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Favour, as well as his Pardon, a Title to SERM. Happiness, as well as a Release from Mi- I. sery.

What it further concerns us to know in Relation to Christ Jesus the Saviour of the World, is, that the Divine Prophecies being fulfilled, and infinite Justice amply satisfied for the Transgressions of Mankind by the Death and Passion of God's only begotten. Son in their Nature, and Stead, it was not possible for him to be detained long a Prisoner by the Powers of Darkness ----that he effectually subdued those spiritual Enemies, by seemingly yielding to them,----that he was to seep in the Graye, but not long enough to fee. Corruption, ----that as the Separation of his Soul and Body, so was likewise the re-union of them,----that he died as our Representative, but rose again as our Deliverer, thereby declaring himself mighty to save, confirming his highest Pretensions to the Messiahship, and an Unity of Ellence with the Father, and giving us the utmoft Assurance of his Sacrifice on the Cross being accepted, as it was offered for us ----and that, in full Proof of the Truth and Reality of his Refurrection, he continued upon Earth during the Space of forty Days afterwards,

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SERM. to convince his Apostles by frequent Con

I. versations, and all other reasonable Persons N by their Testimony, that he was indeed risen,

he having first qualified them in the best Manner for unquestionable Witnesses of this Fact ----in such a Manner, that they could neither be deceived themselves, nor deceive others..

THESE :are Objects too affecting to be overlooked in the most superficial Survey of the Doctrine of Christ ;----Points so honourable to our Redeemer and so beneficial to us, that to disregard them is to do manifeft. Injury both to him and ourselves. Nor can we apprehend Things aright, as the Truth is in Jesus, without considering him in his State, not only of Humiliation but Exaltation, without turning our Eyes from the most gloomy to the brightest Prospect, and beholding Mortality swallowed up of Life: In short, without following our great Forerunner from Earth to Heaven, whither he ascended in a visible and glorious Manner, after be bad given Commandments" unto the Apostles. I whom he had chosen (e)---where he was advanced to the highest Ma jesty and Honour, as Man, which he had

hor'a wiever (e) Acts i. 2.

ever an indisputable Title to, as God, and Serm. returning as it were in Triumph, on the I. moft signal Conquest and Defeat of Satan, Sin, and Death, his and our Enemies, to take Poffeffion of his Kingdom, he sat down on the Right Hand of God, on the fame Throne with the Father, to exercise perpetually, in Conjunction with him, fupreme Dominion over all, Angels, and Authorities, and Powers being made fubje£t unto him (f). For God hath set him, as says St. Paul, at his own Right-hand in heavenly Places, far above all Principality and Power, and Might, and Dominion, and every Name that is named, not only in this World, but also in that which is to come. And bath put all Things in Subjektion under bis Feet, and gave him to be Head over all Things to the Church (8). To the Church! which he has purchased with his own Blood, ----has constituted to be his mystical Body, that he may govern and dispose of it according to his most righteous Will, and order all Things relating thereto, so as nothing shall ever destroy it, or hinder the Salvation of any of its found and living Members, nor any Creature besides themfelves be able to separate them from the Love of God which

is (f) 1 Pet. iii. 22. (8) Ephef. i. 21, 22.

Serm. is in Christ Jefus our Lord (b). But that,
: 1. in Virtue of his Regal Decree, Whosoever be-

l ieveth in him, shall not perish, but have
everlasting Life (i).


Such an excellent and all-powerful Redeemer have we residing continually in the Presence of God, who for us is able to fare them to the uttermost, that come unto God by him, seeing be ever liveth to make Intercesion for them (k). This is his great Employment in those Seats of infinite Bliss and Glory, which are appointed to receive bim, until the Times of Restitution of all things, (1). and thus he perfects Above, what he had transacted Below.

We are to consider Christ Jesus, not only as crucified, but as also glorified, and that both for our Sakes and his own. He, who was our Sacrifice upon Earth, is our Mediator in Heaven; he is the High Priest of our Profession, who, having made the Atonement by his precious Blood-fhedding, is entered into the holy Place tą plead the Efficacy of it before his Almighty Father ; there to present the Merits of his Sufferings, and plead for ever their Value on our

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Acide ihn iii. 16. Behalf.

Behalf. Through his Interposition we have Serm. Access to the Father, and enjoy the fanéti I. fying Influences of the Spirit : And under the Umbrage of fo potent an Advocate, we, who were afar off, are brought nigh, and become reconciled to God, --- have our Sins pardoned,---Our Services accepted, ---our Wants supplied, ---our Prayers heard, ---our Souls enriched with large Portions of Grace, and both our Bodies and Souls sealed unto future Glory.

Thus, as our Divine Lord loved his own in the most extensive Degree, so he continues to love them unto the End; when he Mall come again in like manner as he was seen to go into Heaven, (m)---jhall descend from Heaven with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump of God (n). Then shall be fit on the Throne of his Glory, and before him fhall be gathered all Nation's (o) on whom he is appointed to sit in Judgment, and pass a most juft Sentence, that every one may receive the Things done in his Body, according to that ke hatb done, whether it be Good or Bad (0).


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(m) Acts i. 11. (7) · Thess. iv. 16.
(0) St. Matth. xxv. 31, 32. (D) 2 Cor, v. io.

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