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An Act for the better Regulation of Chimney

Sweepers and their Apprentices, and for the safer Construction of Chimneys and Flues.4 & 5 GULIELMI IV. Cap. 35. [25th July, 1834.]

§ XVIII. And whereas it is expedient that for the better security from accidents by fire or otherwise an improved construction of chimneys and flues should hereafter be adopted; be it therefore further enacted, that all withs and partitions between any chimney or flue which at any time after the passing of this Act shall be built or rebuilt shall be of brick or stone, and at least equal to half a brick in thickness; and every breast, back, and with or partition of any chimney or flue, hereafter to be built or rebuilt, shall be built of sound materials, and the joints of the work well filled in with good mortar or cement, and rendered or stuccoed within; and also that every chimney or flue hereafter to be built or rebuilt in any wall, or of greater length than four feet out of any wall, not being a circular chimney or flue of twelve inches in diameter, shall be in every section of the same not less than fourteen inches by nine inches; and no chimney or flue snall be constructed with any angle therein which shall be less obtuse than an angle of one hundred and twenty degrees, and every salient or projecting angle in any chimney or flue shall be rounded of four inches at

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the least; upon pain of forfeiture, by every master builder or other master workman who shall make or cause to be made such chimney or flue, of the sum of one hundred pounds, to be recovered, with full costs of suit, by any person who shall sue for the same in any of His Majesty's Courts of Record at Westminster: provided nevertheless, and be it enacted, that nothing in this clause contained shall be construed to prevent chimneys or flues being built at angles with each other of ninety degrees and more, such chimneys or flues having therein proper doors or openings not less than six inches



That no person shall, without licence or authority from the commissioners, alter, or cause to be altered, the form of the pavement of any of the streets, lanes, squares, yards, courts, alleys, passages or places, which, by virtue of this act, shall be under their management; or in any way encroach upon, or break up the same without leave, except for the purpose of taking up, laying down, or repairing any water-pipe or pipes under the same; and every person so offending shall, for every such offence, forfeit and

pay the sum of £5 over and above the expense of relaying the same, according to the orders and directions of the said commissioners, the penalty and expenses to be recovered by action or debt, bill, plaint, or information, in any of His

Majesty s Courts of Record at Westminster, or within the city of London, in the name of the principal clerk to the commissioners for the time being, to be commenced within six calendar months next after the commission of such offence; in which action or suit, no protection, privilege, essoine, or wager of law, nor more than one imparlance shall be allowed.

N. B.--This act extends to all streets and public places which are now paved, or may be hereafter paved, within the cities of London and Westminster, and borough of Southwark, the weekly bills of mortality, the parishes of St. Pancras and St. Marylebone, except such parts as are hereafter exempted.


Turnpike roads.

The Marquess of Camden's and Lord Somers's estates in St. Pancras.

The Parishes of St. John, Hackney, and St. Mary, Islington.

The Westminster and Surrey Commissioners of Sewers.

The Estates of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster.

All projections in the new improvements of Marylebone Park, and the communication from it to Charing Cross, authorized by the commissioners named in the Act, 56th George III., c. 128.


48 Geo. III. Ch. 43. By clause V. it is enacted: That no person shall exercise the calling or occupation of an Appraiser, or act as such within the intent and meaning of this Act, without taking out a Licence, &c., and every such Licence shall state the true name and place of abode of the person taking out the same, which is to be taken out yearly, on penalty of 501. by whoever shall appraise, value, &c.

The Duties by 48 Geo. III. Ch. 140, p. 1487, are APPRAISEMENTS or valuation of any estates or effects, real or personal, heritable or moveable; or of any interest therein; or of the annual value thereof; or of any dilapidations; or of any repairs wanted; or of the materials and labour used or to be used in any buildings; or of any artificer's work whatsoever.

Where the amount of such Appraisement or

Valuation shall not exceed £50..... 2 6
Exceeding £50, and not exceeding £100.. 5 0
Exceeding £100, and not exceeding £200.. 100
Exceeding £200, and not exceeding £500.. 15 0
Exceeding £500

20 0 ExempTIONS. Any appraisement or valuation made in pursuance of the order of any Court of Admiralty.

Licence (page 1516) to use and exercise the calling or occupation of the appraiser, 10s.

To be taken out yearly, by every person who shall exercise the said calling or occupation, or make any appraisement or valuation, herein before charged with a duty for or in expectation of any gain, fee, or reward, except licensed Auctioneers.

S. d.

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