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Means conducive to thofe Purposes. ----He SERM. recovered Lunaticks to a right Mind, and I. rescued Dæmoniacks from the Tyranny of evil Spirits.----He discerned the Thoughts, Reasonings, Opinions and Purposes of Men; and, what is above all, by his inherent Omnipotence he raised the Dead : By which divine Work Men might see and be assured, that although he appeared among them only as a Man, yet he was at the same Time truly and effentially God.----He spake as the Jews themselves confessed, as never Man spake ; and his Answers to the Questions propounded to him were, as if a Man had enquired of the Oracle of God.---He declared most graciously, that the End of his being made the Son of Man was to die for sinful Men, and of his coming as such into the World was not to condemn, but to save the World..-He revealed many great Truths, which had before been hid in dark Obscurity, those especially, which were necessary to the purifying Men's Hearts with a right Faith in God.----He vindicated the Law, published on Mount Sinai, from the false and immoral Glosses, the Jewish Doctors had corrupted it with. ------He taught Men their whole Duty to God, their Neighbours, and themselves, and enforced it by the most


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Serm. awful Sanctions of eternal Happiness and MiI. sery, Rewards and Punishments, in his own

Power to dispense. For the Father judgetb no Man, but bath committed all Judgment to the Son (ni). I have, says he the Keys of Hell and of Death (o). And the Hour is coming, in which all that are in their Graves mall hear the Voice of the Son of God, and mall come forth, they that have done Good, to the Resurre&tion of Life, and they that bave done Evil, to the Resurrection of Damnation (p).---He has put it in every Man's Power to obtain the Good, and to escape the Evil Portion, by prescribing to us a very equitable Rule of Action ; and he has shewed us likewise the Way to keep his Commandments by going before us in it, exemplifying his Precepts by his own Practice, and living in all Respects as he taught Mankind to live ----Besides, to obviate all Difficulties flowing from the Weakness of human Nature, he promised to support the beft Endeavours of the Sincere with his Grace, and to take off the discouraging Terrours of Guilt, he engaged to attone for the Transgressions of the Penitent by his Merit.

Thus (n) S. John v. 22. 6) Rev. i. 18. (0) St. John v. 28, 29.


SERM. Thus have we with hasty Steps attended I. our Blessed Lord through his Life, and seen, how the only begotten Son of God, of one Substance with the Father, conversed with Men in their Likeness. They were great Things, it must be confessed, which we already observe to have been done for us ; yet, if we rest here, we shall not have discovered the half of his Love; the most amazing Scene is still behind, and, if his Actions were beneficent, his Sufferings were meritorious. To those he freely offered himself; and, when he had taken all the previous Steps, he then of his own Accord permitted his Sacred Person to be apprehended, arraigned, condemned and crucified, as if he had been some notorious Malefactor.

And, indeed, unless he had so died, he would not have answered the End of his being born. It was ultimately for this Cause he came into the World, that he might save the World, ----might be substituted in the room of sinful Men, and be punished for them, in order to their being released from their personal Obligation to Punishment. And however impious Men may make this Doctrine the Subject of their prophanes

SERM. Mirth, and reject the Counsel of God against
I. themselves, yet it concerns all, who would

entertain rational Hopes of Reconciliation
and Acceptance , with him, so found them
wholly on the Sufficiency of Christ's Rea
demption ; for which we have the fullest.
Authority of divine Revelation, derived not
from single Passages, but the entire. Scope
of holy Scripture. I am the good Shepherd,
says our dear Redeemer, and l I lay down my'?
Life for my Sheep (q) : Who, as St; Paul
declares to Titus, gave himself for: us, that
be might redeem us from all Iniquity (r):--..
both from the Punishment and the Tyranny :
of it ; 1 e. he parted with his Life iin ex-".
change for ours----he laid it down for us, :
as the Price of our Propitiation with God,,
and poured forth his most precious Blood
for the Remission of Sins ; and accordingly
he is described, and represented to have given
his Life a Ransom, or Price of Redemp-
tion for many (s) to bave died for our Sins
(t)----to' have once suffered for our Sins, the .
Just for the Unjuft (u)----Expressions, which.
evidently make it appear,' that our Sins were :
the Cause, and the Expiation of them the
End of Christ's Sufferings and Death, and :

. .. very .
(9) St. John x. 14, 15. (r) 'Titus ii. 14.
(s) St. Mark x. 45. (j Cor. XV...
{u) 1 Pet. ii. 18.

very fully open to us the Reason of St. SERM. Pauls laying such a singular Strefs on the I. Knowledge of Christ crucified: 20 .. ' ;

18.00 v 1 ..., It is upon this Account, that he is faid to bear our Sins' in his own Body on the Tree (x), i.e. to undergo the Punishment of them in those exquisite Torments, he endured upon the Cross ;----and to be made Sin for us (y) as the expiatory Sacrifices among the Jews were made Sin; or made to undergo the Punishment of Sin for the Offenders who offered them ;----and also to be made a Gurse for us (z), by having the Guilt of our Sins transferred on him, even as the legal Victims were cursed by the Translation of the People's Guilt upon them.

Thus, as it was foretold of him, be was wounded for our Transgressions, be was bruifedt for our Iniquities: the Chaftisement of our Peace was upon him; the Lord bath laid on bim the Iniquity of us all (@)----and those Things which God before had thewed by the Mouth of all his Prophets, that Christ would suffer, be bath so fulfilled (b).

(9) 2 Cor. v. 21.
(a; iai. liii. 5, 0.

(*) : St. Pet. ii. 24.
(z) Gal, ii, 13.
(6) Acts iii. 18.

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