Duft and Afhes to maintain a Correfpondence with Heaven, and carry on an Intercourfe with our Maker,----though prefent in the Body, not to be altogether abfent from the Lord in Spirit, and to enjoy his gracious: Presence in this Life, till they fhall be introduced into his glorious Presence into the next. . . . . ,

NEITHER is it more honourable than beficial for them to have an easy and free Access to their heavenly Father, and an Alsurance, that their Addresses will be kindly received by him,---an Assurance, that the very Things they ask, or in lieu of them fuch Advantages of Mind and Body, as infinite Wisdom sees much more convenient for them, will be bestowed, founded on this express Promise of their dear Redeemer, Ask and ye shall receive : For if ye

being evil, know, how to give good Gifts Serm. unto your Children, how much more fəall your V. heavenly Father give good Things, and even his holy Spirit, to them that ask him ? (b). !

But how valuable foever the Privileges are, which the Sons of God have in Pofsession, yet they fall far short in Value of those, to which they have a Reversionary Title. . . ,

. ALTHOUGH, as the natural Defcendants of Adam, the Sentence of Mortality passed upon him, Duft thou art, and to Duft fall thou return (c), muft extend to them, for that all have finned (d). Yet short is the Enemies Triumph ;---the Conqueror himfelf muft be er’e long conquered; the Children of God are the Children of the Resurrection ;---and now is Christ risen from the Dead, and become the First-fruits of them that slept (e).


When Christ, who is their Head, and Life ball appear, 'then all also his living Members, the blessed Children of his Father, appear with him in Glory (f). When the meek Saviour shall put on the awful Majesty

je ; of
(6) St. Matth. vii. 11. St. Luke xi. 13.
(c) Gen. iii. 19. (d) Rom. v. 12.
(e) 1 Cor, xv. 20. c Coloff. ii. 4.

SERM, of the Judge, and come to render to every V. one according to his Works, God's adopted

Sons shall be transformed into his Likeness: When our Lord Jesus shall descend from Heaven, and the last Trump shall awake the Dead, He shall change our vile Body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious Body, according to the mighty working, whereby be is able even to subdue all Things to himself (8). What is foron in Corruption, shall then be raised in Incorruption, what is sown in Dishonour shall be raised in Glory, what is sown in Weakness shall be raised in Power, what is sown a natural Body shall be raised a Spiritual Body (b). And when the Bodies of the righteous Children of God shall be thus raised in perfect Beauty, they shall be no more liable to Want or Decay; but shall subsist without the Help of Food or Nourishment, or any Tendency to a further Dissolution,-they shall be no more subject to Weakness, Pain or Grief ; but be made impaffible of Evil, and adorned with a never-fading Health, Strength and Brightness.: :

They, who have undergone a fpiritual Resurrection, and are risen from the Death


(8) Phil. iii. 21.

(1) 1 Cor. xv. 42, 43, 44.

of Sin unto a Life of Righteousness, are sure SERM.

of enjoying a real Resurrection to a Life eter- V. - nal. For if they are the Children of God, then

are they Heirs, Heirs of God and Joint-beirs with Christ (i), and if the Spirit of bim, that raised up Jesus from the Dead, dwell in you, be, that raised Christ from the Dead, fall also quicken your mortal Bodies by his Spirit, that dwelleth in you (k), When therefore this Corruptible Mall have put on Incorruption, and this Mortal shall have put on Immortality, then pall be brought to pass the Saying, that is written, Death is swallowed up in Vietory (1).

From thenceforth they shall be as the Ana gels which are in Heaven, as eternally blessed and glorious (m). The Inheritance, which

is reserved for them, is incorruptible and : undefiled, and such as fadeth not away (n),

and if our earthly House were dissolved, we bave a Building of God, an House not made with Hands, eternal in the Heavens (0).

This is the Manifestation of the Sons of God, which the earnest ExpeEtation of the Creature waiteth for (P). ;---this is an Ad

vancement (i) Rom. viii. 17.

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(0) 2 Cor. v. 1. (0) Rom. viii. 19.

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