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Printed for J. DODSLEY, in Pall-mall, 1768.

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HE year of which we treat, notwithftanding the peaceable afpect of the times, has not been unproductive of events which claim a confiderable degree of attention. Of thefe, the expulfion of the Jefuits from Spain and Naples is not the leaft extraordinary, nor likely to be the leaft confiderable in its confequences. The affairs, of Poland have attracted much of the: general attention of Europe; and, it is to be hoped, are now settled upon an happy and permanent bafis. The origin of the late difputes, the paft and prefent ftate of the Diffidents, and many particularities relative to the hiftory and government of that country, which were requifite to be known, to form a proper judgment of thofe tranfactions, were but little confidered or understood in this part of the world. We have there- . fore given our readers all the fatisfaction on thofe heads, which the materials that we could procure would afford, and the plan of our work allow. The fubject is indeed


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