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20 According to 20. As therefore the only Thing A.D.62. my earnest expecta- I desire is, to demonstrate the Power tion, and my hope, and Excellency of Christ's Religion, that in nothing I shall either by living longer to preach it, be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as

or by couragiously dying for it ; I always, so now also shall not fail, in this Juncture, to Christ shall be magni- defend it publickly, as I have always fied in my body, whe- hitherto done. ther it be by life or by death.

21 For to me to 21. The only Difference between live is Christ, and to Life and Death, to me is, that by die is gain.

the one I shall continue the longer in Christ's Service, and by the other shall be the fooner rewarded. 22 But if I live in

22. 'Tis infinitely worth my Pains the flesh, this is the and Sufferings indeed, to continue fruit of my labour ; here still, and do Service to his Reyet what I shall choose ligion ; yet is the Prospect of my I wot not,

future Happiness so ravishing and sweet, that, were it left to my own Choice, I should hardly know which to determine as best for me.

23 For I am in a 23 & 24. Thus are my Desires ftrait betwixt two, streightned between the two Conhaving a desire to de- ditions of longer Life and present part, and to be with Death. To die and be with Christ Chrift ; which is far would be much the more immebetter : 24 Nevertheless, to

diate Benefit to me; but to live abide in the flesh, is longer is better for you and the more needful for

Christian Church ; and I am very you.

free to do it.

25 And having this

25 & 26. And because it is so, confidence, I know I am fully perswaded God will so that I shall abide and order it, that I shall live and see continue with you all, furtherance

you again, to your , ftill further

Advancement and Comfort in the and joy of faith :

Christian Faith. 26 That your rejoicing may be more abundant in Jesus Christ for me, by my coming to you again.

for your

27 Only

4.D. 62. 27 Only let your 27. But whether I do or not, let

conversation be as it me earnestly exhort you to go on
becometh the gospel in a Life agreeable to the Gospel
of Christ ; that whe- Religion ; that I may hear a com-
ther I come and see fortable Account how vigorously and
you, or else be absent,
Í may hear of your unanimously you promote the Credit
affairs, that ye itand and Honour of the Christian Faith ;
faft in one spirit, with without partial Distinction betwixt
one mind, striving to- Circumcised and Uncircumcised Con-
gether for the faith of verts.
the gospel :

28 And in nothing 28. And how undauntedly you terrified by your ad- bear the Threats and Persecutions versaries, which is to of your Adversaries, which, while them an evident + to. they show them to be an obstinate ken of perdition, but.

and incurable People, bent upon to you of salvation, and that of God.

their own Destruction ; so will the

patient suffering under them become to you a means of eternal Happiness and Salvation.

29 For unto you it 29 & 30. Esteem it therefore as is given in the behalf

a high Honour conferred on you, of Chrift, not only not only to be called into the Chrialso to suffer for his ftian Religion, as well as the Jews,

but to suffer for it too ; undergoing 30 Having the same the fame Tryals you saw me, your

conflict which ye faw - Apostle, under, while I was first Afts xü. in me, and now hear preaching to you at Philippi, and to be in me.


hear are still upon me here at Rome.

fake ;


+ Ver. 28. Which is to them an evident Token of Perdition, &c. Note, The Word Which may refer to the Philippians flanding faj; and the Token of Perdition to Them may signify, That their Adver faries took this Stedfastness of theirs to be a Token of their Perdition ; but, says the Apostle, book jou upon it as a Token of your Salvation.




He proceeds to exhort their whole Church to Unity, Meek-

ness, and Humility, from the great Example of Christ
suffering for us : And to Steadiness in Christian Prin-
ciples and Practices, now in his Absence from them.
Hopes to send Timothy to them. In the mean while
recommends their Messenger Epaphroditus, the Bearer of

this Letter to them.
I forbere, be there. 1 & 2.

Exhorted you (Chap. i. 27.) A.D. 62.

to Unity and Peaceable-
tion in Chrift, if any ness in your Christian Profession.
comfort of love, if any And if there be any force in be-
fellowship of the Spi, seeching you in the Name of Chrift;
rit, if any bowels and if you have any Sense of the sweet
mercies :
2 Fulfil ye my joy,

Comforts of mutual Love, if you
that ye be like-mind. have felt any Motions of that good
ed, having the same Christian Spirit that excites us to
love, being of one ac- Love ; finally, by all the Com-
cord, of one mind. passions you bear towards me your

suffering Apoftle, fail not to practise this great Duty, which will compleat all the Joy and Satisfaction I have in you.

3 Let nothing be 3. Let nothing be said and done done through Strife, amongst you out of a contentious or vain-glory ; but in or ambitious Principle ; but be all lowliness of mind let ready to do for, and comply with each esteem other bet

one another, as if they were their
ter than themselves.

4 Look not every 4. Let none of you be set uponi

on his own things, pleafing his own Humour, and mind-
but every man also on ing his private Credit or Interest; but
the things of others.

have a just regard to the Good and
Edification of all his fellow Christians.

Let this mind be 5. In this you will imitate no
in you, which was less Example than that of Jefus
also in Christ Jesus. Christ, our great Lord and Pattern.


6, 7 & 8.

4. D.62.

6 Who being in 6, 7 & 8. Who though, before his

the form of God *, Incarnation, he was God, the Son || Heb. i. 3. thought it not robbe; of God, || the Brightness of his FaColoff. i. 15. ry to be equal with ther's Glory, and the express Image

God :

7 But made him- of his Person ; and appeared to self of no reputation, the Patriarchs, and to the Jewish

and took upon him Church, in the form of divine Glory + Luke xxii. the form of a + fer- and Majesty ; yet, for the Salvation 27.Jnbn xiii. vant, and was made in of us sinful Men, did not infift * up4---17 the likeness of men : on appearing in that Glory, and to

8 And being found be honoured as God, did not look
in fashion as a man,
he humbled himself,

upon the Honour God had given
and became obedient him, as upon a Prize to be eagerly

held fast, and never, upon any Ac-
unto death, even the
death of the cross.

count whatever, to be parted with ;

but diverted himself for a while of that Majesty ; was cloathed with Human Nature, ministring to us as a Servant ; and so far humbled himself, as not only to live as a mean and ordinary Man, but to die the ignominious Death of the Cross, for the Expiation of Our Sins.

9 Wherefore God 9. For which great and wondrous alsó hath highly ex. Condefcension, God has now exaltalted him, and given ed this very Man Christ Jesus the him a name which is Messiah, to the highest Degree of above every name :

Divine Glory and Majesty.
10 That at I the

10 & 11. Making him the Lord
name of Jesus every and Governour of all Creatures both
knee should bow, of in Heaven + and Earth, the Lord of
things in heaven, and
things on earth, and the Living, and Raiser of the

things under the earth ;

and obliging all to worship and a11 And


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* Ver. 6. Thoug?t it no robbery to be equal with God; óx ásταγμέν ηγήσαίο Elvaro Tour of sã. He did not greedily infijt upon jhorving himself, and being worshi;ped as God. Which Sense is Tufficiently proved by Bishop Bull, Dr. Whitby, and still more fully by Dr. Clark.

| That at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow. The Greek is, εν τω ονόματι in the Name of Jesus every knee Jhorld bow ; i.e worship God, agreeable to John xvi. 23, 24. and many like Pallages, .

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11 And that every dore, to pray to, and praise God, A. D.62.
tongue should confess, through him, and in his Name, as
that Jesus Christ is universal Governour and Saviour, to
Lord, to the glory of the Glory of the supreme Father .
things God the

12 Wherefore, my 12. Wherefore, dear Brethren,
beloved, as ye have being animated by so glorious an
always obeyed, not as Example, go on by these and the
in my presence only, like Virtues, to qualify yourselves
but now much more
in my absence ; work for Eternal Salvation, with the ut-
out your own salva. most Diligence and Caution. You
tion with fear and have hitherto proceeded very well in
trembling *

them, both while I was with you,

and since my Absence from you *. 13 For it is God 13. Nor be ye at all discouraged, which worketh in at my being so long detain’d from you, both to will and

you. Do your best Endeavours, to do of his good plea- and God will aslift you, under all süre.

Temptations, to act agreeably to his holy Will and Religion.


14 &15.

+ of things in Heaven, and things on Earth, and under the Earth. See the Note on Ephes. i, 1o. And though xalax fovíwr being joined to the other two Phrases, may possibly; by the Jewish Idiom, be meant to express only the whole World : Yet in this Place I take it to fignify the Dead, in Contradistinction to the Living, agreeably to those other Passages of Scripture, concerning the Government and Exaltation of Christ. See Rom. xiv. 9. Rev. i. 18.

I Ver. 9, 10, 11. Note: If the bowing the knee, Ver. 10, refers to Christ

, then we may render the Passage thus, And hath given him a Name, örowe, a Chara&er, above every [other] Character, that in that Charakter of Jefus (the Saviour ) every knee should bow, and pay him Reverence.

* Ver. 12. Note, I have so paraphrased this Verse, that the Verb xo scareids [work out) may be taken either imperatively or indicatively ( ye do fill work out.) So as that this may be understood as a Commendation, not an Exhortation to the Philippians. Which indeed is very agreeable to the Congratulatory Stile of this Epistle. See Werenfel's Defert. Theolog. pag. 459


Ibid. With Fear and Trembling, i. e. with all due Carefulnéfi,
Respect and Regard. So the fame Phrase is used 11.
Ephefi vi. 5. 2 Car, vii. 15.

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