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Serm. how can it be thought, that others should II. have Commission to offer it, were it posible

they could do fo ? Celebrated it may, and must be to the Honour of our dear Redeemer and for the Good of our Souls ; but repeated it cannot be: For then mut Christ have often suffered (y).

Of this the Holy Scriptures strive to give us the strongest Conviction, in testifying, that we are fantified through the Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ orice for all (z) who now once in the End of the World hath appeared to put away sin bỳ the Sacrifice of himself (a). And evèrý Priest under the Law stood daily miniftring and offering oftentimes the fame Sacrifices, which could never take away Sins : But this Man, after båd offered one Sacrifice for Sins, for ever sat down on the Right Hand of God. (b), appearing with the most exalted Dignity in the intimate, special, and glorious Presence of the Father for üs, and becoming our Advocate in Heaven, as he had been our Priest and our Sin-offering upon Earth. From whencë tħe Argument we are upon, receives no small addition of

Force ;

(y) Heb. ix. 26.
(a) Heb. ix. 26.

(z) Heb. X. 10.

(6) Heb. x. Iš, 12.

Force; and for this Reason be is able to SERÀ. savè to the uttermöft them that come unto II. God by him,----seeing be , ever liveth to make Intercession for them (c). After he had expressed his Affection in the most astonishing Manner by washing us from our Sins in his own Blood (d), with the fame he entered within the Vail into the holy Places not made with Hands, which are the Figures of the true (ė), wherë he, who was our Priest to Sacrifice, is also our Mediator to plead for us so prévalently, that nothing can be conceived to be wanting to render his Atonement infinitely fufficient in all its Parts.:

And hảd not our Enemies of the Popish Persuasion been quite blinded with the Love of Power, or the Love of Riches, they could not have overlooked so glaring à Truth. Had they considered, that the Saviour of the World is the only Intercessor, and that it is in Virtue of his meritorious Blood-shedding, he mediates between God and Man, they would never have introduced likewise into their religious Offices the Invocation of Saints, with a View of prevailing with them to act as their Sol

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SERM. licitors in the Court of Heaven, and to hand

II. up their Petitions to the Throne of Grace.

But if they either will not see, or will not acknowledge their idolatrous Superstitions ---if they are determined impiously to worship their Fellow-creatures, whom they ought only respectfully to esteem, let us however be upon our Guard, left we be beguiled into the like false Belief or evil Practice : And if they will not be converted from the Error of their Ways, let them not pervert us ---let them neither awe us by their Terrors, nor deceive us by their Sophistry.---Let us hold fast Christ our Head, and adhere religiously to him both in his sacrificial and his mediatorial Capacity ;---let us preserve our Faith pure, and our Liberty sound, but let us not refuse them our Charity,---let us allow to them, what they deny to us, the Possibility of having à Share even in that Satisfaction, whịch they fo propfanely depreciate. ,

LASTLY, Whilst we contend that Christ's Ransom is sufficient, we cannot consistently reject its being universal. The one consequentially follows from the other, nor can


any tolerable Reason be alligned, why what SERM. is effectual for all, should not be extended II. to all.

Yet many, and some otherwise pious Persons have there been so selfish in their Notions, so straitened in their Bowels, as to confine Christ's merciful Intentions to themselves, and those who are Abertors of their diitinguishing Principles, and preclude therefroin all others, even such, as zealousy defend ail, and no more than, the common avowed Doctrines of Christianity. If this Limitation of the grand Atonement arises from a limitted brotherly Love, it is a very uncharitable and criminal Sentiment, and shews, how much the Maintainers need an Interest in a Redeemer's Merits, which they will divide with none besides : Or, if it springs from a Narrowness of Thought and a Misapprehension of the Terms, on which our Saviour's Satisfaction is, tendered, it is then to be pittied, but not embraced ; since it is an irrefragable Proof of Man's weak Side, and of a Proneness to mistake, as often as he looks into the holy Oracles with a prejudiced Mind.

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SERM...::::.. .. .

BUT these Prepofessions are not a httle worn off: And Truth has got Ground on this Side, how much foever it may have lost on others. Neither is this to be wondered át, seeing it must be very difficult to resist the Force and Clearness, with which the inspired Scriptures speak to our Purposé : When they tell us, as in the Text, that Chrift gave himself à Ransom for all, and elsewhere, that he died for all (f),---tasted Death for evergj Man g),---was the Propia tiation for the Sins of the whole World (b),--and on him were laid the Iniquities of us all (i).

- More Testimonies I shall not trouble myfelf and you with heaping together, where they cannot be wanted to convince every one, not influenced by his own Prejudices beyond God's Word, concerning the Extenfiveness of Christ's Satisfaction. We may not, without a Reflection on the Divine Goodness, 'as "we have no Authority from Revelation to, deny the Benefit of it to any : Yet People may debar themselves of it. For as it is reached out to all without Ex-"


(f) 2 Cor. v. 15.
(5) St John ii, 2.

(3) Heb. ii. 9..

(i) Isai. liii. 6.

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