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that it must cost more to redeem Mankind, Serm. than they were able to pay : But when the II. Sacred Scriptures instruct us, and call for our stedfast Belief, that it was no less a Perfon, than the Son of God himself, of Glory equal, of Majesty coeternal with the Father, who came into the World to bleed and to die for us, how perfectly does this Revelation filence all our Misgivings concerning the Sufficiency of his Sacrifice for the Remission of Sins ?

The sublime Doctrine then of our Lord's Divinity ought not to be questioned, though it cannot be comprehended. It is a Mystery not propounded to puzzle our Understandings, but to confirm our Hopes: It is the main Anchor of our Souls sure and sted. faft; and without it, what have sinful Men to trust to ? They cannot, as we have seen, confide in their own polluted Performances, the best of which will by no Means stand the Examination of consummate Purity,---nor can they rely on the Interposition of any other Creature, every one having Work enough to answer his own Obligations.---Neither can they lay Claim to their Maker's Goodness, which they have forfeited to such a Degree, that the Expectation of its Continuance plainly makes his Attributes to clash:

Serm. with one another, exclusive of Faith in a Di

HI. vine Reconciler.


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WHEREAS on the Supposition, that our Saviour is God as well as Man, all Danger. ceases, every Difficulty is got over,---Justice is satisfied, and Favour is recalled, ---from the grand Event of our Redemption arises unspeakable Glory to God in the highest, on Earth. Peace, good. Will towards Men (0), and in Christ Jesus, Mercy and Truth are met together, Righteousness and Peace have kifed each other (p). When we regard him as God purchasing the Church with his Blood (9), it is not possible to imagine, how the Price paid should fall short of what was, or could be, demanded, and we cannot help concluding, that the Union of the Godhead gave the most efficacious Value to the Sufferings of the Manhood, and rendered his Death a full and perfect. Sacrifice, Oblation, and Satisfaction for Mankind.

These Observations on this Head we
may corroborate by taking Notice, in what
Manner St. Paul usually introduces the
Mention of Christ's Satisfaction by his Death :

i He
fo) St. Luke ii. 14. } Prixxxv. 10.
(9) ANS XX. 28.

He seldom speaks of this astonishing Act SERM. of his Love, but he ulhers it in with a pre- II. vious Description of our Lord's essential Perfection. He tells not the Philippians, that Christ Jesus made himself, of no Reputation, and took on him the Form of a Servant, and being found in Fashion as a Man, ke humbled him, and became obedient unto Deatb, even the Death of the Gross; till he had informed them, that being in the Form of God, he thought it ngt Robbery to be equal, with God (4.), and as such, equal to the vast Undertaking he had gone upon. When, again, the Apostle insists on his Master's being a Match for the Work of Redemption, he brings his Proof from his finishing the work of Creation, and con ducting the immense Scheme of Providence : For by him were all Things created, and by bim all Things canlift (s). And speaking to the Hebrews of Christ's Atonement, the better to demonstrate, that he had by himself purged our Sins, he represents the crucified Jesus, as being the Brightness of God's Glory, and express Image of bis Perfon, and upholding all Things by the Word of bis Powen (T).

Thus {s} Coloff, 1, 16, 17,

(r) Philip. ii. 6, 7, 8. (t) Heb. I. 3,


II. Thus the Compleatness of our Saviour's no Ransom is a Doctrine too weighty and too

deeply founded, to be easily overturned ! And it is quite strange, that they, who acknowledge the infinite Dignity of his Person, Thould deny the absolute Sufficiency of his Propitiation. Yet so contradictory a Profesfion are many Christians observed to make --even all, who have implicitly surrendered their Faith to the Usurpations of such, as affume the . Character of infallible human Guides. It is a favourite Tenet in the Church of Rome, that the Sacrifice offered up by our Redeemer on the Cross is of itself an incompetent Atonement ; and under Colour of supplying the Deficiency, it has from lucrative Views invented the daily Sacrifice of the Mass, wherein the Priests of that Communion are said to be vefted with the Authority of making an Oblation to God the Father, of the Body and Blood of his Son for the Sins both of the Living and the Dead,

But what a surprizing Mixture of Error and Wickedness have we here blended together? A Practice this ! in which, what is attempted, is in its Nature impossible, and


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what is performed, is idolatrous in its Cir- Serm. cumstances, as well as scandalously disho- II. nonurable to our Lord in its Design. It first pretends to make the Victim, and afterwards to offer it up to. God; not content with commemorating and , exhibiting the Passion, the Romish Clergy arrogate the Power to themselves of changing the Elements in the Eucharist substantially, and not virtually, into Christ's crucified Body, which they hold forth to the People for the Object of their religious Worship, and Sacrifice to God for the Remission of Sin. So that it is difficult to say, whether the Im- . piety, or the Injury, or the Absurdity, shewn in this Proceding be the greater. It opposes the clearest Evidence of Sense,----is repugnant to the plainest Principle of Nature --contrary to unexceptionable Testimonies of God's Word, and destructive to the Office of the great High Priest of our Profefsion---Christ Jesus is set forth to be a Priest for ever after the Order of Melchifedech (u), and to be possessed of an unchangeable Priesthood (x), in which no one went before, or can succeed him. He was, and is the first and the last in his facerdotal Function, and his Sacrifice being nothing less than himself, F 3

hov (u) Heb, või. 17. (x) V. 24.

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