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deptión, fo is it vouchsafed to none without SERM. Conditions there is no Respect of Perfons II. with the Almighty, but a ftrict Regard had to Qualifications. So unbounded is the Mer: cy of Man's Redemption, that many, to whom it has hever been revealed; fhall hörwithstanding feel unexpectedly the happy Effects of it; and withal fo indifpenfibte a right Disposition, that many, who have had this Salvation preached to them, shall receive Damage, instead of Advantage, from their superior Knowledge. God willeth all Men to be faved ; but there are found lucha as perversely rush on Damriation ;----Chrift would fet all Men free, though a great Part of the World choose to continue Sláves. And shall they find Fault with their Deliverer, when the whole Blame is in themfelves, ---when infinite Grace cannot rescue them from Destruction, without destroying their very Nature, and acting upon them with a Force incompatible with humah Freedom?

UPON the Whole, if the Ransom given by Jesus Christ was necessary, leč us gladly accept of it,---if it was sufficient, let'us rest Recurely upon it,---if it was universal, let us


SERM. Thut out nonc from it. A Dispensation fo II. needful, so compleat, so unconfined calls

for the utmost Gratitude, which can be due from ranfomed. Captives to their all bountiful Redeemer ; whose Generosity is set off with such endearing and astonishing Circumstances, as, it is impossible, thould ever meet in any other Person, but himself. He only could transact so arduous an Affair, and tread the Wine-press of the Divine Fury alone. Through him we must, and let us labour to, be accepted ; and as we know the Conditions, let us be diligent to perform them. . The Saviour's Office being abundantly executed, let us be in the Number of such, as shall be saved, by doing our Part and answering his Expectations. Let us presume neither to add to his Sacrifice under the Notion of its being deficient, nor to diminish from it, as of small Value and deserving little Regard; but let us think and act with St. Paul, who in few, though very affecting Terms, represents the Greatness of Christ's Satisfaction, Man's loft Estate without it, and important Obligations for it. For, says he, the Love of Christ cona strainetb 15, because we thus judge, that if one died for, all, then all were dead ; and


that he died for all, that they, which live, Serm. pould not benceforth live unto themselves, II. but unto him, that died for them (k). Being filled with the Fruits of Righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the Glory and Praise of God (1)..

(1) 2 Cor. v. 14, 15. (1) Philip. i. 11.

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Galat. ii. 16.
Knowing that a Man is not justi-

fied by the Works of the Law,
but by the Faith of Jesus Christ,
even we have believed in Jesus
Christ; that we might be justified
by the Faith of Christ, and not .
by the Works of the Law : For
by the Works of the Law Mall
no Flesh be justified.

SINCE our Blessed Redeemer SERM.

> declared in his Life-time, that 11. Sen he was not fent, but unto the U S loft Sheep of the House of Il

rael (a),---and when he fent forth his Apostles to preach, saying, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, he com

manded (a) St. Maich, xi. 24,

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