Lois Du Manitoba, 1–2. köide

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Queen's Printer, 1889
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Page 73 - ... and place to be named and shall thereupon upon proof of the due service of such summons if such person fails to appear, or on his appearance, amend such second or subsequent conviction and adjudge such penalty or punishment as might have been adjudged had such previous conviction never existed; and such amended conviction shall thereupon be held valid to all intents and purposes, as if it had been made in the first instance; 4.
Page 17 - ... stating the date of sale, the name and address of the purchaser, the name and quantity of the...
Page 72 - Any exception, exemption, proviso, excuse, or qualification, whether it does or does not accompany the description of the offence in this Act, may be proved by the defendant, but need not be specified or negatived in the information ; and, if so specified or negatived, no proof in relation to the matters so specified or negatived shall be required on the part of the informant.
Page 3 - Brown, * * * (and others) * * * and all such other persons who shall or may be associated with them, and their successors, are hereby created and erected into a body corporate and politic, in deed and in law, by the name, style, and title of the " Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company...
Page 154 - I will pay interest on the said sum at the rate of on the dollar, in the year, by equal payments on the day of and on the day of in every year. Thirdly. — (Here set forth special covenants, if any.) And for the better securing...
Page 87 - Contract, then this obligation shall be null and void ; otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.
Page 73 - ... convicted as alleged in the information and if he answers that he was so previously convicted he shall be sentenced accordingly; but if he denies that he was so previously convicted or does not answer such question, the justice shall then inquire concerning such previous conviction or convictions; 2.
Page 62 - Supplies any liquor or refreshment, whether by way of gift or sale, to any constable on duty, unless by authority of some superior officer of such constable...
Page 96 - ... now been made to appear to me [that the issuing of a warrant of distress in this behalf would be ruinous to the said AB and his family...
Page 114 - Recitals, statements, and descriptions of facts, matters, and parties contained in deeds, instruments, Acts of Parliament, or statutory declarations, twenty years old at the date of the contract, shall, unless and except so far as they shall be proved to be inaccurate, be taken to be sufficient evidence of the truth of such facts, matters, and descriptions.

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