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С. А 3 H E Reverend Dr. Atwell, Preben12T dary of Glocefter, five Copies co Miss Maria Ackland of Freming

ton, Devon Miss Frances Ackland of ditto Miss Sufannah Ackland of ditto Mr. John Adams of Mariansleigh, ditto Mr. Peter Allen of South-molton Mr. William Allen of Bishops Nympton Anonymus, by Mr. Averay Anonymus, by Mr. Honey The Reverend Mr. George Anstis of Coliton Mr. Nathaniel Anthony of Milor, Cornwall Mr. Humphrey Aram of Chawleigh The Reverend Mr. Arnold of Wells Mrs. Arundel of Padstow Mr. John Atchinson of Barnstaple The Reverend Mr. Atherton of Tiverton The Reverend Mr. Atkinson of Newnham


Mr. Richard Averay of Bristol, two Copies
Mr. John Averay of ditto, two Copies
James Awse, Esq; of Great Torrington
Mr. Robert Awse of the Six Clerks Office,


The Right Reverend Bishop of Bristol, 5 Copies
Sir Richard Bampfield, Bart. of Poltimore,
John Baffett, Esq; of Heanton Court, 5 Copies
Mrs Baflett, 3 Copies
James Buller, Esq; of New-Place, Dev, 2 C.
The Hon. Mrs. Buller, ditto .
Miss Buller, ditto
The Hon. Mifs Bathurst, ditto
The Reverend Mr. George Baker, Canon of

Exeter, 2 Copies
Mr. Josias Baker of Tormoham
The Rev. Mr. John Balman of Thelbridge
Mr. Thomas Balman of Bishop's Nympton
Stephen Bamfield, Esq; of Falmouth
William Barber, M. D. Barnstaple
The Rev. Mr. Thomas Barns of South-moltan
Mr. Barnesdale of Bristol
The Reverend Mr. Jonathan Barron
The Reverend Mr. Bartlett, of West-Buckland
Mr. William Bartlett of St. Mary Church
The Reverend Mr. Thomas Bate of Weftleigh
The Rev. Mr. Hump. Bawden of Parkham, 2C.


The Rev. Mr. Joshua Bawden of Northam
The Rev. Mr. Rich. Bawden of South-molton
The Reverend Mr. John Bayley of Bridge-Rule
Stukely Bayntum, Esq; of Barnstaple
The Reverend Mr. Theop. Blackhall, Chancel-

lor of the Diocese of Exeter Mr. Thomas Blackmore of Bishop's Nympton

Hugh Blackmore, ditto The Reverend Mr. George Blake of Alwington Mr. Alderman Blake of Exeter

Thomas Blake of ditto

Blake of Padstow The Reverend Mr. John Bradford of Exeter The Rev, Mr. Robert Bradford of Buckfastleigh Mr. John Bradford of Exeter

John Bray of Bishop's Nympton The Reverend Mr. Beadon of Cleyhanger Mr. Richard Beadon of Brushford John Bealey, Esq; of Aller The Rev. Mr. John Bear of Shermanbury The Rev. Peter Beavis of Warkley, 2 Cop. The Rev. Andrew Beatty of Rackenford The Rev, Bedford of Weft-Worlington The Rev. Christ. Beeke of Kings Teington Mr. Michael Beeker of Bristol Thomas Benfon, Esq; of Northam, 5 Copies Robert Bere, Esq; of Morebath The Rev. Mr. John Bere of Puddington The Rev. Joseph Berjew of Kingsclere,


| Exeter

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The Rev. Mr. John Berjew of Bristol
Mr. John Bevan of Clovelly
Mr. George Blewett of Marazion"
Arscott Bickford, Esq; of Dunsland
Mr. Elias Bickford of Cockington .
The Rev. Mr. Charles Bidgood of Stoodley
The Rev. Mr. Walter Bigg of Worting
Mrs. Dorothy Biggs of North Waltham
Mrs. Philadelphia Bingham of Melcomb
Mr. Simon Bolitho of Gluvias
William Bromley, Efq; of Worcester
Mrs. Margaret Bromley of ditto
Mrs. Ann Bromley of ditto
Mrs. Elizabeth Bromley of ditto
The Rev. Mr. Bond of Tynbam
Bonithon, M.D. of Bristol
Mr. William Boon of Aisoreigney
The Rev. Dr. Borlace of Si. Just
The Rev. Mr. Berlace of Ludgvan
The Rev. Mr. George Boughton of Hatherley
Bouchier, Esq; of Hants
The Rev. Mr. Dean Boulte, of ditto
The Rev. Mr. Bound, of St. John's Bristol,
Mr. William Bowen of ditto
The Rev. Mr. Bowerbank of Weyhill
The Rev. Mr. John Boyse, of Horwocd
The Rev. Mr: Roger Brent, Fellow of Pem-

Ercke College, Oxen
Mr.John Broad of Falmouth

. The

The Rev. Mr. Broughton of St. Mary Redcliffe.
Miss Mary Brooking of Bulling
Miss Sufannab Brooking of ditto
Mr. Thomas Brooking of South Molton
The Rev. Mr. Brown of Tavistock, Dev.
Mr. George Browse of Cockington, ditto
Captain Abraham Bubb of St. Nicholas
The Rev. Mr. Dennis Buckingham of Charles
The Rev. Mr. Budd of St. Columb Cornwall
The Rev. Mr. Buller of Bristol
The Rev. Dr. Bullock
Mr. John Burges of Exeter Coll. Oxon
John Burland, Esq; of Wells, Somerset
The Rev. Mr. Burroughs of Abbotham, Hants
The Rev. Dr. Burton of Eton Coll. 10 Copies
Thomas Bury, Esq; of Collaton, Devon
Thomas Bush, Esq; of Cirencester, Glocestersh.
Mr. William Bufvargus of St. Ives, Corn.
Mr. John Butler of Great Torrington, Dev.
The Rev. Mr. Richard Bryan of East-Worlington
The Rev. Mr. Bryar of Tiverton, Devon

C. Sir Coventry Carew, Bart, of Anthony, Corn, The Lady Carew of ditto Sir John Carew, Bart. of Haccombe, Devon Thomas Carew, Esq; of ditto . The Rev. Mr. Carey, Chancellor of Bristol The Rev. Mr. John Carey of Black Torrington


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