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13 This witness is the Original Natives of the Place : A. D.64. true : wherefore

And therefore you must keep them buke them sharply, under a strict Censure and Discipline; that they may


especially such of either of them as found in the faith ;

are Christian Converts, to reduce them again to true Christian Principles.

14 Not giving 14. For they are now addicted
heed to Jewish fables, to hardly any thing but the Study
and commandments of of Jewish Fables and Traditions ;
men, that turn from that tend to nothing but to corrupt
the truth.

the Chriftian Faith.
15 Unto the pure 15. Their Jewish Teachers per-
all things are pure : swade them to put the Stress of
but unto them that Religion upon nice Distinctions of
are defiled and + un Meats and Drinks, Clean and Un-
believing is nothing clean Things : Whereas, alas! a
pure ; but even their Gentile Convert, that lives up to the
mind and conscience

Faith and Precepts of Christianity,
is defiled.

is Clean and Pure in the Sight of God, let him Eat or Touch what he will; while They, by their obstinate Infidelity and Immoralities, can perform no acceptable Service to God; and their niceft Ceremonies signify just nothing t.

16 They profess 16. They boast themselves to be that they know God; the only People in Covenant with but in works they de. God, and acquainted with True ny him, being abomi- Religion : But their Practices are a nable, and disobedi

Contradiction to all such Pretences, ent, and unto every

and their stubborn Disobedience to good work reprobate I.

the plainest Laws of God, has, now, rendered them odious to him, whose Church and People they once were.


* Ver, 13. Rebuke them sharply, drozómes, Cut them, as it were, to the Quick.

+ Ver 15. And Unbelieving. 'Arisos, Unfaithful, Treacherous, though they were pretended Believers.

# Ver. 16. Unto every good work reprobate. Apes não voyon dewyczbor á doxypor, Stupid and Injudicious as to every good Work. See Note on Rom. i, 28.

C H A P.


Titus's Charge to a prudent and courageous Behaviour

against the forementioned Persons and their Principles.
Advices concerning Elderly Men and Women ; particu-
larly such as were in any Church-Office. Concerning
Servants or Slaves. The Christian Religion equally con-
cerns all Ranks and Degrees of People.

A.D. 64. B the things which

UT speak thou

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become sound do- False Teachers, and misled Conetrine.

verts, make it your more earnest Business to Preach, and press the true Doctrines of Christianity, upon all Persons, in their several Stations and Degrees.

2 That the aged 2. Viz. Urge it as the great Duty men be sober, grave, of the Elder sort of Men, particutemperate, found in larly such as are Presbyters of the faith, in charity, in Church, to be Grave, Serious, and patience :

Temperate in their Conversation, Sound in Christian Principles, Charitable to all, and Patient under the Sufferings that befal them.

3 The aged women 3. And that all Elderly Women,

likewise, that they be particularly such as are employed by # Deaconesses. in behaviour as be- the Church |, in the Baptism of See 1 Tim,iü. cometh holiness ; not Women, and in other Offices of like

false accusers, not given
to much wine, teach- nature, use such Habit, Gesture and

Behaviour as become Christians; no ers of good things;

way addicted to Slander or Drunkenness, but to be exemplary in all the Virtues that adorn their Sex. 4. That they may

4 & 5. That, by their good Exteach the young wo- ample, the younger Women may men to be lober, to be influenced to a Sober, Modest, love their husbands, Discreet and Chafte Behaviour ; to to love their children, mind the Business of their families,



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5. To be discreet, to respect their Husbands, and take A.D. 64. chafte, keepers at due Care of their Children ; and fo, home, good, obedient

on their Part, cut off all Occasions to their own | hus, from any to think or speak re- to the Ephe

Il See Pref, bands, that the word

fians, 8 4. of God be not blaf. proachfully of our Holy Religion. phemed. 6 Young men like.

6. In like manner, exhort all wise exhort to be so- young Men to a due and careful ber-minded.

Government of their Passions. 7 In all things shew. 7 & 8. And thus, in relation to ing thy self a pattern all Ranks of People, do your utof good works : in most to become truly Exemplary doctrine Jewing un- in the Purity and Simplicity of your corruptness, gravity, Doctrine, and the Sincerity of your fincerity,

8 Sound speech that Practice ; that so neither Jewish nor cannot be condemned; Gentile Adversary may find any reathat he that is of the sonable Objection against you. contrary part may be afhamed, having no evil thing to say of you.

9 Exhort servants 9 & 10. And, whereas the Jewish to be obedient unto Zealots would perswade Men, that their own masters, and their Religious Privileges exempt to please them well in them even from Civil and Natural* * See Pref. all things : not answering again; Obligations to Men of different and to the Ephe

fians, $ 4. 10 Not purloining, false Religions ; be the more earnest but shewing all good to warn all such Christians, as are fidelity that they Servants or Slaves (though it be to may adorn the do. Heathen Masters) against so false a ctrine of God our Sa- Principle. Exhort them to serve viour in all things. their respective Masters, in every Lawful Thing, diligently and faithfully, without rudely contradicting their Commands, or defrauding them by the least Neglect or Injustice : By which They will become a Credit to their Profession, even in the low Station wherein Providence has placed them.

1 For the grace

11 & 12. For, the gracious Reof God, that bringeth ligion of the Gospel lays the same falvation, hathap- excellent Duties of Piety, Justice, peared unto all men. and Sobriety, upon the lowelt Slave,

12 Teach




A.D. 64.

12 Teaching us, as much as upon the higheft Master, that denying ungodli- equally respecting all Ranks and Deness and worldly lufts, we should live fober. grees of Mankind. ly, righteously, and godly in this present world ;

13 Looking for that 13. And as All have the same blessed hope, and the Duties and Conditions, so have they glorious appearing of they same comfortable Hope and Exthe great God, and

pectation of a Glorious Reward for Saviour Jesus

their Obedience, at the Appearance Chrift:

of the Great God, and our Saviour Jesus, to judge the World. 14 Who gave

him- 14. Even of that Saviour, who self for us, that he gave his Life a Sacrifice for the might redeem us from Redemption of all Mankind, to proall iniquity, and puri- cure the Pardon of their Sins, and fy unto himself a pe

restore and oblige all to that sincere culiar people, zealous

Practice of Piety and Virtue, which of good works.

makes us the true and beloved Mem

bers of his Church. 15 These things 15. These are the Truths you speak and exhort, and ought to declare and urge upon Men, rebuke with all au- in the most authoritative Manner: thority. Let no man And, with so prudent a Severity, despise thee.

to Censure and Punish such as open. ly contradict them, that they may not flight and undervalue your Authority.


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The CONTENTS. Of Duty to Magiftrates, against Railing, and EvilSpeaking. The Gospel-Religion intended for the Refore mation and Happiness of both Gentile and Jew. Pardon and Salvation not to be attained by the nicest Observation of the Ceremonial Law, but is the Effect of the pure Mercy of God, on Condition of our sincere Obedience to the Gospel Commands. Against Jewish Traditions and Genealogies. A Heretick not to be Excommunicated, till after just and due Admonition. Charitableness recommended. The Salutations and Conclusion.

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A , 4.D.64.

xiii. 1.

UT them in mind to be subject to

carefully warn the Yewish principalities and pow- Zealots against, is, That no Heathen ers, to obey magiftrates, Governors have any Obedience due to to be ready to every them from God's People ;

nor any

* See Rom. good work,

Magistrates that are not of their Nation and Religion. Remind them often, That Christianity alters no Civil Rights; and that they ought to pay all just Submission to the Emperor, and all due I and chearful I Tãy épa Respect to all their Superiors.

γον αγαθών. . 2. To speak evil of 2. Warn them also against that no man, to be no prevailing Temper of Reviling, and brawlers, but gentle, furiously Contending with all that Mhewing all meekness

are not of the fame Religious Sentiunto all men.

ments with themselves. 3

*ourselves 3. All Christians, both Gentile and also were sometimes Jewish, ought to be the more Patient foolish, disobedient,de- and Condescending in their Behaviour ceived, Р


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For we

* Ver. 3. We ourselves. St. Paul either mixes himself with the Gentile Christians (as in several other Passages) or, perhaps, speaks of himself Arialy, denoting what Temper he was of before his Conversion.

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