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new colony in Georgia? What did has been the success of Methodism he do in America ? When did he re- in the United States ? turn to England ? When did he re- Ś What is the form of government ceive priests' orders ?

of the Methodist Church ? What 165. When did Whitefield visit orders of the Church of England America a second time? How was does she acknowledge ? How many he received ? In what year did he degrees of ordination? What does return to England ?

the clergy consist of? What impor166. During the absence of White- tant classification of their ministry field, what is said of Wesley's change can you mention? What does the of views? What did this change "traveling connection" consist of ? cause a separation between?

What the local connection ?167. Where did Whitefield, after What do you understand by the this, preach? Where did he close “ General Conference? How often his life ? How many times had he does it meet? Of whom does it crossed the Atlantic ? By what consist ?

Who are

elected by name are his followers known ? this assembly? What power has

From what classes are his fol- it ? What territory does the annual lowers? What distinguished lady conference enbrace? What do they embraced his sentiments ? What consist of? What powers have they did she do for the cause ? Did in relation to ordination ? Whitefield organize his followers By whom are bishops ordained ? into a distinct sect? What became Whom do they ordain? What other of thein after his death? Their num• duties belong in a bishop ? ber? What is said of their congre- Who are presiding elders? What gations in England ? What of re- powers have they ? What belongs ligion among them ?

to the traveling preachers ? What '168. What did Mr. Wesley find are the privileges and prerogatives on his return from Gecrgia ? What of local preachers ? What do you undid he effect without withdrawing derstand by a district conference ? from the establishment ?

What power has this body? Where was the first society or- 173.'Who was the founder of the dered by Mr. Wesley ? What rules Quakers ? What name do they prehad his societies? State the pro- fer to that of Quakers ? When did gress of the system ?

Fox begin to preach? 169. When did Wesley die ? How § When and where was he born ? old? What year of his ministry? What was his employment? What Ilow many miles had he traveled ? kind of life did he afterwards follow? How many sernions had he preach- How did he treat other denominaed? How many conferences had he tions? Why was he imprisoned ? attended ?

When and where ? On his release, 170. Did Wesley continue in the where did he travel ? What sentis establishment ? Did he advise his ments did he profess? How many followers to follow his example ? times was he imprisoned ? How is What took place after his death ? ho represented by some? When

171. When was Methodism in- did he die ? troduced into America ? Where? 174. Why were his followers callWhen was the first conference held ? ed Quakers ? From what do they Where?

derive the name Friends ? 172. When did the Methodists of 175. What is the principal docAmerica_become independent of trine of the Quakers ? those in England ? Whom did Wes- Who are their preachers ? What ley consecrate as bishop for them? are their views of baptism? The Whom did Coko consecrate ? What Lord's Supper ? Singing ? Family

act on

worship ? Oaths ? War? What can Scriptures declare in respect to one you say of their dress? Manners ? God? How do they say Christ was For what are they distinguished ? prophesied of? What do they say What is their form of Church go- Christ never claimed? How does vernment? What meetings do they this denomination regard repentance hold? What does a writer say of and a good life? What do they say them ?

of the death of Christ? 176. When did the sect arise ? 181. From whom do the Arians How did Cromwell at first regard derive their name? What were the them? How afterwards ?

opinions of Arius? ♡ What did he require Fox to do? 182. From whom do the Socinians What did Fox reply?

derive their name? When did he 177. IIow did they regard the res- die ? What doctrines did he reject ? toration of Charles II.? How did What were his views of Christ? Of Charles treat them ? How did they the Trinity ?-original sin?--of the

the accession of James? Holy Ghost? When did they enjoy peace ?

183. By whom were his doctrines 178. When did they first come to embraced? Who published his writNew England ? How did they con- ings? What persecutions did they duct? What severe measures were experience? When? What took adopted in respect to them ? place at the diet of Warsaw ? In

Was their conduct reprehensi- what year was this? Where were ble? But did the fathers of New they scattered ? England err in respect to them? 184. When was the Unitarian

179. Where is principal resi- controversy revived? Where? By dence of the Quakers in America ? whom? Where did Arianism preWho was Pennsylvania called after ? vail ? Who granted this territory to him ? 185. What prevailed at a later

date ? Who advocated it? s Who settled Pennsylvania ? Where has Unitarianism preWho founded the city of Philadel- vailed recently? When did Dr. phia ? When did the Shakers appear Priestley come to America? Why? in America? Who was their found. What was his success here? When er? Why were they called Shakers ? did he die ? Who became their leader in 1774 ? 186. Where is the principal seat What are the leading tenets of the of Unitarianism in the United Shakers ? What is said of their States ? Are the Unitarians agreed views of matrimony ? What do they among themselves ? assert as to the day of judgment ? 187. Who are the Universalists? What power do they pretend to ? Have they been openly numeHow do they regard oaths ? How do rous in any age? Do they harmonize they vindicate their mode of wor- in their views ? What does one class

maintain? What another class? 180. Who are the Unitarians ? DISTINGUISHED CHARACTERS. Which are the principal branches? Who was Ignatius Loyola ? Francis

O What do ihey assert that the Xavier ? Robert Bellarmine?




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