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1. D. 58. 7 Which is not ano 7. There can be no other : Nor mther; but there be could you have been perswaded there

fome that trouble you, was, unless by the fly Infinuations and would pervert the and false Suggestions of designing gospel of Chrift.

Men; whose Art and Business is to pervert the Gospel Doctrine, and model your Principles to their own private Interests and ambitious Purposes.


8 But though we, 8. The better to gain their Ends or an angel from hea- upon you, those Judaizing Teachers ven, preach any other would have you believe, that not that which we have only, Peter and the other Apostles, preached unto you, let but I my self also do sometimes preach him be * accursed.

up the Jewish Law, as absolutely

necessary along with the Christian Faith. So far from it, that I now solemnly pronounce, Were any one Apostle, nay, or (were it possible) should an Angel from Heaven be supposed to preach a thing so contra

ry to the Doctrine I at first delivered to you, he ought to Ver. 8, 9. be rejected and called * accursed. Rom. ix. 3. 1 Cor.xvi. 9 As we said be.

9. And, to show you I speak it fore, so say I now a- not hastily, but with all deliberation gain, If any man and sincerity, I repeat it again, Should preach any other gos. an Apoftle, or even an Angel

, preach pel unto you, I than that ye have received,

any thing so derogatory to, and wide let him be * accursed of, the true Gospel Doctrine, let him be

accursed. 10 For do I now

10. As to my self, should I do it, perswade men, or I know it would gain me the faGod? or do I seek to

vour of a Sett of Men, the Jewish please men ? for if I

Zealots ; but I hope you have no yet pleased men, I Thould not be the ser- reason to think the design of my yant of Christ.

Ministry is to curry favour with Men,

but to discharge my Duty to God, as his faithful Apostle ; which I could never do by that Method ; and were that my Principle, I need never to have


1 Ver. 9. Any other Gospel than that ye have received, wap'ö penbeets, any thing beside or more than ye have received from the Apoftles: viz any thing as necesary to Salvation.

turn'd Christian *, and suffered so much as I have done for A.D. 58. the sake of that Profession.

* Cap. v.

12, G

But I certifie

I1, I2. And as to their dispa- 12. you, brethren,, that ragement of my Apostolical Comthe gospel which was mission, or my Doctrine, because it preached of me, is not after man.

may not suit with their Prejudices or 12 For 1 neither Designs ; be you fully affured, I rereceived it of man,

ceived my Commission from no Man, neither was I taught from no other Apostles, but had both it, but by the reve

that and the Doctrine I preached to lation of Jesus Chrift. you, from the immediate Revelation

of Jesus Christ himself. 13 For ye have

13. Nor indeed can you well heard of my conver. think such a Bigot as I should be sation in time past, in

converted at all, much less turn an the Jews religion, Apostle of his Religion, by any but fure I perlecuted the extraordinary Means. For you must church of God, and have heard what a raging Zealot for wasted it.

the Jewis Religion I formerly was;

and how I persecuted the Christian Faith with uncommon Fury and Cruelty.

14 And profited in 14. I was, you know, noted athe Jews religion, a bove any Man of my Age and bove many my equals Standing, for Learning in, and Zeal in mine own nation, being more exceed.

for, the Jewish Traditions and Do

Etrines. ingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers. 15 But when it

15, 16. My Conversion therepleased God, who fe- fore is wholly attributed to a divine parated || me from my and extraordinary Favour, origimother's womb, and called

me by his

by his nally intended to me by God. And, grace,

accordingly, when it pleased God 16'To reveal his thus miraculously to convert, and Son in me, that I commission me to be a Preacher of might preach him a- his Gospel to the Gentile World, I mong


B 3

| Ver. 15. Who separated me from my Mother's Womb. See Jerem, i. 5.

4. D. 58. mong the heathen, made my Application to no Man,

immediately I con-
ferred not with flesh Warrant or Instructions how to per-

to none of the Apostles for their and blood :

form my Office. 17. Neither went 17. I addressed myself to none I up to Jerusalem, to of the Apostles at Jerufalem, who them which were apo- were ordain'd to that Office before Itles before me, but I went into Arabia, and me; but from Damascus, the place returned again unto

of my Conversion, I retired into Damascus.

Arabia, and returned thither again,

and preached the Gospel, without any Order or Authority from any of their College.

18 Then after three 18. Indeed about three Years years I went up to after my Conversion I went to JeJerusalem, to see Pe. rufalem, where Barnabas brought ter, and abode with me to Peter, who readily own'd him fifteen days.

me for his fellow Apojile, upon the Account I gave him of the Manner and Circumstances of my Call to that Office; and with him I stayed, not to receive any Authority froin him, but only to Converse with him, for about fifteen Days. 19 But other of the

19 The only Person of Note I apostles saw I none, faw, besides Peter, was James the fave James the Lord's

Yui, our Lord's Kinsman, and brother,

Bishop of Jerusalem. So that I could not be supposed to derive my Commission from the Apostolical College.

20 Now the things 20. (And for the Truth of these which I write unto Facts I appeal to God, the Author you, behold, before of Truth itself.) God, I lye not. 21 Afterwards I

21. After this short Stay at Jecame into the regions rusalem, I went upon the Exercise of Syria and Cilicia,

of my Office into Syria, and preached at Cesarea (Aits xxii. 17, 18.) and at Troas in Cilicia (Acts ix. 30.) xxii. 3) 1. 22 And was

22. All which Time neither the known by face unto Churches of Jerusalem, or of the the churches of Ju. rest of Yudea, they nor their Apodea, which were in stolical Ministers, had ever seen, or Christ.

had any personal Knowledge of me.


23 But

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23 But they had 23. All they knew of me was by A.D. 58. heard only, That he Accounts they had from abroad, which persecuted us that the great Persecutor Paul was in times past, now preacheth the faith turned a Preacher of the very Gowhich once he de- spel he had so persecuted. Itroyed,

24 And they glo 24. For which marvelous Conrified God in me. version in me they rejoiced, and

blessed God.



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years after I

He proceeds further to clear himself of the Imputation

of ever having preached up the Necessity of Circumci-
fion and the ceremonial Law. And to vindicate his

* See the Apostolical Commision. Proving both those Points *

Preface. from his next Journey to Jerusalem, his Management of Titus, his Reception from the Apostles, his Behaviour there, and at Antioch with Peter, and from the Inconsistency of suppofing He mould preach such a Dor Erine.

HEN fourteen T

O show you still further the ·T

Falsity of their Suggestions, chap. i. went up again to Je- and the immediate Authority of Acts xv. rusalem with Barna. bas, I and took Titus my Apostleship, let me remember with me also.

you, That eleven Years after my

former Journey to Jerusalem, which is fourteen Years after my first Conversion, I went thither I again, and took Barnabas and Titus along with me.

2 And I went up 2. I then went by the special by revelation, and Appointment of God, and gave the communicated

unto Apostles that were there a full Acthem that gospel count of the Doctrines || I had been || Aas xv which Ipreach among preaching to the idolatrous as well as 4. 120 vately to them which profelyte Gentiles, as I received them




Thould run,

or had

4. D. 58. were of reputation, from Jesus Christ, and of the Sucleit by any means cess of my Ministry among them.


gave this Account only to some of run in vain.

the chief Apostles and Governours of that Church, and to them too in private, not out of any distrust of my Doctrine and Behaviour, or want of their Information ; but only to prevent the scandalous Reports the Judaizing Faction might raise upon me, to the difparagement and hindrance of the further Success of my Ministry: For these Zealots, even of the Converted Jews, were not as yet in any temper to hear of Christianity being preached to the idolatrous Gentiles.

3 But neither Titus, 3. And in this whole Affair I was who was with me, be so consistent with myself, and just to ing a Greek, was com.

my own Principle, that though Tipelled to be circum- tus that went with me was a Gentile cised :

born; yet at his Conversion to Chriftianity, and his Ordination to the Ministry, I never insisted on his being Circumcised; nor did the Apostles, to whom I carried him, require any such thing ; which, 'tis plain, both they and I should have done, had we thought the observation of the Ceremonial Law necessary to the Justification of a converted idolatrous Gentile.

4. And that because 4. I kept Titus Uncircumcised, and of false brethren una carried him so to the Apostles, on pur

wares brought in, who pose to show my Sentiments were 1 Atts xv. came in privily to fpy quite opposite to those false Jewish

out our liberty, which
we have in Christ Je. infinuated themselves into our Aflem-

Zealots that came to Antioch ll, and
sas, that they might
bring us into bondage. blies there

; with a design to catch at,

and oppose the Doctrine I preached, and to bring all you Gentile Christians to embrace the unnecessary Slavery of the Jewish Ceremonies.

5 To whom we 5. For tho' I am willing to yield gave place by subject- to any indifferent thing, for the ion, no not for an present, in compliance with the hour, that the truth Weakness and Prejudices of Men ; of the gospel might in hopes the fooner to draw them continue with you.

off from them ||; yet, to these false Zealots, that so furiously infifted upon the absolute Necellity of the Jewish Law, I never yielded an Inch,


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