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cause Writs to be issued for the first Election of Members of the Legislative Assembly thereof in such Form and by such Person as he thinks fit, and at such Time and addressed to such Returning Officer as the Governor-General directs, and so that the first Election of Member of Assembly for any Electoral District or any Subdivision thereof shall be held at the same Time and at the same Places as the Election for a Member to serve in the House of Commons of Canada for that Electoral District.

6.-THE FOUR PROVINCES. 90. The following Provisions of this ApplicaAct respecting the Parliament of Canada,

gislatures namely,—the Provisions relating to Appro- of provipriation and Tax Bills, the Recommenda

specting tion of Money Votes, the Assent to Bills, money the Disallowance of Acts and the Signifi votes, &c. cation of Pleasure on Bills reserved,-shall extend and apply to the Legislatures of the several Provinces as if those Provisions were here re-enacted and made applicable in Terms to the respective Provinces and the Legislatures thereof, with the Substitution of the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province for the Governor-General, of the Governor-General for the Queen, and for a Secretary of State, of One Year for Two Years, and of the Province for Canada.

sions re



tive Au

Powers of the Parliament. Legisla- 91. It shall be lawful for the Queen, by thority of and with the Advice and Consent of the Parlia

Senate and House of Commons, to make ment of Canada. Laws for the Peace, Order and Good Gov

ernment of Canada, in relation to all Mat-
ters not coming within the Classes of Sub-
jects by this Act assigned exclusively to
the Legislatures of the Provinces; and for
greater certainty, but not so as to restrict
the Generality of the foregoing Terms of
this Section, it is hereby declared that
(notwithstanding anything in this Act)
the exclusive Legislative Authority of the
Parliament of Canada extends to all Mat-
ters coming within the Classes of Subjects
next hereinafter enumerated, that is to
say :

1. The Public Debt and Property.
2. The Regulation of Trade and Com-

3. The Raising of Money by any

Mode or System of Taxation.
4 The borrowing of Money on the

Public Credit.
5. Postal Service.
6. The Census and Statistics.

7. Militia, Military and Naval Ser

vice and Defence. 8. The fixing of and providing for

the Salaries and Allowances of Civil and other Officers of the

Government of Canada 9. Beacons, Buoys, Lighthouses and

Sable Island. 10. Navigation and Shipping. 11. Quarantine and the Establish

ment and Maintenance of Marine

Hospitals. 12. See Coast and Inland Fisheries. 13. Ferries between a Province and

any British or Foreign Country,

or between two Provinces. 14. Currency and Coinage. 15. Banking, Incorporation of Banks

and the Issue of Paper Money. 16. Saving Banks. 17. Weights and Measures. 18. Bills of Exchange and Promissory

Notes. 19. Interest. 20. Legal Tender. 21. Bankruptcy and Insolvency. 22. Patents of Inuention and Discov23. Copyrights. 24. Indians and Lands reserved for

.the Indians. 25. Naturalization and Aliens.

26. Marriage and Divorce.
27. The Criminal Law, except the Con-

stitution of the Courts of Criminal
Jurisdiction, but including the

Procedure in Criminal Matters. 28. The Establishment, Maintenance,

and Management of Penitentiaries. 29. Such Classes of Subjects as are

expressly excepted in the Enumeration of the Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to thc Legislatures of the Pro

vinces. And any Matter coming within any of the Classes of Subjects enumerated in this Section shall not be deemed to come within the Class of Matters of a local or private Nature comprised in the Enumeration of the Classes of subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the Legislatures of the Provinces.

Exclusive Powers of Provincial Legislatures. Subjects of 92. In each Province the Legislature exclusive Provincial may exclusively make Laws in relation to Legisla. Matters coming within the classes of Sub

jects next hereinafter enumerated ; that is


to say,

1. The Amendment from Time to

Time, notwithstanding anything in this Act, of the Constitution of


the Province, except as regards Subjects of

the Office of Lieutenant-Governor. Provincial 2. Direct Taxation within the Pro- Legisla

tion. vince in order to the raising of a

Revenue for Provincial Purposes. 3. The borrowing of Money on the

sole Credit of the Province.
4. The Establishment and Tenure of

Provincial Office, and the Ap-
pointment and Payment of Pro-

vincial Officers.
5. The Management and Sale of the

Public Lands belonging to the
Province, and of the Timber and

Wood thereon.
6. The Establishment, Maintenance,

and Management of Public and
Reformatory Prisons in and for the

7. The Establishment, Maintenance,

and Management of Hospitals,
Asylums, Charities, and Eleemo-
synary Institutions in and for the
Province, other than Marine Hos-

8. Municipal Institutions in the

9. Shop, Saloon, Tavern, and Auc-

tioneer,and other Licences in order
to the raising of a Revenue for
Provincial, Local, or Municipal

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