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Observations and Reports (continued).
Brisbane :-Registrar-General's Office. Vital Statistics, 1892.
Folio. Brisbane 1893.

The Registrar-General. Calcutta :-Meteorological Department, Government of India.

Monthly Weather Review. July, 1893. 4to. Calcutta 1893; Observations made at Seven Stations in India. July, 1893. 4to. [Calcutta.]

The Department. Cainbridge, Mass.:-Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College.

Forty-eighth Annual Report of the Director. 8vo. Cambridge 1893.

The Observatory. Canada :-Geological Survey. Annual Report. Vol. V. 8vo. Ottawa 1893.

The Survey. Chemnitz :--Königl. Sächs. Meteorologisches Institut. Jahrbuch. Jahrg. X. Abth. 3. Hälfte 2. 4to. Chemnitz 1893.

The Institute. Chicago :-Royal Commission for the Chicago Exhibition, 1893. Official Catalogue of the British Section. 8vo. London 1893.

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. Coimbra:-Observatorio Meteorologico e Magnetico. Observações Meteorologicas e Magneticas. 1892. Folio. Coimbra 1893.

The University, Coimbra. Dorpat :-Meteorologisches Observatorium. Meteorologische Beobachtungen. Bd. VI. Heft 2. 8vo. Jurjew 1893.

The Observatory. Dublin :-General Register Office. Weekly Return of Births and Deaths. July-December, 1893. 8vo. Dublin.

The Office. France :-Service des Topographies Souterraines. Études des

Gîtes Minéraux de la France. Bassin Houillier et Permien d'Autun et d'Epinac. Fasc. 4. Atlas. 4to. Paris 1893.

The Service. London :-Medical Department of the Navy. Statistical Report of

the Health of the Navy for the Year 1892. 8vo. London 1893.

The Department. Meteorological Office. Daily Weather Report. July-Decem

ber, 1893. 4to. London ; Weekly Weather Report. Vol. X. Nos. 44-52. 4to. London; Report of the Meteorological Council to the Royal Society for the year ending 31st March, 1893. 8vo. London 1893.

The Office. Melbourne :-Office of the Government Statist. General Report of

the Census of Victoria, 1891. By H. H. Hayter. 4to. Melbourne 1893.

The Government Statist. New South Wales :-Geological Survey. Records. Vol. III. Part 4. 8vo. Sydney 1893.

Department of Mines, Sydney.

Observations and Reports (continued).
Paris:-Service Hydrométrique du Bassin de la Seine. Observa-

tions sur les Cours d'Eau et de la Pluie. Année 1892. Folio.
Versailles; Résumé des Observations Centralisées.

Année 1892. 8vo. Versailles 1893.

The Service. Rio de Janeiro :-Observatorio. Annuario. 1893. 8ro. Rio de Janeiro 1893.

The Observatory. San Francisco :-California State Mining Bureau. Eleventh Report. 8vo. Sacramento 1893.

The Bureau. Spain :-Comisión del Mapa Geológico de España. Mapa Geológico de España. 10 Sheets.

The Commission. Sydney :-Observatory. Meteorological Observations. June, 1893. 8vo. [Sydney.]

The Observatory. Upsala :-Observatoire. Observations da Magnétisme Terrestre

faites à Upsala pendant l’Exploration Internationale des Régions Polaires en 1882–83. 4to. Stockholm 1893.

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. Washington :-U.S. Department of Agriculture. Experiment

Station Record. Vol. V. No. 1. 8vo. Washington 189:3 ;
Weather Bureau. Monthly Weather Review. September,
1893. 8vo. Washington ; Report of the Ohio Weather and
Crop Service. October-November, 1893. 8vo. Norwalk.

The Department.
U.S. Patent Office. Official Gazette. Vol. LXV. Nos. 413.

8vo. Washington 1893. With Alphabetical Lists of Patentees and Inventions.

The Office.

Journals. American Chemical Journal. Vol. XV. Nos. 6—8. 8vo. Balti. more.

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Ministère de Travaux Publics, Paris. Asclepiad (The) Vol. X. No. 39. 8vo. London 1893.

Sir B. W. Richardson, F.R.S. VOL. LV.

Journals (continued).
Astronomie (L') Août-Décembre, 1893. 8vo. Paris.

The Editor. Astronomy and Astro-Physics. December, 1893. 8vo. Northfield, Minn.

The Editors, Athenæum (The) July-December. 1893. 4to. London.

The Editor. Boletin de Minas Industria y Construcciones. Año IX. No. 10. 4to. Zima 1893.

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The Editor. Electrical Review (The) July-December, 1893. Folio. London.

The Editor. Electrician (The) July-December, 1893. Folio. London.

The Editor. Electricien (L') Juillet—Decembre, 1893. Folio.

The Editor Fisherman's (The) Nautical Almanac and Tide Tables. 1894. 8vo. Grimsby 1893.

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Selborne Society. New York Medical Journal. July-December, 1893. 4to. New York.

The Editor. Notes and Queries. July-December, 1893. 4to. London.

The Editor,

Journals (continued).
Observatory (The) July-December, 1893. 8vo. London.

The Editors, Revue Générale des Sciences. Juillet-Décembre, 1893. 8vo. Paris.

The Editor. Revue Scientifique. Juillet-Décembre, 1893. 4to. Paris.

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Institute of Technology. Zeitschrift für Biologie. Bd. XI. Heft 3—4. Bd. XII. Heft 1-2. 8vo. München 1893.

The Editors.

Brodie (Rev. P. B.) Notes on the Eocene Tertiary Insects of the Isle of Wight. 8vo. 1893.

The Author. Browning (J.) Our Eyes, and how to preserve them from Infancy to Old Age. 8vo. London 1892.

The Author. Dawson (Sir J. W.), F.R.S. The Canadian Ice Age: being Notes on

the Pleistocene Geology of Canada, with especial reference to the Life of the Period and its Climatal Conditions. 8vo. Montreal 1893.

The Author. Gamgee (A.), F.R.S. A Text-book of the Physiological Chemistry of the Animal Body. Vol. II. 8vo. London 1893.

The Author. Gore (G.), F.R.S. The Decomposition of Liquids by Contact with Powdered Silica, &c. 8vo. Birmingham 1893.

The Author. Grant (J. A.) Abstract of the Code of Customary Law for the Amritsar District. Vol. XI. 8vo. Lahore 1893.

The India Office. Hooker (Sir J. D.), F.R.S., and B. D. Jackson. Index Kewensis; an

Enumeration of the Genera and Species of Flowering Plants from the time of Linnæus to the year 1885. Parts 1—2. 4to. Oxford 1893.

Sir Joseph Hooker, F.R.S. Keeler (J. E.) Physical Observations of Mars made at the Allegheny Observatory in 1892. 4to. London 1893.

The Author. Lütken (C. F.) E Museo Lundii. Bind II. Halvbind 1. 4to. Kjöbenhavn 1893.

Royal Davish Academy of Sciences. Salazar (A. E.) i Q. Newman. El Ielo qe se qonsume en Balparaiso. 8vo. Santiago de Chile 1893.

The Authors. Sidgreaves (W.) The Physical Constitution of the Sun. 8vo. [1893.]

The Authoi.

Wardle (T.) On the Relation of Design to such Craft Teaching as

may be undertaken by Technical Schools. 4to. Manchester 1893.

The Author.

Photogravure Portrait of Professor Michael Foster, Sec. R.S., after a painting by H. Herkomer, R.A. The Subscribers to the Foster Portrait Fund,

Trinity College, Cambridge.

January 25, 1894.

Sir JOHN EVANS, K.C.B., D.C.L., LL.D., Vice-President and

Treasurer, in the Chair.

A List of the Presents received was laid on the table, and thanks ordered for them.

The following Papers were read :


I. “On Intra-cranial Pressure. Preliminary Note.”

LEONARD HILL, M.B., Assistant Professor of Physiology, University College, London. Communicated by Professor BURDON SANDERSON, F.R.S. Received November 16, 1893. (From the Physiological Laboratories of Oxford and University College.) My purpose in the following note is to submit to the Royal Society the results of experiments, made during the past year, relativg to the “intra-cranial pressure" (i.e., the pressure to which the brain is normally exposed in the cranial cavity), and the changes which can be produced in it by alterations of the form and diminution of the capacity of the cranial cavity.

The experiments were undertaken at the suggestion of Professor Burdon Sanderson, and have been carried out with his help and criticism.

The animals employed were cats or dogs. Ether, chloroform, and morphia were used as anæsthetics.

Methods of Research. Methods of Producing Alterations of Pressure within the Subdural Space.

a. The skull is trephined in the parietal region, the dura mater freely divided, the trephine hole "wormed" with an ordinary

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