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IN replying last spring to a deputation from the larger local authorities in Scotland who had voiced the general feeling of disappointment that nothing had been done in the recently introduced Housing Bill to clear away the confused medley of statutory enactments collectively known as the "Housing "Acts," the Secretary for Scotland, while frankly admitting the necessity for a consolidating Act, pointed out that weeks, and, perhaps, months of valuable time would require to be devoted to the passing of such a measure, and that, for the present at least, Scotland must rest content with yet another amending Act.

The object which the authors have set before them in the preparation of this work has been to supplement in some measure the formal deficiencies which Mr. Munro deplored, but was temporarily powerless to remedy; and they have sought to provide members and officials of local authorities with a statement of the law which will be at once exhaustive, logically arranged, and readily accessible. They are fully conscious that their success has been only partial, since many of the doubts which arise as to the construction of a chain of amending provisions can only be satisfactorily resolved by further legislation. If, however, this book affords assistance to those in Scotland whose duty it is to carry the new Housing policy into execution, the authors will feel that the labour expended in its preparation has been amply repaid.

The commentary to the two Codes and the Appendices have been brought down to 5th November, 1919. When the work was already in proof print, the Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919, was introduced and passed. It has been found impracticable to introduce references to the new Act in the body of the book, and the authors have contented themselves with printing the text at the end of the Appendix.

The authors desire to acknowledge their indebtedness to Mr. Alexander M'Kinna, of the Scottish Board of Health, for his assistance in the selection of the Circulars, Memoranda, &c., included in the Appendix.


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