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Great Range composed of Boulder Clay-Daraily—Lost on the Savan-

nahs — Jamaily-A Deer-hunter's Family—Totagalpa — Walls

covered with Cement and Whitewashed-Ocotal-The Valley of

Depilto-Silver Mine-Geology of the Valley – Glacial Drift--

The Glacial Period in Central America-Evidence that the Ice

extended to 'the Tropics-Scarcity of Gold in the Valley Gravels

- Difference of the Mollusca on the East and West Coast of the

Isthmus of Darien—The Refuge of the Tropical American Animals

and Plants during the Glacial Period—The Lowering of the Sea

Level-The Land Shells of the West Indian Islands—The Malay

Archipelago - Easter Island-Atlantis–Traditions of the Deluge. 247

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