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Rev. Mr. Gilbert Yarde of Whiteway, Devon
Mrs. Yeats of Swainswick, Somerset
George Yeo, Esq; of Leicestershire
Rev. Mr. John Yeo of South-Hill, Cornwall
Mr. Richard Yeo of London .
Rev. Mr. B. Yeo of Sherwill, Devon
Rev. Mr. Henry Yonge of Great Torrington,

Devon, 2 Copies.
Rev. Mr. Young of Dorchester

Z. Mr. George Zeale of Bishop's-Nympon, Devon Mr. Henry Zeale, jun. of ditto


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? i Cor. ii. 2. For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

S the greatest Subjects of the se- SERM. veral Princes of the Earth have I.

always esteemed the ministerial o Attendance on their Sovereigns

to be no way unsuitable to, or unworthy of, their Rank and Quality ; but rather a Preferment, which the most Ambitious might justly be fond of: So does our Apostle extreamly delight and glory in the Service of his Royal Master ; in this, and in his other Epistles often calling himself the Steward and Embassador of Jesus Christ. Which is, indeed, the highest Title he could

Serm. give himself -----the highest that can be given 1. to any Man living : For Christ Jesus being the

greatest, as well as the best Master in the World, the King of kings, and Lord of lords (a). To receive and to execute his Commands must needs be the most noble Employment, and supreme Honour, which can accrue to Mortals.

And this St. Paul was not only sensible of, but, looking upon himself to stand in a very near Relation to his Lord by representing his Person, and acting by his Commission, he made it his whole Business to serve him by setting forth his. Glory and Goodness in the Redemption of Mankind. Which yet he did not think it expedient to display with Excellency of Speech, or human Wisdom (tho' no Man was better qualified than himself for such a Work either by Eloquence or Learning): But he chose to declare the Testimony of God, as he told the Corinthians (b), with that Simplicity and Plainness which became the Gospel of Christ. And the Reason he here alledges in the Text for so doing, even because he deternined not to know, or make known any thing among then, save Jesus Christ, and bin crucified.

. THIS (a) Rev. xvii, 14. 16) 1 Cor. ii. 1.

SERM. This was the Sum and Substance of all I. that great Man's Preaching and Writing, m and is in Truth, the last End of the Minis. try of the Gospel which was ordained on Purpose to plant, propagate, and establish the Knowledge of Jesus Christ in the World : That Mankind might not be ignorant of their great Deliverer, by whom they may, and without whom, they cannot be rescued from the miferable Circumstances of their Nature: For, as St. Peter informed the Jews, (c) There is no Salvation in any other, neither is there any other Name under Heaven given amongst Men, whereby we must be saved. All who ever were or shall be admitted to Pardon, Grace and Mercy from Adam inclusive, through all succeeding Generations down to the End of Time, shall enjoy the Blessing through the alone Merits and Satisfaction of Christ. , It is for his Sake altogether, that God is pleased to accept of our sincere though imperfect Endeavours to obey and fulfil his Will ; and consequently, in vain is it to have Recourse to any other Saviour.

They are not the abftrufe Notions of the
Philosophers, nor the entertaining Eloquence

B 2
(c). Acts iv. 12.



SERM. of the Orators, nor the Spirit and Fire of

I the Poets, which can bring us to our ultin mate Happiness. Such Guides may lead us

up and down in the Wilderness of this Life; but it is Jesus, of whom Joshua was the the Type, who must introduce us into the true Canaan. Arts and Sciences may amuse, or even assist us in the right Management of our temporal Affairs; but the Gospel only can train us up for, and conduct us to our eternal Inheritance, -----that Gospel! which reveals Christ Jesus unto us; and therefore reveals him, that we may know him and the Efficacy of his Sacrifice to Salvation. Which Branch of Science the Apostle does not only prefer before all other mental Improvements, but before all worldly Acquisitions whatsoever. What Things, says he, were Gain to me, those I counted Lofs. for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but Lofs, for the Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord : for whom I have suffered the Loss of all things, and do count them but Dung, that I may win Christ (d). Having discovered such an amazing Treasure of Wife dom, he found it so very excellent and valuable, that he reckoned he should have been an immense Lofer, had he missed of this,


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