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of records.

143. The Governor-General in Council may from Time to Time order that such and so many of the Records, Books and Documents of the Province of Canada as he thinks fit shall be appropriated and delivered either to Ontario or to Quebee, and the same shall thenceforth be the property of that Province; and any copy thereof or extract therefrom, duly certified by the Officer having charge of the original there

of, shall be admitted as Evidence. Constitu- 144. The Lieutenant Governor of Quetion of townships bec may from Time to Time, by Proclamain Quebec. tion under the Great Seal of the Province,

to take effect from a day to be appointed therein, constitute Townships in those Parts of the Province of Quebec in which Townships are not then already constituted, and fix the Metes and Bounds thereof.


Duty of 145. Inasmuch as the Provinces of Can-
ment and ada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have

joined in a Declaration that the ConstrucCanada to tion of the Intercolonial Railway is essenmake Rail- tial to the Consolidation of the Union of way herein des- British North America, and to the Assent cribed. thereto of Nova Scotia and New Brunsconstruction by the Government of Canada: Therefore, in order to give effect to that Agreement, it shall be the Duty of the Government and Parliament of Canada to provide for the Commencement, within Six Months after the Union, of a Railway connecting the River St. Lawrence with the City of Halifax in Nova Scotia, and for the Construction thereof without Intermission, and the Completion thereof with all practicable Speed

ment of

wick, and have consequently agreed that Provision should be made for its immediate



146. It shall be lawful for the Queen, Power to by and with the Advice of Her Majesty's adewit

NewfoundMost Honorable Privy Council, on Ad- land, &c., dresses from the Houses of the Parliament into the

Union. of Canada, and from the Houses of the respective Legislatures of the Colonies or Provinces of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia, to admit those Colonies or Provinces, or any of them, into the Union, and on Address from the Houses of the Parliament of Canada to admit Rupert's Land and the Northwestern Territory, or either of them, into the Union, on such Terms and Conditions in each case as are in the Addresses expressed and as the Queen thinks fit to approve, subject to the Provisions of this Act; and the Provisions of any Order in Council in that Behalf shall have effect as

Island in

if they had been enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great

Britain and Ireland. As to re- 147. In case of the Admission of Newpresentation of foundland and Prince Edward Island, or foundland either of them, each shall be entitled to a and Prince Representation, in the Senate of Canada, of

Four Members, and (notwithstanding any. thing in this Act) in case of the Admission of Newfoundland, the Normal number of Senators shall be Seventy-six and their maximum Number shall be Eighty-two; but Prince Edward Island, when admitted, shall be deemed to be comprised in the third of the Three Divisions into which Canada is, in relation to the Constitution of the Senate, divided by this Act, and accordingly, after the Admission of Prince Edward Island, whether Newfoundland is admitted or not, the Representation of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the Senate shall, as Vacancies occur, be reduced from Twelve to Ten Members respectively, and the Representation of each of those Provinces shall not be increased at any Time beyond Ten, except under the Provisions of this Act, for the Appointment of Three or Six additional Senators under the Direction of the Queen.

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10. North Riding of Lanark. 11. South Riding of Lanark. 12 North Riding of Leeds and North

Riding of Grenville. 13. South Riding of Leeds. 14. South Riding of Grenville. 15. East Riding of Northumberland 16. West Riding of Northumberland

(excepting therefrom the Township

of South Monaghan). 17. East Riding of Durham. 18. West Riding of Durham. 19. North Riding of Ontario.

20. South Riding of Ontario.
21. East Riding of York.
22. West Riding of York.
23. North Riding of York.
24. North Riding of Wentworth.
25. South Riding of Wentworth.
26. East Riding of Elgin.
27 West Riding of Elgin.
28. North Riding of Waterloo.
29 South Riding of Waterloo.
30. North Riding of Brant.
31. South Riding of Brant.
32. North Riding of Oxford.
33. South Riding of Oxford.
34. East Riding of Middlesex.


35. West Toronto. 36. East Toronto. 37. Hamilton. 38. Ottawa. 39. Kingston. 40. London. 41. Town of Brockville, with the Town.

ship of Elizabethtown thereto at

tached. 42. Town of Niagara, with the township

of Niagara thereto attached. 43. Town of Cornwall, with the Town

ship of Cornwall thereto attached.

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