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11 Only Luke is 11 & 12. I have also sent. Tychi- A. D.67. with me. Take Mark

cus to Ephesus, so that I have now
and bring him with

no body with me but Luke. When
thee ; for he is profi-
table to me for the you come, therefore, bring Mark

with you ; for he will be very ser-
12 And Tychicus viceable to me in aslifting me to pro-
have I sent to Ephe- mote the Gospel.

The * cloak that 13. When I was last at Troas, I
I left at Troas with

left a Parchment * Roll, and some
Carpus, when thou Books there ; bring them with you,
comeft, bring with
thee, and the books,

but especially the Roll.
but especially the parchments.
Alexander the

14 & 15. Alexander the Copper-
copper-Smith did me smith has been a great Enemy to me:
much evil : the I Lord And I I leave him to God, to be
reward him accord-

recompenced as he deserves. Take
ing to his works.

is of whom be heed of him, for he is a bitter Ad-
thou ware also ; for versary against the Christian Cause.
he hath greatly withstood our words.

16 At my first an- 16. When I was brought upon
swer no man stood with

my first Trial, almost † all my
me, but all men for, Christian Acquaintance at Rome for-
fook me: I pray God fook me : Pray God pity and for-
that it may not be laid
to their charge.

give their Cowardise.
17 Notwithstand-

17. But, while they relinquished ing the Lord stood


I was Divinely Assisted to dewith me, and itrength- fend my felf; and God was pleased ened me ; that by me

to make me the Instrument of spreadthe


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* The Cloak, Oznóvny, a Parchment Roll, the same with resnio
Opéérce; the Parchments. The Syriac reads it a Cheft of Books.

# Ver. 14. The Lord reward Him- This is not to be under-
stood as an Imprecation, but as a Prophet's Expression : As in like
manner, is that dying Speech of Zachariah, The Lord look upon it,
and requite it, 2 Chron. xxiv. 22. which is in the Future Tense,
God will look upon it.
+ All Men for

fook me. Omnibus, id eft à Maxima parte de-
fertum fe effe Conqueritur. Jerom,

D.A.67. the preaching mighting the Gospel-Doctrine to the Gen

be fully known, and tiles of these Parts, by delivering
that aủ the Gentiles me from the Sentence of the Cruel
might hear : and I * Emperor for that time.
was delivered out of
the mouth of the lion.

18 And the Lord 18. And, though I am now likefhall deliver me t from ly to be unjustly Condemned, and every evil work, and suffer by him; yet, am I sure, God will preserve me unto will ftill preserve me from doing + his heavenly king.

or saying any thing unbecoming my to whom be glory for ever and Religion, or my Ministerial Office; Amen.

and carry me through Death into the

Happiness of his Heavenly Kingdom: To whom therefore I ascribe all Honour and Glory for ever and ever. Amen. 19 Salute Prisca

19. My hearty Christian Love to and Aquila, and the Aquila and Priscilla, with Onesiphohoushold of Onesipho- rus and his Family.





| See Pear. Miletum fick.

20 Erastus abode

If you would know what is at Corinth : but Tro- become of Erastus, I can only tell phimus have I left at

you, I left him at Corinth in my

laft | Travels thither; and Trophijon, op. Pof. mu: falling Sick at Miletus, in Crete, I was forced to

leave him in that Inand.

21 Do thy diligence 21. Come to me before Winter, to come before win- if you can. Eubulus, Pudens, Liter. Eubulus greeteth nus, Claudia, and all the Christians thee, and Pudens, and

here salute you.
Linus, and Claudia,
and all the brethren.
22 The Lord Jesus

22. May the Lord Jesus Christ Chritt be with thy be your Director and Guide. His spirit. Grace be with Love and Favour be ever with

thee. Amen.

you. Amen.

* Nero, or else his Deputy Helius Cæsarianus.

+ And the Lord shall deliver me. Et liberabit me, inquit (non à Vinculis sed) ab omni opere Malo. Pearson op. Poft. pag. 25,


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$1. Le

HE Time of St. Paul's being in the
Island of Crete, and leaving Titus as
Bishop there, is placed, by some, in the
Year 55. viz. in his Travels mentioned
Aets xx. But our more accurate Bishop

Pearson has shown good Reasons against that; and, much more probably, stated it in the Interval between St. Paul's first and second Confinement at Rome, viz. Anno Domini 63. dating this Epistle the Year following; with which Account Dr. Mill differs but in one single Year.

§ 2. The Occasion on which it was Written is so perfectly the same with those to Timothy, that the Substance and Style of it may well be, as it appears, of the same Strain. A Church was indeed planted here, but wanted Watering, Cultivation, and due Order. The Natives of this Island were an Idle, False and Luxurious People, say the


Ancient Historians and Geographers, agreeable to St.Paul's Descriptions of them here, Chap. i. but might have made more tractable Christians, had not their ill

Qualities and Dispositions been fomented by the Jewish Zealots, abounding in that Place. Against whose ignorant and malicious Prejudices the Apostle most clearly levels all the Characters he gives of a good Bishop or Church-Governour ; and the several Directions for the Conduct of People of both Sexes, in their respective Ages, Stations, and Degrees, conformably to the two foregoing Epistles, and to the general Current of the other Epistolary Writings relating to those Matters.



The CONTENTS. The Title and Salutation. The Design of St. Paul's leaving Titus Bishop in Crete, and of this Epistle to him; viz. To Ordain Church Ministers, and reduce that Church to a Regularity in Opinion and Practice ; efpecially the Judaizing Part of them, that were more zealous about Jewish Traditions and Ceremonies than the Substantial Matters of Christianity. The good Qualifications of a Church Governour. A bad Character of the Cretians, particularly the Jewish Inhabitants of that

Isand. Written PAa fervant 1. AUL, a Worshipper of the 1. D. 64. of God,

True God, and an Apostle apostle of Jesus Chrift

, of Jesus Christ, specially Commisaccording to the faith fioned to Preach his Religion in its of God's elect, and Truth and Purity, and Convert the acknowledging of the truth, which is

Men of all Nations to the true Faith after godliness,

of it. 2 In hopes of eter- 2 & 3. A Religion that gives all nal life, which God, true Believers, whether Jews or that cannot lie, pro, Gentiles, a full and fure Hope of mised before the world enjoying that great Promise of Eterbegan;

3 But hath in due nal Happiness, made by the God of time manifefted his Truth Himself, at first to Adam in word





word through preach- the Beginning of the World, and to A. D.64.
ing, which is com- Abraham and the Patriarchs after-
mitted unto me, ac- ward : Which, though loft and for-
cording to the com-

gotten by the far greater Part of the
mandment of God our Gentile Nations, through their ma-
Saviour :

nifold Corruptions, and wilful Ini-
quities ; yet is now again reyived and declared to them
All, under the Gospel Dispensation (the proper Season made
choice of by Divine Wisdom for that purpose): And I
am appointed to publish it for the Salvation of all the

4 To Titus, mine 4. I Paul fend this Epistle to
own son after the Titus, my dear Convert to Chri-
common faith, grace, stianity ; wishing him all Divine
mercy; and peace Favour and Happiness from God
from God the Father, the Father, and Jesus Christ our
and the Lord Jesus Saviour and Governour.
Christ our Saviour.

5 For this cause 5. To remind you of the good
left I thee in Crete, End for which I Consecrated and
that * thou shouldest left you Bishop of the Church of
set in order the things Crete, viz. To perfect the Conver-
that are wanting, and lion I had there begun, to give
ordain elders in every such Rules of Doctrine and Disci-
city, as I had ap- pline as were wanting, and

to Ora
pointed thee.

dain other Church-Ministers in the
several Cities of that Island, to put them in due and
constant Execution.
6 If any be blame

6 & 7. Now a Bishop and Go-
less, the husband of vernour of a Christian Church, as a

wife, having Steward over God's Family, ought,
faithful children, not in general, to be a Person of an un-
accused of riot, or

exceptionable Character : And, in
7 For a bishop must particular, ought not to be one that
be blameless, as the has been guilty, either of the Po-
steward of God : not lygamy of the Heathens, or of Di-
self-willed, not foon vorcing his Wife for Humoursome
angry, not given to Reasons, and Marrying others, ac-
wine, no ftriker, nor cording to the Corrupt Usages of
given to filthy lucre ; the fews. He must be one that



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* Ver. 5. That thou shouldest set in order the things that are

wanting. Or, öva tao asítota dropéáon, To rectify Disorders,

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