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16382Dara PHIL E M O N.



j. 1.

Written Anno AUL a Prisoner

1, 2 & 3. P.

Paul, that am now a Domini 62. of Jesus Christ, and

Prisoner at Rome for Timothy our brother, the sake of Jesus Christ, and his Reunto Philemon dearly beloved, and ligion, send this Epistle to my dear fellow-labourer.

Convert, and Fellow-Labourer PhiTbeodoret. 2 And to our belo- lemon, and to my dear Friend Apphia*

ved Asphia, and Ar- his Wife, not forgetting Archippus, chippus, our fellow. my Brother Minilter, and all your soldier, and to the Christian Family : Wishing you all church in thy house: Divine Favours and Blessings from

3 Grace to you, and God the Father, and the Lord Jesus See Pbilip. peace from God our Christ. As doth | Timothy also, who Father, and the Lord

is now with me. Jesus Christ.

4 I thank my God, 4 & 5. Expressing my hearty making mention of Thanks to God (which indeed 1 thee always in my pay- never omit to do whenever * I ers,

mention you in my Prayers (for 5 Hearing of thy love and faith which your Steddiness to the Christian Rethou hast toward the ligion, and your Charity to all its Lord Jesus, and to. Professors, which I hear to be so ward all saints ; Exemplary and Remarkable.

6 That the com- 6 & 7. For it cannot but be a munication + of thy Matter of the deepest Satisfaction to faith may become ef

me, to have such ample Testimofećtual by the acknow. nies of your Christian Sincerity, in ledg


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Making mention of thee alway in my Prayers. Or thus, éuxosρισώ τω θεώ πάντοτε, μνείαν σε ποιέμενG. I always thank God when I mention you in my Prayers.

+ Ver. 6. The Communication of thy Faith- και κοινωνία της Fisáws 68, your sharing, or partaking of the (Chrißian) Faith. Ibid. By the acknowledging of every good thing 'c envyváosi,

επιγνώσει, By your manifesting every good thing to be in you.

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ledging of every good your generous Relief of the Indi- A. D.62.
thing which is in you gent and Suffering Members of that
in Christ Jesus,

Holy Profession.
7 For we have great
joy and consolation in thy love, because the bowels of the saints
are refreshed by thee, brother.

8Wherefore, though 8 & 9. Wherefore, with a Person
I might be much bold of a good and generous Disposition,
in Chrift, to enjoyn I shall have no Occasion to infift
thee that which is con-

upon the Respect and Reverence he
9 Yet for love fake

owes me, as his Apoflle and first I rather beseech thee, Converter ; but hope, it may be being such a one as sufficient for gaining your comPaul the * aged, and pliance with a Request, I am now also a prisoner of now going to make to you, to Jesus Chrift

apply myself to you as a Friend,

as an Aged Friend, and a Prisoner
for the Faith you so much esteem and value.
10 I beseech thee

10 & 11. My Suit is not in my
for my fon Onesimus, Own Behalf, but of the Bearer your
whom I have begotten Servant Onesimus ; who, though once
in my bonds :

so treacherous, † as to Rob and run
ni Which in time
past was to f thee un-

away from you ; yet, now that I
profitable : 'but now have Converted him to the Christian
profitable to thee and Religion, will, I doubt not, make
to me:

you the utmost Amends, by a dili

gent and faithful Service for the fu,
ture, and become a profitable Servant to You, and a
Credit to Me.

12 Whom I have 12. In full Assurance of which,
fent again : thou there. I now send him back to you, and
fore receive him that beg you would entertain him again ;
is mine own bowels.
if not for his own, yet for My Sake,


13 Whom


* Ver. 9. Paul the aged Or perhaps laïa apoo Eun, Paul the Ambassador, agreeably to 2 Cor. v. 20. Ephef. vi. 20. Indeed it does not appear that St. Paul was a very aged Man when this Epistle was written ; though it may well be allowed, that the Fatigues and Hardships he had undergone, might bring an earlier old Age upon him than upon the generality of Mankind.

+ To thee unprofitable, xpnsov, Injurious. See Rom. i. 28. Ephef. v. 11. Thus Inutilis among the Latins is Injurious.



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for ever:

A. D. 62, as a Person now exceeding dear to me : For remember,

I had the Pleasure to'make him a Convert in my Bonds,
and the Son of my Old Age.

13 Whom I would 13 & 14. Indeed I could willing-
have reained with me, ly have kept him here, to do me
that in thy stead he those good Offices, in my Confine-
might have ministred
unto me in the bonds ment, which I know your Self would
of the gospel.

gladly perform, if you could : But,
14. Buc without thy as you have a Right to him, I would
mind would I do no-


the Benefit of no one's Servant,
thing, that thy bene- without his Master's Leave.
fit mould not be as it were of necessity, but willingly.

15 For perhaps he 15. And I think, you may well
therefore departed for look on it as an Act of Providence,
a season, that thou that bis leaving you, for a while,
Shouldest * receive him should prove so happy an Occasion

of improving him into a faithful Servant, for his * whole Life after.

16 Not now as a 16. Entertain him, therefore, now, servant, but above a

not only in the Character of a good servant, a brother be- Servant, but also of a Christian Broloved, specially to me, ther. Consider how dear he is to Me but how much more

in that Relation; and look unto thee, both in the


flesh, and in the Lord? not only as your Domestick, but as a

Fellow-Member of the same Chri

ftian Church with us both. 17 Tf thou count me

17. And show the Respect you
therefore a partner, re- bear to Me, by the generous Recep-
ceive him as my self.

tion you give Him.
18 If he hath wrong- 18 & 19. As to any Damage he
ed thee, or oweth thee has done you, though I could bal-
ought, put that on mine lance that Account, by remembring
19 1 Paul have writ.

you owe your very Salvation to Me,

as the Instrument of your Conver-
tenit f with mine own
hand, I will repay

sion ; yet I wave that at present, and
albeit I do not say to

here give you, under my own Hand-
thee, how thou owest Writing, t to make good whatever
unto me even thine you have lost by him.
own self besides.

* Receive him again for ever. dowvio-A Servant for Life.

# With my own Hand. See Rom. xvi. 26. 1 Cor. xvi. 21. 2 Thef. iii. 17.

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it :

20. Do


20 Yea, brother, let

20. Do not, therefore, dear Bro- A. D. 62.
me have joy of thee ther, deny the Christian Pleasure and
in the Lord: refresh Comfort you will do me, by your
my bowels in the

Forgiveness and Compassion to one

so near and dear to Me.
21 Having confi-

21. The great Opinion I have of dence in thy obedi- your dutiful Respect toward me, sufence,I wrote unto thee, fers me not to doubt of a Compliknowing that thou wilt

ance from you, even beyond what
also do more than I

I have requested.
22 But withal, pre-

22. I must desire Lodgings at your
pare me also a lodg. House, intending to visit you, when
ing, for I trust that my Trial is over ; in which I doubt
through your prayers not but to be cleared, by the Con-
I shall be given unto currence of yours, and other good

Christians Prayers.
23 There salute thee 23 & 24. Epaphras, my Fellow-
Epaphras, my fellow- Prisoner for the same Cause of Christ,
prisoner in Chrift-Je as also Mark, Aristarchus, Demas and
fus :

Luke, that labour with me in pro-
24 Marcus, Ariftar.
chus, Demas, Lucas, moting the Gospel in these Parts,


send their hearty Christian Love to
my fellow labourers.


of 25. The Love and Favour of our
pur Lord Jesus Christ Lord Jesus Christ be with you, and
be with your fpirit. direct your Mind. Amen.

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On the EPISTLE to the

H E B R E W S.

VE H E Testimony of all Ancient Copies and

Translations, with the concurrent Suffrage
of the best Writers, both Ancient and Mo-
dern, give such Evidence for St. Paul's * be-
ing the Author of this excellent Epiftle, that

the Objections, or rather Scruples, brought to the contrary are of no Weight. His mentioning himself as lately a Prisoner, Cap. x. 34. and in Italy, Cap. xiii. 24. with Timothy's Enlargement, and a Promise to vifit the Hebrews along with Him, Cap. xii, 23. do sufficie ently clear the Time of its Date to have been just after his Deliverance from his first Tryal at Rome, viz. Anno Domini 63. as both Bishop Pearson and Dr. Mill have adjusted it. All therefore that will be further needful to let the Reader into the main Spirit of this Writing is, To observe something concerning the Persons to whom, and the Occafion upon which it was written.

f. 1. I

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* See Dr. Mill's Prolegom. $. 83, &c. and Mr. Hallet's Introduction to his Supplem, to Mr. Peirce on the Hebrews.

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