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be certain, and consequently order all our Serm. Behaviour with a view to it, nor ever be X. weary in well-doing.-----The Prophet Isaiah delivers himself very pertinently to the Purpose, Say ye to the Righteous, that it shall be well with him; for they all eat the Fruit of their Doings. Wo unto the Wicked. it hall be ill with him ; for the Reward of his Hands shall be given him (0) ----However it must not be diffembled that these Words may possibly have been spoken with respect to the Rewards and Punishments of this Life ; yet as the earthly Canaan was typical of the heavenly, all the temporal Blessings and Curses written in the Law are to be spiritually applied under the Gospel. The Promises and Threatenings are in both Cafes suitable to the Dispensations they enforce. The Ordinances of Mofes are carnal, and so are his Sanctions; the Inftitutions of Christ are fpiritual, and such accordingly are his Motives to Obedience.--. He leaves the present World under the same general Providence as formerly ; but reserves the future to his special Ordering and Di. rection, and has most expressly declared, that he, the Son of Man hall come in the Glory of his Father with the Holy Angels,

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Serm. 'and Mall reward every one according to his X. Works (q),----and that in the End of the

World the Son of Man hall send forth his Angels, and they shall gather out of his Kingdom all Things that offend, and them that do Iniquity; and Mall cast them into a Furnace of Fire: There shall be wailing and gnashing of Teeth. Then mall the Righteous fine forth as the Sun in the Kingdom of their Father (r).

St. Paul likewise speaking of the Revelation of the righteous Judgment of God, affirms, that he will render to every Man according to his Deeds : To them who by patient Continuance in well-doing, seek for Glory, and Honour, and Immortality ; eternal Life: But unto them that are contentious and do not obey the Truth, but obey Unrighteousness; Indignation and Wrath, Tribulation and Anguish upon every Soul of Man that doth Evil (s).---So that be the Distribution of Good and Evil in this Life never so promiscuous, everlasting Happiness, we are sure, is promised to those who persevere in well-doing, and endless Misery is threatened to all such as fall back unto their own Wickedness, and perfijt in Sin and Disobedienee.


(9) St. Matth. xvi. 27. (r) St. Matth. xiii. 41, 42, 43. (s) Rom. ii. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

SERM. And as a farther Encouragement to the X. Continuance of our Industry and Labour, we should consider, that we shall not only reap in due Seafon if we faint not, but shall also receive an Increase adequate to the exactness of our Culture, and our watchfulness over the growing Crop,

IF, after the Seed of the Word has been fown in our Hearts and watered with the Dew of heavenly Grace, we take Care that it shall strike deep Root, in good Thoughts ;-sprout up into pious Resolutions ----branch up into virtuous Actions, and ripen into settled Habits of Religion, a most fruit: ful Harvest may safely be depended on.--It is not in the Husbandry of the Soul as in the Husbandry of the Ground: In the latter, the best Returns do not always follow the greatest Cost and Pains ; but in the former, the most unwearied Afliduity will infallibly meet with the largest Producé ; in this Sense He that soweth plenteously hall reap also plenteously ; and whoever côntilles stedfast, immoveable, always abounding in the Works of Lord, shall find at the last, that his Labour bath not been in vain in the Lord.



X. The same Scriptures which ascertain our

future Condition according to the Quality of our present Works, ensure to us also a Happiness answerable to the Measure of their Goodness: And as a Spur to our persevering Improvement we are encouraged to hope for a Reward proportioned to the Advances we make in Holiness and Virtue, and to the Difficulties and Discouragements we meet with in making them.---This may justly be inferred from what our Lord tells his Disciples, In my Father's House are many Mansions (t), for what can this multiplicity of Habitations in the Regions above imply, besides a Difference in the Degrees of Glory? I go to prepare a Place for you,-and, Blessed are ye when Men Mall revile you and persecute you ; and shall say all manner of Evil against you fallly for my Sake : Rejoyce, and be exceeding gled; for great is your Reward in Heaven (u), --i. e. Their future joys shall be proportioned to their present Sufferings. Otherwise, if they whose Lot it is to be ill treated for their firm Adherence to their Saviour and his Gospel, shall not receive a more excellent Recompence, and be admitted to higher Degrees


(*) St. John xiv. 2.

(«) St. Marth v. 11, :2.

of Glory than those who with an equal SERM. Measure of Righteousness endure no such X. Persecution ; the former are manifestly in a worse Condition with Respect to one Part of their Being than the latter ; nor can it be difcerned wherein the peculiar Blessedness ensured to them by their Redeemer will consift.---May it not be said of them, who have fought manfully in the Cause of Religion, and resisted even unto Blood, striving against Sin, and testifying against Sinners, in Case no distinguished Bliss awaits them, what the Apostle says of good Chriftians at large on Supposition of having in this Life only Hope in Christ, as they would be of all Men most miserable (x), so these would be of all holy Men, undergoing the deepest Calamities in this World, without an adequate Requital in the next ? ---But we have yet more evident Proof hereof from our Blessed Saviour's Assurances given to his Apostles, who were constant Attendants on his Person, and great Sufferers for his Cause, that a more eminent Share, of Glory should be conferred upon them, implied in the Promise of their fitting upon Twelve Thrones, and judging the Twelve Tribes of Ifrael (y). So the Prophet Daniel observed


f*} Cor. XV. 19.

() St. Lulee xxii. 30.


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